WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE) Solution Brochure


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WADE is an integrated service framework aimed at synthesizing and drawing insights from the multiple pockets of data which lie across the organization and accurately anticipate current and future trends, and thereby, inspire the organization to change the way it thinks / acts to achieve its long-term growth targets.
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WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE) Solution Brochure

  1. 1. SM WNS Analytics Decision Engine Insights for Intelligent GrowthCopyright © 2012 WNS Global Services | wns.com
  2. 2. Introduction WNS Analytics Decision n The ability to create outcome-based transformational solutions supported by proprietary frameworks, process Engine (WADE)* excellence, technology and cutting-edge analytics is a key WADE is an integrated service framework aimed at differentiator for WNS, in its pursuit to profitable growth. synthesizing and drawing insights from the multiple pockets n WNS Analytics Decision Engine has been developed in line of data which lie across the organization and accurately with this key differentiator. anticipate current and future trends, and thereby, inspire the organization to change the way it thinks / acts to achieve its The Market Landscape Seventy percent of the growth in most long-term growth targets. industries depends on the GDP growth of an economy. While With respect to the effective use of data, organizations today signs of recovery are slowly beginning to show in the US, there face six main challenges: is still a certain amount of unrest. Uncertainty is still apparent in Europe, resulting in the economic momentum to shift 1. Access: The data exists in silos, isolated by its sources (sales, customers, marketing and insights, suppliers, eastwards. Such changes in the global economic order are finance) and in the cloud with little making it crucial for business enterprises to make smart and coordination / integration astute decisions. Decisions relating to the extent of play in emerging markets, real-time execution of ideas and projects, 2. Quantity: Comprehensiveness and consistency across and better leverage the Internet are becoming critical for multiple sources varies, thereby limiting the ability business success. of usage 3. Quality: Data varies in complexity and cleanliness; skills to While foraying into new markets may offer exciting clean and synthesize are limited opportunities for business expansion in times of domestic 4. Insights: Pockets of expertise exist throughout the system; economic turmoil; it also presents challenges in the form of: no standard best practices; multiple ad-hoc project-based competition from local and regional players; requirement of a efforts by different departments and regions robust globalized supply base and making sense of and leveraging marketing channels like social media and 5. Execution: The ability to act upon the insights derived from e-commerce. With the emergence of digital technology and the various touch-points often falls short in organizations social media networks, consumerism is becoming all about 6. Speed-to-Harvest Insight: Freshness of data is very critical value, innovation, personalization and customer engagement. in a dynamic market to react to competition and changing consumer preferences Today a business needs to make the right investment choices and adopt technologies that enable it to take smart and astute Most organizations today, have an enterprise data warehouse decisions, irrespective of the geographies that it is present in to harness organizational data. But, not all data that can drive or the customer demographics that it reaches out to. important decisions, sits in the data warehouse. More often than not, the data warehouse cannot meet the organizational Technology n is making possible the capture of data at every data analysis requirements, crucial for the decision making consumer interface, providing a huge opportunity for firms process. What organizations really need are the meta insights to leverage this data to draw key insights and make superior that can only come from intelligent coupling of data. business decisions. Many organizations have tried to build internal and third party nsurprisingly, Not firms are seeking insights from all consumer analytics Centres of Excellence, which to start off with looked like touch-points and moving towards an enterprise-wide adoption a great idea, but has led to complexities after implementation. of analytically-based choices. WNS is helping clients meet Organizations implementing this model are caught in the complex these twin objectives through our proprietary service web of data sources and the Center of Excellence trying to framework, the WNS Analytics Decision Engine. coordinate and make sense of the data deluge with limited integration, adhoc engagements and lack of scale. * Trademark Being FiledCopyright © 2012 WNS Global Services | wns.com 01
  3. 3. SM Figure 1: Access to Enterprise-wide Data is Inhibited by the Three Main Silos of Decision-Making Strategic n Planning Portfolio n and Brand Planning Consumer Insights n n and Opportunity Analysis Trend Cloud / Innovation Strategy n Research Web Data Data Sales Data Syndicate Macro Data Data Financial Manufacturing Data Data Supply Forecasting n and Tracking Chain Operating n Planning n and Sales Account Reporting Demand n Forecasting Customer, n Channel and Planning n and Category Management Inventory Management Customer n Marketing Network n planning Procurement n Retail Customer Execution Data A plain-vanilla analytics Centre of Excellence is no longer the available to the organization; harmonizing them and making solution for data analytics needs of organizations. It requires them available at a single user interface; and generating specific competencies in data management, analytics and actionable insights for timely application to business. insight generation and applying those to busines s action. The framework is vertical specific, Figure 1 illustrates the It helps de-couple the skill sets: WADE solution for the CPG-Retail Industry Data n specialists to create data repositories, harmonise data For the Consumer Packaged goods and Retail Industry, WADE across departments and lines of business delivers a 3 fold business impact: A concentrated n resource pool of seekers-specialists on data Fact n based Marketing Strategy by synthesizing all Research management and analytics who harness the data, run data for Issue based Meta Analysis innovation analytics , generate insights and help build scaled solutions for the business Market ¾ Landscape and growth analysis to enable Business Growth Strategy Enabling n the General managers on the client side to apply Actionable ¾ Consumer and Shopper Insights for effective the solutions to business, enhance their span of control Portfolio and Brand Strategies Leveraging its rich experience in generating actionable Efficiency ¾ and Effectiveness in Commercial insights by harmonizing diverse data sources already existing Innovation Programs within organizations, WNS has pioneered a proprietary framework, which enables harnessing multiple sources of dataCopyright © 2012 WNS Global Services | wns.com 02
  4. 4. Enables n Insight Exchange through a meaning based Enables n Retailer Supplier Cooperation Programs by computing platform harnessing Store POS daily data to drive Meaning ¾ based search for documents and subject Demand ¾ Driven Supply Networks matter expertise Winning ¾ at Moment of Truth Format ¾ and language agnostic, integrates focus group and ethnography videos Accessible ¾ through smart devices Librarian ¾ on demand Figure 2: The WADE Solution Framework for CPG Retail Industry Helping build Business Winning at Demand Marketing Commercial Custom Growth Strategy Innovatioin Moment Driven Strategy Of Truth Networks Business solutions Enable enterprise + wide connect and develop Insight exchange through meaning-based computing Overlays ACE- Data Mining, Business Social Media / CRM Research Specialist Skills in Business Financial Web Analytics Analytics Intelligence Research Analytics Research & Analytics Research Repository – Upstream Data Demand Signal Repository – Downstream Data WADE helps harness Data Repositories with specialists Macro Data n Retail Execution n Research Data n T-Log n n / Social Media Web Syndicate Data n Need based interaction The client ERP Sales / CRM Supply Manufacturing Financial Data does not hold all data Data Chain Data Data ERP - Mid stream Data Conclusion: WADE is a vertical specific framework that enables organizations to harness and consumer all data at their disposal through an analytics centre of excellence, enabling scaled custom solutions that build competitive advantage, In summary WADE enables the adoption of analytics in business decision making, enabling clients in their journey towards becoming fact based organizations.Copyright © 2012 WNS Global Services | wns.com 03