Greenways as Green Infrastructure


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Presentation given by Chuck Flink, 10.21.09

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Greenways as Green Infrastructure

  1. 1. Greenways as Green Infrastructure Charles A. Flink, Fellow, American Society of Landscape Architects President, Greenways Incorporated
  2. 2. What is Infrastructure? • ”The basic installations and facilities on which the continued growth of a community, state, etc. depend, (such) as roads, schools, power plants, transportation and communication systems." » Webster Dictionary
  3. 3. What is Green Infrastructure? • The native/natural green spaces of our communities: – Creeks, streams, rivers & lakes – Forested lands – Prairie lands – Ridge lines – Wetlands – Habitats for native plants and animals • The natural systems and ecological processes that sustain all life on our planet
  4. 4. Why is Green Infrastructure Important? • Defines our quality of life • Shapes growth patterns • Protects water resources • Absorbs flood waters • Cleans our air • Is home to native species • Determines our identity and sense of place
  5. 5. Multi-Objective Greenways Growth Growth Management Management Floodplain Floodplain Stewardship Stewardship Management Management Greenways Greenways Alternative Alternative Water Quality Water Quality Transportation Transportation Protection Protection Economic Economic Development Development
  6. 6. Greenspace: An Afterthought in Community Planning & Development
  7. 7. Patterns of Growth Define our Communities We are building a collection of neighborhoods - not sustainable communities.
  8. 8. Greenways can help Shape Patterns of Growth
  9. 9. The Value of Conservation “Smart conservation is just as important as smart growth. Smart conservation is proactive, large-scale and coordinated. We need to think of open space as a form of infrastructure, just as we think of roads as infrastructure. It must be viewed as a necessity, not an amenity. It must be preserved through a public investment, not leftover money. And, it must be preserved as a connected, contiguous system, not fragmented and preserved in isolation. – Ed McMahon, Senior Fellow, Urban Land Institute, 2005
  10. 10. Greenprints for Growth What is a Greenprint? “Just as you would not build a house without a Blueprint, we should not continue to build our communities without a Greenprint.”
  11. 11. Greenprints for Growth Kansas City Detroit Metro Metro
  12. 12. Case Study: Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, SC
  13. 13. Charleston County Comprehensive Greenbelts Plan Summary of Final Plan Recommendations Charleston County • Greenways Inc • White & Smith, llc
  14. 14. Charleston Greenbelt Vision “Cities and Villages Surround by Green”
  15. 15. Charleston County Greenprint Protect and Conserve 40,000 acres
  16. 16. Greenways connect us with the Outdoors, Popular Destinations, and Each Other
  17. 17. Benefits of Bicycling & Walking Q: When you tour the nation, what are people telling you they want changed in their communities? A: People want alternative forms of transportation, they don’t want to own two or three cars. And they want green space, biking and walking paths, but they want the amenities too – access to shopping, Interview with US DOT restaurants, health care. Secretary Ray LaHood, October 2009, AARP Bulletin
  18. 18. Solutions to Transportation Congestion Offer an equivalent quality choice Improve transportation efficiency
  19. 19. Underserved Populations? • Children of America have few options within the current transportation system • Elderly are also challenged in today’s transportation system
  20. 20. Case Study: Jacksonville, North Carolina Jacksonville, NC
  21. 21. Mode Share - Bicycling Bicycle Commuter Percentages
  22. 22. Plan Maps
  23. 23. Onslow Drive
  24. 24. Case Study: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
  25. 25. Heritage Education Campus Light Rail System Grand Canyon General Management Plan Canyon View Information Plaza Greenway System
  26. 26. Grand Canyon Greenway 5 million annual visitors are creating traffic jams, noise, exhaust fumes and overcrowding.
  27. 27. Grand Canyon Greenway 2001 American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award in Planning and Design
  28. 28. Grand Canyon Greenway The Greenway is part of a new transportation solution for Grand Canyon National Park
  29. 29. Grand Canyon Greenway
  30. 30. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly one million Americans become ill every year, 900 of them fatally, because of polluted drinking water. And these numbers are increasing. Greenways Protects our Water
  31. 31. Impact of Urban Growth on Water Resources While human population grows, fresh water supply remains constant Degraded streams and rivers leads to degraded water quality for everyone.
  32. 32. Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Greenway Plan
  33. 33. Greenways: Protecting Source Water
  34. 34. Greenways: Protecting Source Water
  35. 35. Reducing the Impacts of Flooding “Come Hell and High Water”
  36. 36. Cost of Flooding • Each year, on average, 100 Americans die and more than $2 billion in damages is caused from flooding of communities. • 90% of all US natural disasters result from flooding. • Flooding of homes and businesses is preventable through proper community planning and development. Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2005
  37. 37. Case Study: Louisville, Kentucky Louisville, KY
  38. 38. Greenprint: Louisville, KY Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District
  39. 39. MSD Greenway Program C OR N ERS TO N E 2 0 2 0 Louisville and Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan Louisville & Jefferson County Multi-Objective Stream Corridor/Greenway Plan Phase 3 Implementation: DRAFT LEGAL Article 13 Floodplain Regulations July 1996 INSTRUMENT Apr oject of the Gr eenways Advisory Committee Funded by the Metr opolitan Sewer District
  40. 40. MSD Greenway Program The highest and best use of floodplain land is for the storage of flood waters
  41. 41. Case Study: Grand Forks, North Dakota Grand Forks, ND
  42. 42. Grand Forks Greenway Spring 1997
  43. 43. Grand Forks Greenway
  44. 44. Greater Grand Forks Greenway Master Plan
  45. 45. Cabelas, East Grand Forks, MN
  46. 46. Revenue Projections Greater Grand Forks Greenway Fishing Camping Picnicking Watch Wildlife Skiing Racing
  47. 47. Annual Revenue Projections for Greenway Base Dollars Base Dollars Total Dollars Total Dollars (multiplier effect) (multiplier effect) Direct Revenue Direct Revenue $28,860 $28,860 $50,148 $50,148 Indirect Revenue Indirect Revenue $600,660 $600,660 $1,081,188 $1,081,188 Community Revenue $8,580,863 Community Revenue $8,580,863 $15,445,553 $15,445,553 Grand Totals Grand Totals $9,209,383 $9,209,383 $16,576,889 $16,576,889
  48. 48. Grand Forks Greenway 50,000 attended first Greenway Day in 2003
  49. 49. Grand Forks Greenway, N. Dakota
  50. 50. Grand Forks Greenway - Press
  51. 51. Greenways: Investment & Return
  52. 52. Greenways Attracts Business The way in which communities managed natural resources matters to the business community. Health care is one of the leading concerns of American business
  53. 53. Research Triangle Park, NC “Investing in our greenway system has made us more competitive in the market place, and in fact is one reason that companies choose to locate in the Park.” Elizabeth Rooks, Vice President for Development, Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina
  54. 54. Real estate values improve with proximity to greenspace National Homebuilders Association - residential properties will realize a 10 to 20% gain in value the closer they are located to greenspace
  55. 55. Greenspace as an attraction to new home buyers The Greenway lots were the first ones to sell. The developer sold lots adjacent to the Greenway for a $5,000 premium.
  56. 56. Greenspace = Greenbacks ($) Greenway systems generate millions each year in new revenue from local tourism operations. Many systems will return $3 in revenue for every $1 in expenditure invested.
  57. 57. Case Study: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
  58. 58. Northern Delaware River Greenway
  59. 59. Northern Delaware River Greenway
  60. 60. Northern Delaware River Greenway
  61. 61. Northern Delaware River Greenway
  62. 62. Northern Delaware River Greenway
  63. 63. Case Study: Miami River Greenway Miami, FL
  64. 64. Miami River Greenway, Florida 2001 Award of Excellence NC Chapter of ASLA
  65. 65. Miami River Greenway Florida
  66. 66. Miami River Greenway, Florida
  67. 67. Miami Riverwalk, Florida
  68. 68. Fundamentally, Greenways are about connections between people and the land.
  69. 69. Greenways can be used to restore the important functional qualities of natural infrastructure
  70. 70. Greenways can educate new generations about the importance of a sustainable lifestyle
  71. 71. Greenways Leave a Legacy for Future Generations “To build a Greenway is “To build a Greenway is to build a Community” to build a Community” Charles Little Charles Little