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Superintendents' Bulletin 6-10-11

  1. 1. Wellesley Public Schools Superintendent’s 40 Kingsbury Street Bulletin Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481 Bella T. Wong Bulletin #36 Superintendent of Schools June 10, 2011 The Superintendent’s Bulletin is posted weekly on Fridays on our website. It provides timely, relevant information about meetings, professional development opportunities, curriculum and program development, grant awards, and School Committee news. The bulletin is also the official vehicle for job postings. Please read the bulletin regularly and use it to inform colleagues of meetings and other school news. , CONGRATULATIONS TO WPS RETIREES!!!!!  Marcia Doiron Karen Goulet Priscilla Leach Chris Molonea Anne Prinn Sharon Sholkin David Wilkins RETIREMENT TRIBUTES . . . . . . . MARCIA DOIRON, Family & Consumer Science Teacher. We have been so fortunate to have this outstanding educator with us since 1977. Marcia’s journey in Wellesley began at the junior high with her vision to make the Home Economics Program the best in the state. Her creative andimaginative new course offerings brought a new enthusiasm to the program. Studentsflocked to her classes; they saw Marcia’s commitment, dedication, and passion forteaching. With the new opportunities awaiting her down the street, Marcia quicklyestablished herself at the high school as a leader inside the classroom and outside. Herlove for the students continued well beyond the classroom with her spending hours afterschool with cheerleaders preparing for tournaments, as a class advisor planning dances,proms, cruises and attending the all night parties until the morning light, and as a senior project advisormentoring future educators. In 1988, Marcia took over the Child Lab Program and made it her own. When youwalk into Marcia’s room, you are walking into a magical classroom that is decorated with the theme of the week,pictures of the children and walls painted with the children’s favorite characters. When the children arrive atschool, they dash into the room, hug Marcia, tell her about a special toy, or eagerly share a story with her. Theparents seek out Marcia for her sensitivity and advice as their child enters a new stage of development. Theyclearly see how much Marcia loves their children and is devoted to creating a nurturing, safe, and positivelearning environment for them. Marcia has taught her high school students to problem solve, analyze, evaluateand plan lessons to meet the needs of the children. Marcia is a gifted teacher who is a source of inspirationboth in and out of the classroom. Her classroom is truly magical and it speaks to Marcia’s success as amotivator and as an amazing skillful teacher. Thank you Marcia for all that you have done for the children ofWellesley
  2. 2. KAREN GOULET, Elementary Literacy Coordinator. Karen has spent 35 of her 42-year career dedicated to the Wellesley Public Schools. She has worked in at least five different Wellesley elementary schools including Phillips, Warren, Hardy, Fiske, and Bates. Karen began in Wellesley as a first grade teacher and later became a reading resource teacher, a literacy specialist, and finally the elementary literacy coordinator. She has been instrumental in developing our elementary l iteracy into an outstanding program that remains at the forefront of literacy education. Karen has worked with hundreds of teachers over the years providing them with support in the form of professional development workshops, courses, and individualized coaching. Karen is the consummate professional who has continued to learn and grow throughout her career. She is what you might call a workshop groupie. She knows everything there is to know about the latest research on best practices in teaching reading and writing and does an outstanding job of sharing her expertise with teachers across the system. Teachers rave about the courses Karen teaches that focus on implementing a strong literacy program that meets the needs of all students. Her courses are always over enrolled including the course she will teach this summer. Over the span of her career, Karen has seen reading programs move from basals to whole language to balanced literacy. She has provided leadership to the Wellesley Public Schools through multiple curriculum reviews setting the course for literacy education and maintaining a focus on the most important aspects of teaching students to be strong readers and writers. Karen worked to develop the Reading Intervention program to ensure that every student learns the skills needed to become a strong reader. Her work has impacted thousands of students both directly and indirectly. Karen has instilled a love of reading into her students and has helped them to express themselves through their writing. In addition, to her professionalism, Karen is a caring, thoughtful person who has developed deep, enduring relationships with her colleagues. She has nurtured and encouraged all of us both professionally and personally. Karen should be extremely proud of her accomplishments and the legacy that she has bestowed upon Wellesley. PRISCILLA LEACH, WMS Science Teacher. Next fall when WMS opens again for a new school year, the hallways will be a little less “spirited”. Priscilla Leach, a long time special education and then eighth grade science teacher, who is known for her spirited Ohio State chants and cheers, will be in retirement. For years she has entertained and enlightened her students about her beloved Ohio State University and its sports teams. Priscilla came to Wellesley Middle School 24 years ago. Before coming here, she was a Special Education teacher in Lincoln, Malden, and Chelsea, Massachusetts. Perhaps hermost interesting previous teaching experience was her placement as an elementary school teacher for childrenof western diplomats in Leningrad, part of the former USSR. In all, Priscilla has been educating young peoplefrom pre-kindergarten through 8th grade for 38 years! Priscilla began her career in Wellesley as a specialeducator before becoming an 8th grade science teacher. During her time as both IPS and special educationteacher, Priscilla created the elective course, “IPS Workshop” for our school. This is a course that givesstruggling students an opportunity to preview and review the concepts and experiments from their science class.Students in Priscilla’s classes appreciate her calm and focused approach to teaching. Priscilla’s expectationsare always clearly presented to students. She creates a safe classroom experience for all students where theyare held to her high expectations. There are many other things about Priscilla that many people may not know.In addition to teaching in the Soviet Union, she is also a veteran of the Gulf War. Priscilla actively works to helpmany veterans in her community and always participated in the color guard at our annual Memorial Dayassembly. Her generous spirit has taken her to New Orleans a number of times since hurricane Katrinadevastated that community in 2005. She has used her school vacation weeks to help rebuild homes for thosewho lost so much to that terrible storm. WMS is losing a long time teacher whose spirit will not easily bereplaced. We all wish Priscilla the best as she embarks on this new chapter in her life. Ready, everybody…Giveme an L – E – A – C – H!!!!! GO MS. LEACH!!!! 2
  3. 3. CHRIS MOLONEA, WHS Fitness and Health Teacher. Chris has been ateacher in the Wellesley Public School system for 30 years. She has taughtPhysical Education for a total of 34 years and has coached for a total of 37 years.She has taught at every level in Wellesley, from the Hunnewell Elementary School,to the High School, to the Middle School and finally back to the High School for thepast 12 years. Among Chris’s many contributions in the areas of Fitness andHealth are her amazing talents in the area of Adventure Education, and theincredible level of excitement and passion that she brings into her Fitness courses.Chris was one of the pioneers in the Department who researched and broughtAdventure Education into the curriculum. She very effectively and capably teaches her Adventureclasses, complete with knot-tying, Swiss seat tying, facilitating the scary “trust falls” where students fallfrom a height into each other’s arms, and the always-challenging high climbing elements. Chris trulyloves what she does and is passionate about her work with the children of Wellesley. One of her manyteaching gifts is her incredible patience and persistence with students who are not sure about how farthey can push themselves in difficult and emotionally challenging situations, such as those presented inAdventures I and II. We would be remiss if we did not mention Chris’s many contributions to the field ofcoaching. Chris has been Wellesley High School’s Varsity Field Hockey coach for all 30 years that she’staught here. Additionally, she’s been the Varsity Lacrosse coach for 29 years. She also coached at alllevels for Basketball, and has amassed 22 years in that role---for a sum total of 81 seasons! She was theBoston Globe “Coach of the Year” in 2001 for Lacrosse, and she has also been the Bay State Carey“Coach of the Year” many times for both field hockey and lacrosse. We recognize and honor Chris forher many contributions to our district and its children, and we wish her the very best in her retirement.ANNE PRINN, Department Head of Nursing.    Anne is one of a kind. As the Department Head forNursing, she has guided her staff with never failing dedication and commitment. In just the past twoyears, we have watched her navigate the challenges of H1N1, growing technology demands, Post-Concussion Syndrome, BMI policy development, and increased needs for students with diabetes andallergies. Anne’s constant smile and calm demeanor assure all who work with her that any problem thatarises has a swift solution. Anne began working for the Wellesley Public Schools in 1990. Herbackground was extensive and impressive. Prior to beginning her position in Wellesley, Anne was theDirector of Nursing at Joseph P. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Nursing atBoston College, and Chairman of the Maternal and Child Health Department at St Luke’s Hospital inNew York. How lucky was Wellesley to have Anne Prinn come work for us! Thenurses who work for Anne describe her as caring, calm, supportive, extremelycompetent, and one who provides “on-the-spot” leadership. Her commitment toher staff is admirable. Her collaborative nature has ensured that the nurses feelpart of a cohesive department, even though their jobs are unique within eachschool building. She promotes group participation in developing initiatives andmaintains a constant focus on the importance of health services within theeducational setting. We will miss Anne greatly as she leaves Wellesley to pursuea well-deserved retirement. Aside from the skillful way she manages herDepartment Head of Nursing position, we will miss her smile, her grace, herprofessionalism, and friendship. Somehow, we just know that Anne will stay involved at some level incommunity service. But, Anne, we also can picture you playing with your grandchildren, knitting beautifulblankets and sweaters, and working in your garden. SHARON SHOLKIN, Elementary Special Educator. After over 30 years of teaching children, Sharon Sholkin retired from her position this past November. Sharon spent the last 22 years working with students, staff and parents at Upham School. Prior to joining the Wellesley Public Schools, Sharon worked in both Quincy and Newton. Sharon has been a valuable member of the teaching and learning community at Upham. She developed strong relationships with students, 3
  4. 4. staff and parents. Sharon has worked in classrooms supporting students in all areas of the curriculum. She has helped to foster both a love of learning and independence in students. Sharon valued the journey of learning and taught her students and families to celebrate each and every success. Most importantly, she grew alongside her students and took pride in her own professional growth.Sharon enjoyed her colleagues and spent many hours working and consulting with them. Alladmired her warmth, kindness and dedication. Students continue to ask about Mrs. Sholkin andlook forward to her visits back to Upham. I wish Sharon both health and happiness in herretirement. She will be missed at Upham, but I am confident that she will enjoy this new chapter inher life. It will be a time for her to explore new opportunities and experiences. Thank you Sharonfor all that you have done! DAVID WILKINS, Elementary Principal. David has been a superlative leader for his school. During his thirteen years as Principal of the Schofield Elementary School, he successfully created an extraordinary caring and resilient environment for its community. As is inevitable in a school of over 300 hundred students, there have been times when difficult challenges presented themselves. David always managed to help all groups come together in an amicable fashion by facing conflict head on, and breaking concerns down into manageable pieces until the tension dissipated. I have seen him do this over and over with deliberate calm and patience. When I visit his school,parents often pull me aside to say how happy they are to be a part of the Schofield School community.Parents have always included themselves in the equation and not just their child. David has created aculture and climate that has been inclusive of the diverse community and supportive of the whole child. Hisleadership style and thoughtful decision-making has clearly engendered endearing trust and loyalty fromhis school community. David has been an important advocate for critical District-wide initiatives. Severalyears ago, David was the one who drove the initiation of what is now considered our standard tri-foldprogress report. At the time, it was considered a bold transformation and required quite a bit of fortitudeand commitment to bear out to completion. Two years ago, David was one of the strong early voices insupport of RTI. Without his passion on this subject, I am sure we would not be at the point we are today.His leadership on the AIMSWeb pilot was essential to its success this year. David has also served as apowerful role model for the principal group. The other principals frequently look to David for his guidanceon all matters relating to schools but in particular, he is the group’s go-to person for his expertise intechnology and math. As David’s resume will demonstrate, David has an extensive background inteaching and developing math curriculum. He has clearly sustained a passion for math instruction as heeagerly anticipates returning to the classroom for this purpose. I will be very sorry to lose David upon hisretirement as a principal in Wellesley. He is certainly one of the best principals with whom I have ever hadthe pleasure to work. David is an excellent and talented educator, experienced and knowledgeable, notjust about curriculum and instruction, but about human nature. BABY NEWS!!!! Congratulations to Eileen Hawkins and her husband, Matt, on the birth of their daughter, Katherine Anne Bayley, born on June 5, 2011. . . .to Rob Ford and his wife, Anne, on the birth of their daughter, Eliza Belle, at 8:55 a.m. June 10th. 4
  5. 5. Calendar Tues., 6/14 School Committee Meeting Mon., 6/20 Last Day of School - Students Professional DevelopmentADVANCED STRATEGIES FOR MULTISENSORY STRUCTURED LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION (WRSGROUP MASTERY) WORKSHOPDescription: Provides strategies to improve all aspects of WRS small group instruction through hands-onpractice and discussion, and prepares participants for the WRS Group Mastery Practicum.Who should attend?: Teachers instructing WRS in a group setting. Wilson Trainer candidates.Prerequisite: WRS Level I Certification or current enrollmentMaximum attendees: 30Date: June 30 and July 1, 2011 (Wellesley location to be announced)Materials required: WRS Starter Kit recommended; handouts will be provided Registration is Open for WPS Sponsored Courses for June 2011 and FY12 See Course Listing at back of Bulletin For course descriptions, details, and registration, log onto WellesleyPD at: Contact Janice Gross with Questions***Please Note: Courses with less than a minimum of 12 registrants will be cancelled***ELL Category TrainingThe following ELL Category Training is being offered by WPS. To register for any of these courses, loginto WellesleyPD: If you experience any difficulty, contactJanice Gross. 5
  6. 6. 2011 Summer Institute for Teachers: Forest Ecology Research in the Schoolyard See information at back of Bulletin COACHING POSITIONS  Fall Season 2011 Assistant Coach - Football Head Coach – Varsity Field Hockey Winter Season 2011-12 Head Coach – WHS Dance Team Contact Athletic Director: 6
  7. 7. Wellesley Public Schools Positions Available Immediate Opening Department Head for Special EducationReporting to the Middle School Principal and Director of Student Services, the Department Head isresponsible for the efficient functioning of the Middle School student services staff to ensure qualityprograms and to oversee the daily operation of the department. The Department Head is responsible forthe supervision and evaluation of Middle School special education staff in collaboration with the MiddleSchool Principal. The Department Head supervises the development of individual educational programsfor students with special needs and implements programs for parents that introduce them to availablestudent services and apprise them of the rights of their child to a free and appropriate public education.The work year is 209 days, in accordance with Unit B of the WTA Contract.Please send a cover letter, resume, three letters of reference, transcripts, and licensure by June 17, 2011to Salvatore Petralia, Asst. Supt., Wellesley Public Schools, 40 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley, MA 02481. 2011-2012 Anticipated OpeningsDistrict Wide Middle School (6-8)Teacher of Visually Impaired (0.6 FTE) Mathematics Teacher (0.5FTE)(Search Re-opened) (dual certified in Math & Sped preferred) Gr. 8 Mathematics Teacher (1.0FTE)Elementary Special Educator (1.0FTE) (Moderate)Literacy/Intervention Specialist (1.0 FTE) (WEF Funded Consultant, 1 yr appointment) High School (9-12) Chemistry/Physics Teacher (1.0FTE)ELL Teacher (0.8FTE) Chinese (0.8FTE)Please send a cover letter, resume, three letters of reference, transcripts, and licensure by June 17, 2011 toSalvatore Petralia, Asst. Supt., Wellesley Public Schools, 40 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley, MA 02481. 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Registration is Open for WPS Sponsored Courses for June 2011 and FY12 For course descriptions, details, and registration, log onto WellesleyPD at: User Name: The data to the left of the @ sign in your WPS Email Address (i.e., sam_jones) Default Password: wellesleypd Contact Janice Gross with QuestionsContent Based Courses  Discovering the Artist Within – June 2011 and August 2011  Jewelry Explorations in Metal Clay – March-April 2012  Silversmithing 101 - October-November 2011  Fitness and Health for Life and in the Classroom – June 2011  Exploring Children’s Literature Through Genre Studies – June 2011  It’s all About Comprehension K-3 – August 2011  What is Happening to Boys and Literacy? – July 2011  Understanding Basic Statistics – September-November 2011  Teaching Science Through Inquiry in the Elementary Classroom – February-March 2012  The Use of Oral Language in Science and Literacy: A Natural Fit – February-March 2012  Modern Japan - March-June 2012ELL Courses  ELL Category 1: Introduction to Second Language and Teaching – March 2012  ELL Category 2: Enhancing and Enriching English Language Learners in the Classroom – July and October 2011  ELL Category 3: Listening and Speaking Assessment of ELLs – October 2011  ELL Category 4c: Making the Connection: English Language Learners and Subject Matter Text July 2011School Safety  School Safety: Bias, Bullying, and GLBT Issues K-12 – March-April 2012Special Education  Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension for Children with High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Part 1 – July 2011  Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension for Children with High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Part 2 – July 2011  Full CPI Training – October 2011  CPI Refresher Training – November 2011  CPI Refresher Training – March 2012  Full CPI Training – June 2012 1
  10. 10. Special Education Seminars – September – October 2011  The Special Education Journey – September 2011  Special Education Eligibility – Who’s in? Who’s Out? – October 2011  Accommodations and Modifications – Who, What, When, Where, and How? – October 2011  Bullying and Students with Disabilities – October 2011  Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities Age 14+ - October 2011 Teaching Strategies and Assessment  Instruction for All with Louise Thompson – August 2011 – January 2012  Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners with Louise Thompson – March-April 2012  Using Thinking Maps to Enhance Student Performance – June 2011  Using Thinking Maps to Enhance Student Performance – Fall 2011Technology Courses  Using 21st Century Tools to Engage Students & Foster Collaboration: Blogs, Wikis, and Google Apps June 2011  Using the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard in the Elementary Classroom – July 2011  Using the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard in the Secondary Classroom – March-April 2012Teaching with Technology Courses (TWT) SUMMER 2011 TWT Courses  Advanced SMART Board for Secondary Teachers: Engaging Students and Formative Assessment - June  Communicating with Parents and Students Using FirstClass Websites – June  Advanced SMART Board for Elementary Teachers: Adding Interactivity to Your SMART Notebooks and Other Advanced Features - June  Make FirstClass Work for You - June  Introduction to SMART Board and SMART Notebook - August  Advanced SMART Board for Secondary Teachers: Engaging Students and Formative Assessment August  Advanced SMART Board for Elementary Teachers: Adding Interactivity to Your SMART Notebooks and Other Advanced Features - August  Communicating with Parents and Students Using FirstClass Websites – August  Collaborating Online with Blogs, Wikis, and More - August  Building 21st Century Skills with Google Apps - August FALL 2011 TWT COURSES  Engaging Students Using Discovery Education Streaming Video - September  Making the Transition from Appleworks to Word - September  Introduction to SMART Board and SMART Notebook - October  Advanced SMART Board for Elementary Teachers: Adding Interactivity to Your SMART Notebooks and Other Advanced Features - October  Advanced SMART Board for Secondary Teachers: Engaging Students and Formative Assessment - October SPRING 2012 TWT COURSES  Introduction to SMART Board and SMART Notebook - March  Advanced SMART Board for Secondary Teachers: Engaging Students and Formative Assessment - March  Advanced SMART Board for Elementary Teachers: Adding Interactivity to Your SMART Notebooks and Other Advanced Features - March  Make FirstClass Work for You - March 2