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Dawn of the Global Games Publisher -- Tommy Palm, Mobile Guru at King (The Winter Nights: Mobile Games Conference 2014

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  • Snake – Social, simple! 350 M copies. At that time the worlds most distributed game. Stand by time 200 hours!I started my first company making mobile games shortly after this.
  • As a reference to how long time a ago that was, this is how Steve Jobs looked like then. 1997 was the same year he came back to lead Apple again.
  • It took the mobile games industry many years to start functioning. It was when Apple launched the App Store that we got a working mobile games industry.
  • I met Steve Demeter here in SF on a private party at Game Developers Conference in 2008, he wanted my advice on this concept that he was working on. When the App Store launched later that year, his game Trism was one of the top selling games for some time and it sold for 5 dollar. He was lifted as a prime example of how the mobile games market worked. This screenshot is from an Apple video.
  • Another great example of this is Tiny Wings a german student named Andreas topped the grosssing charts with his game Tiny Wings.
  • We just closed 2013 and mobile games are bigger then ever…Gamers worldwide are increasingly favoring their iPhones and Androids over portable gamesystems. The Revenues for portable big is now bigger on mobile then portable systems according to App Annie.A new trend of 2013 was that the top three games dominated the charts for the entire year:CCS, CoC, HaydayWe have two giants competing in bringing the best system to the consumers Google and Apple : great for consumers and developers. Transition to Agenda
  • Mobile games are now big news everywhere. Time Magazine had Candy Crush as a cover story recently. That’s a great example on how games today are something that concerns everybody.
  • King was founded in 2003 by these guys that still work very actively in the company.
  • I am from the Stockholm office in Sweden but King today is a very international company with offices in many locations.
  • I joined King when King in the beginning of 2012 acquired Fabrication Games. A small studio focued on making x-platform games. Here is a part of that team from one of the games made before joining King.
  • When remaking Candy Crush for Mobile we rewrote the game and put a lot of effort in making sure that the game felt that it was “Made For Mobile”. Good examples of that is the UI-components that you can see here shifts from landscape to portraite.
  • This map from google trends shows the popularity of CCS. The darker the country the more people are searching for it. Spread is related to connectivity and social media use (Primarily FB)
  • I have had the fortune to represent King during these past years and one of the most common question I get in interviews about King is how do we follow up on such a fantastic hit as CCS?
  • First a look at our current numbers
  • According to App Annie US, South Korea and Japan is the leader in App Store revenues. So one natural growth area for King has been Asia. In some of the Key regions there FB is not the dominating social network. In Korea we partnered with Kakao Talk that is a social network that has 80 % of the Korean market. Here I am having the honor to shake hand with their CEO Sigroo Lee.
  • That has worked well for the game and it is now one of the few Western developed game to top the korean market.
  • Ramping up new StudiosStockholm, Malmö, London, Barcelona, Bucharest and the lastest addition is Berlin.
  • Our newest release is Farm Heroes Saga. It is the first x-platform game to come out of the London studio. That means that we now have five released x-platform titles.
  • Now that we have had more tilels that appeal to the same target audience we have been able to reach them with new titles. Most recently Farm Hero Saga from our new London Studio. In this recent top chart from android King has four titles of the top ten.
  • As I mentioned earlier: One of the milestones we could see during 2013 was that mobile games passes dedicaded portable gaming handhelds for the first time.This is a graph from App Annie showing the revenue relationship between the platforms. The interesting thing to note from this is how much more revenues are cont. to grow. But the money is going to fewer companies.
  • Going back to my gut feeling that the top chart has been changing. I wanted to proved that so I used the public version of App Annie. And gathered the top 5 grossing companies during the past three years.
  • I came to these quite clear results. Here you seen the companies that was on the top 5 during the year.
  • Continues to be a hit business. The guys like Andreas and Steve will keep popping up. Especially on the most download chart!But if you want to make a viable, sustainable businessthat lasts for decades…A lot of my talk today has been about trends that benefit larger corporations. I know that there are many start ups here and I would like to finish with one of my favorite quotes from a very Successful Swedish Entrepreneur. Jan Stenbeck “It’s not the small that beats the big, it is the fast that beats the slow. “
  • Tommy Palm, King

    1. 1. The Dawn of the Global Games Publisher Tommy Palm
    2. 2. 1997
    3. 3.
    4. 4. King 11 years Candy Crush Saga What is Next? Candy Crush Game boardTrends
    5. 5. Founders
    6. 6. 150+ casual games 2003-2010
    7. 7. Bubble Saga
    8. 8. Bubble Saga was a hit… n.7 on Facebook after 4 months Daily Uniques 2.4 million DAU! Mahjong = 400k DAU
    9. 9. Growth on FB
    10. 10. Candy Crush Game board King 11 years Candy Crush Saga What is Next? Trends
    11. 11. Game State - Progress ?
    12. 12. Challenges? Different resolution Network traffic Different user behavior Discovery
    13. 13. Seamless cross-platform play: Same Game
    14. 14. And this is how we are growing… - 10.0 20.0 30.0 40.0 50.0 60.0 70.0 80.0 90.0 100.0 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 Sep-12 Oct-12 Nov-12 Dec-12 Jan-13 Feb-13 Hoop de Loop Bubble Witch Pyramid Solitaire Candy Crush Pet Rescue Aug Nov Feb May Aug Nov Feb 2011 2012 2013 Today: 282m+ Monthly Unique Players Mobile Facebook
    15. 15. Launch on mobile has improved the network performance CCS Facebook DAUs since CCS mobile launch Better player experience • Play with all your friends • Continue playing wherever you are Improved network performance + Virality + Retention + Monetization
    16. 16. “Secret” Recipe for CCS Proven mechanic & Candy theme - Small flexible teams Accessibility – Cross platform – Free to Play – Family friendly – Easy to understand Social – Playing with friends = fun++ Longevity – Game as a service
    17. 17. Spread of CCS XAccording to Google Trends
    18. 18. How to follow up?
    19. 19. King 11 years Candy Crush Saga What is Next? Trends
    20. 20. What is next? Successful game companies: – Game making – Data gathering and analysis – Freemium mindset – Marketing – Great tools
    21. 21. 60 M Fans for the App Page Building a fan base
    22. 22. King’s games in Numbers CCS - ½ Billons installs King’s games 282 Million Monthly Unique Users (MUU) More than 1 Billion Gamesplays per day
    23. 23. Studios in game hubs
    24. 24. Top chart on Android
    25. 25. 41 King 11 years Candy Crush Saga What is Next? Trends
    26. 26. Source: App Annie 2013 Retrospective 30 Jan
    27. 27. 2011 2012 2013 Rovio Imangi Studios, LLC Limited Pocket Gems, Inc. Backflip Studios Supercelll DSG Gaia Interactive Inc. Pandora Media, Inc Activision Zynga Inc Mojang Nexvio Inc. Rovio Funzio, Inc Electronic Arts Realmac Software Mobage, Inc. Bendary Funzio, Inc Intuit Inc. Haypi Co., Ltd Playtika LTD Electronic Arts Beeline Interactive, Inc. NCAA Digital GungHo Online Andreas Illiger OMGPOP Machine Zone, Inc Chair Entertainment Apple 2D BOY Kabam KAMAGAMES LTD Mobage, Inc. Playforge Games LLC Disney Zynga Inc. Pandora Media, Inc Crowdstar Inc NaturalMotion TinyCo, Inc. Mojang Gameview Studios Supercell Funzio, Inc Electronic Arts Warner Bros. Apple Beachbody, LLC infinity pocket Backflip Studios Rockstar Games #Publishers in top 5? 26 20 10 2014?
    28. 28. In conclusion We are still in a market with strong growth Mobile games is in many way a democratic market place but: If you want to run a business • Pipeline of making great games • Marketing & branding • Building fan base “It’s not the small that beats the big, it is the fast that beats the slow.”
    29. 29. Thanks for listening! HTTP://ABOUT.ME/TOMMY.PALM