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Group 12 creasian

  1. 1. GROUP 12 - MUSTACHE GLASSES This journey will open up your mind to creativity
  3. 3. Concurrence mapping Creative Liberty International tourism group Rajasthan tour packages Cheap Expensive Special interests tours ClichéPalaces of Rajasthan Luxury tours of India
  4. 4. Clients mapping Creative Openminded people Age 25-60 Creative Rediscover yourself Outgoing Both genders Liberty International tourism group Rajasthan tour packages Age <25 Cheap Expensive Special interests tours Age >60 ClichéPalaces of Rajasthan Luxury tours of India
  5. 5. DAY 1- Arrival at Delhi THE PRODUCTDeparture from Frankfurt to Delhi with Lufthansa. Arrival at Delhi airport. Meeting and assistance on arrival. Transfer to the Hotel for overnight.In the evening welcoming everyone, getting to know each other. There will be a sit in the lounge of the Hotel, with drinks, different games and shisha smoking.DAY 2 - Visiting the city of AgraOn the second day you will take a bus ride to Agra. You will get to know the group by cooking delicious Indian food at a traditional Indian kitchen. The chefcook will show the group how to prepare Tandoori Chicken with rice, Naan bread, Mango Lassi drink, and Gulab Jamun which is a popular cheese baseddessert in India. The purpose of the day is to recover from the long journey to India in a stress-free environment.DAY 3 - Meditation and relaxation in AgraOn your third day you will do meditating yoga in front of one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal, during the sun rise. It will be a relaxingexperience in a breathtaking environment. After that you are free to visit Taj Mahal.DAY 4 - Discovering the wildlife in RanthamboreEarly in the morning you will travel to Ranthambore. It is one of the biggest and most renowned national park in Northern India. You will learn how to tamethe tigers and the guide will show how to do it. After the tiger taming there will be time for you to wander in the National Park. In the afternoon you will takea Jeep safari to spot the wild animals like tigers, leopards and wild pigs.DAY 5 - The ‘Metropolitan cityThe morning’s sightseeing takes you to the metropolitan city of Kota. It is located on the banks of the river Chambal. Here we will visit the Kishore Sagar Lakesituated around the city Kota, by doing a typical boat trip on the lake. We will be able to enjoy the nature and silence. Here you receive a massage while you’reon the boat. Being one with nature!In the afternoon the group will have the opportunity to be creative and let their minds open up. The members will get to know some typical handicrafts ofIndia’s culture. Here we meet the typical Saari weaving. This city is very well-known for the cotton industry. They will have the opportunity to see how thesebeautiful handicrafts are made by mankind.DAY 6 - Enjoying KotaEarly in the morning we awake with a firm breakfast. You will visit the outer city of Kota by taking a ride outside the city. This way you can enjoy the beautifulnature of Kota while riding a camel. You will be inspired by the amazing landscapes!In the evening we will visit a typical Indian wedding that we are invited to. At the wedding you can get to know new nationalities and different cultures.DAY 7 - Getting away in Udaipur (Part 1)Today you will be leaving to Udaipur. An experience of the ascetic life at the guest friendly Gozzangwa Monastery in the Himalaya Mountains. You can take partin the ancient ceremonies of the monks and nuns. Everyone is encouraged to try out meditation and discover new sides of themselves. Organic vegan food ofmonks is served throughout your stay in the Monastery.
  6. 6. THE PRODUCTDAY 8 - Getting away in Udaipur (Part 2)We continue our journey in the peaceful monastery of Udaipur. Today you can take part in a trip to the stunning Sissu waterfall and reconnect with nature. Youalso have a possibility to attend all the ceremonies and practice more meditation exercises. At night we learn more about the teachings of Buddhism.DAY 9 - A day in RanakpurOn Day 9 we will go to Ranakpur, a village which is located 60 kilometers from Udaipur. You will be accommodated in a beautiful environment near the JainTemple. After your arrival you can explore Ranakpur and visit the temple. The afternoon will be all about creativity. You will create your own sari. In the eveningyou will try many different typical Indian kinds of tea, such as Darjeeling Tea.DAY 10 - Colorful PushkarAfter receiving a great breakfast you will go to Pushkar. In its colorful atmosphere you will take part of a workshop that is all about the life you have lead andwhat do you want to reach after this journey.In the late afternoon you will get a massage to relax and let the impressions work you got while the day. After dinner you can sit down under the baldachinand enjoy the stars.DAY 11 - The wonderful nature of PushkarOn Day 11 you will have some free time after breakfast to visit Pushkars environment. You will get dancing lessons at the Shakti school of dance. The group willbe divided into two groups (men and women). In the evening you have to perform your dance choreography in front of the whole group. A great experiencein Pushkar!DAY 12 - Jaipur and the elephantsOne of the things you definitely should have done in India is getting closer with an elephant. So during the first day in Jaipur, the group will visit Elefantastic. Thisorganisation is an elephant farm that gives people the opportunity to experience the day to day life of an elephant, rather than just wanting an ordinary ride.DAY 13 - Cultural creation in JaipurThe next day will be more about the cultural and creative part and the travellers will visit the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing. The group members can takea look of how the different fabrics are made in the textile museum and how they create the different prints. In the museum will be some demonstration ofcraftsmen who are printing and wood block carving. They show how the several motives on the fabrics are created. Close to the Museum is a cosy andpleasant cafe where the travellers can have a nice drink and grab something to eat.DAY 14/15 - Jaipur - DelhiAfter the journey from Jaipur to Delhi, there won’t be any special activities organized, so the clients will have some free time and have the opportunity to relaxa little bit or walk around Delhi and discover the city by themselves. In the evening there will be a special “farewell party” for all the group members and theycan enjoy there last night in India. The next and last day of the trip will be the day of the departure and all the members will go back to their home country.
  7. 7. THE COSTS Per person Group Selling price 1.199,99 € 23.999,80 € Transport costs 75,00 € 1.500,00 €Food & Beverage costs 180,00 € 3.600,00 €Accommodation costs 542,00 € 10.840,00 € Excursions 265,00 € 5.300,00 € Total cost 1.062,00 € 21.240,00 € Benefits 137,99 € 2.759,80 €
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