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  • Harry Houdini Ji Sun :)

    1. 1. Harry Houdini By Tom Lilicki Presentation By Ji Sun Jeon
    2. 2. Time Line 1-3 <ul><li>1886, 10 years old, runs away from home to earn money. This was courageous because he was risking his life to earn money for the family. </li></ul><ul><li>As a young man, he freely accepted to escape from a straight jackets and handcuffs. This was courageous because he might have get hurt during the process and it was his first career. </li></ul><ul><li>During his 30s, Houdini moves to Germany. Houdini sues a German police officer. This was </li></ul><ul><li>courageous because he was could have gotten arrested. </li></ul>
    3. 3. Time line-4-6 In 1905 Houdini returns To America. Here he gives up handcuff escaping. His was courageous because it could lead to him losing his career. In 1908, he jumps off A bridge in handcuffs . This was courageous because he could die in the cold bridge water and he knew that. Later he tries to Escape from a Chinese water tank. This was courageous Because he was in a tank full of water And dipped upside down into the tank. He could have drowned or seriously get hurt.
    4. 4. Time line 7-9 In July 1913, he starts to do another act-Hanging upside down 100 feet up in the air. This was courageous because He could fall and die or not be able to escape from the handcuffs/straight jacket and be stuck up in the air. In 1916, he started a movie company, which he joined himself. He did stunts and having no effects, he often got stabbed, bruised, and even broke bones. This was courageous because he could have died. In 1926, Houdini Allows a student to punch him in the stomach. This was courageous because Houdini was old and the punch could cause damage like dying, which he did die of.
    5. 5. Courageous-red Houdini showed a lot of courage. His career required him to put his life on the line. He did most normal people wouldn’t do; escaping from a straightjacket 100 feet up in the air, jumping into ice cold bridges tied and handcuffed without air and many more.
    6. 6. Determined-red <ul><li>Harry Houdini was a very determined man. His lifelong goal was to be the most popular magician/ escapist in Europe. He didn’t give up on a escape plan or a magic trick, he kept working on it. He took on challenges that seemed impossible. </li></ul>
    7. 7. Popular-orange <ul><li>Harry Houdini was definitely popular. He was known all over England, America, Germany and many more. More than 100 people usually came and watched when he was having a show. </li></ul>
    8. 8. Confident-blue Harry Houdini was full with confidence. He thought he could do anything and did do things that people thought it would have been impossible. He never refused or disagreed with any challenge that was given to him.
    9. 9. Houdini room Harry Houdini’s room would look like this because he could would be able to practice escaping from handcuffs or straight jackets in a comfortable place. He could also go outside and do something fun if he doesn’t feel like it. It is a room full of peace and it is very clean.
    10. 10. Hero Medal <ul><li>The bird symbolizes how Harry Houdini did things that were impossible for others. Birds can fly but no other animal can so I think that it matches Houdini. Harry Houdini could escape from straightjackets but the others couldn’t. </li></ul>
    11. 11. Houdini’s Cakery Menu Handcuffs Cake It can look like anything on the outside. But in the middle could be something not so ordinary…like handcuffs… Together forever cake A specially made wedding cake with the groom and the bride figures handcuffed together on the top of the cake! *Today’s special* Escape from Houdini’s specially made handcuffs and win a free Giant Houdini Cake! Harry Cake Name any animal with hair and we’ll make it! Houdini’s Drop Cake Can you eat it all without dropping the bomb?