Social Media Report Example--Cong. Ann Wagner(R-MO) Case Study


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This is a sample of WPA's social media monitoring run for Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO). This analysis runs from February 13 to March 15 and is updated every week. Some of the major events captured in the window we used for this analysis included the VAWA vote, an op-ed on sequestration, and CPAC.

A quick description of the analysis -
• Activity - the total number of Tweets about you on a daily basis.
• Exposure - the number of unique users that saw posts about you in their news feeds through posts and re-posts.
• Discovery - provides insight into the other topics discussed by those who posted about you.
• Experts - based on followers and number of Tweets/re-Tweets, this metric identifies the key players in the social media discussion.
• Top Results - the most shared or highly visible Tweets in the sample period, both positive and negative.
• Top Results Photos and Videos - simply the most shared pictures and videos by users who discussed you in this time period.
• Sentiment - WPA pulls out the top Tweets (those that were shared or included a link) about you and codes them into useful categories to put the social conversation into context. We have created four categories - your own tweets, positive, neutral, and negative.

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Social Media Report Example--Cong. Ann Wagner(R-MO) Case Study

  1. 1. WPA Social Media Report:Congresswoman Ann WagnerFebruary 13 – March 15, 2013© WPA. All rights reserved. Neither this publication nor any part of it may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by anymeans, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of WPA.
  2. 2. Page 2Over the last thirty days, Twitter activity about Representative Ann Wagner peaked with herresponse to the State of the Union address in mid-February but began to tick back up as shetook the stage at CPAC on March 15th.Total Number of Tweets: Rep. Ann WagnerActivity3752938182 10 1831116410 6102 9431526113 729491004279 7121 13 206120122050100150200250300350400
  3. 3. Page 3The high-point for total exposure to information about Rep. Wagner was just over 800,000impressions on February 25th – and focused on her op-ed about sequestration andWashington’s spending problem.Gross Impressions: Rep. Ann WagnerExposure506,43920,268128,22619,6522207,38717,94044,7347,6725,5512,7252,984805,077296,62022,56644,227167,5982,904 0 7,94484,402166,86025,41976,608170,99320,854 1,21642,85457,126133,042362,0580100,000200,000300,000400,000500,000600,000700,000800,000900,0001,000,000
  4. 4. Page 4Terms used in tweets about Rep. Wagner that were most frequently used on Twitteroverall during the same 30 day period included:Top Related Terms (Most used during this time period): Rep. Ann WagnerDiscoveryTop Five Terms#news 3,815,776#sotu 1,126,884Ladies and gentlemen 286,738settle for less 156,486#vawa 118,880Other Frequently Used Terms in this Time Period:Size of Word based on Volume of Use
  5. 5. Page 5The most prolific authors tweeting about Ann Wagner over the last 30 days includedboth sympathetic conservatives and critical liberals/ Democrats.Key Authors (sorted by Volume of Tweets and Influence): Rep. Ann WagnerExperts
  6. 6. Page 6The top tweets about Rep. Wagner in the last 30 days originated from well-knownpartisan outlets and commentators.Top Results: Ann Wagner (Rep. Wagner’s own tweets have been excluded)Top Results: Tweets@dloesch - Dana Loesch•Rep. Ann Wagner proposes these spending cuts to avertsequester: - Speaker John Boehner•RT @RepAnnWagner: ICYMI: Here is my op-ed in the St.Louis Post-Dispatch regardingsequestration. - Faye Martin•@RepAnnWagner THANK YOU for sponsoring #HR36 to forma #Benghazi House Select Committee(via #PJNET - CPAC•Rep. Ann Wagner: Obama is the one waging a war onwomen. #CPAC2013@cpacnews - CPAC•Rep. Ann Wagner: Everyone talks about the right to choosebut not about the suffering that comes with thatchoice. #CPAC2013@dccc - DCCC•Ann Wagner (MO-02) voted against #VAWA andprotection of all women in Missouri under the law.@lizzwinstead - Lizz Winstead•SOMEONE SHOOT ME NOW! RT @JoshDorner: Rep.Ann Wagner wants to make abortion not only illegal, butalso "unthinkable."#rebranding #CPAC2013@progressmo - Progress Missouri•MT @charlesjacofox2: @RepAnnWagner did samething. Voted "no" on VAWA. Put out release saying shevoted "yes". - Kimberly S. Brusk•You voted against women! @RepAnnWagner votedagainst bipartisan senate passed VAWA bill thatprotected all victims! Well remember your vote@oldsport - Kevin Horrigan•Ann Wagner keeps Spirit of Todd Akin alive in VAWAvote. via @STLtodayFavorable UnfavorableEach icon hyperlinks to Twitter feed.
  7. 7. Page 7The most frequently shared pictures were all about the #CutWaste hashtagpromoting responsible federal budget cuts.Top Results: Rep. Ann WagnerTop Results: PhotosEach picture hyperlinks to original posting.
  8. 8. Page 8The most frequently shared videos focused primarily on the Sequester and theDemocrats’ (including President Obama) perception of the current budget problem.Top Results: Rep. Ann WagnerTop Results: VideosEach picture hyperlinks to original video.Paul Ryan on Sequestration Magazine Ban Carney Admits Sequester Was President’s IdeaCarney: President’s Budget Won’t Achieve Balance Democrats’ Greatest Hits on Spending The SKILLS Act
  9. 9. Page 9A majority of posts related to Representative Wagner were positive while only one-in-five wasnegative. Rep. Wagner herself, or her staff, was responsible for about a fifth of the totalactivity.Positive55%Neutral5%Negative20%Tweets by Ann Wagner20%Top Results: Rep. Ann WagnerSentiment RatingNeutral posts were generic in nature and did not reflect a verifiable opinion either way.
  10. 10. For additional information about this data,please feel free to contact:Chris WilsonPartner and