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Strategy  140313

Strategy 140313






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    Strategy  140313 Strategy 140313 Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media Strategy© 2013
    • Agenda 1.00pm Introducing Social Media as part of a wider Marketing Strategy 1.15 Benchmarking – What are your competitors and customers doing? 1.45 Defining Objectives 2.15 What do you want to say and who do you want to say it to? 3.00 Coffee 3.15 Measuring Return on Investment 3.45 Managing Resources and Risk 4.30 Close© 2013
    • Remember it’s not stand alone Marketing© 2013
    • Social Media as a Marketing Tool Goals/Objectives Messaging Audiences Tactics/Channels Benchmark – who’s saying what where? ROI - Measurement, Management , Monitoring© 2013
    • Two way conversation LESS PUSH MORE PULL© 2013
    • SME Reservations • Brand not interesting enough • What will I talk about? • Resource/skills shortage • Customers don’t use social media© 2013
    • Step by step…. • What do customers want to know? Find out where your customers interact, and test the water • What are competitors doing? • Look at redeveloping existing content to help you stand out • Have a vision, and goals, don’t think of as stand alone • Share activity across organisation© 2013
    • Current Reality Fill out hand-outs. Where are you at now? What social media are you on and what social media would you like to be on in the future?© 2013
    • Benchmarking • Competitor Activity, search for names in Google, Google News, Technorati, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/search-home) • Keywords, e.g. industry sector, products, brands in Google, Google News, Technorati, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter • Back Links – check Competitor and your own site via http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ • YOU, it may be that people are already talking about you. • Other Tips– Check out social media news sites for inspiration e.g. Mashable - http://mashable.com/how-to/© 2013
    • © 2013
    • © 2013
    • © 2013
    • Activity On notebooks…. Start looking at some social networks and search for keywords, competitor names and your own name/product names and brands?© 2013
    • Goals/Objectives • Align with organisation aims e.g. build brand reputation, develop brand loyalty • What can you do with social media you can’t do with traditional media i.e. capture instant feedback on product development • Connect with key measurables like driving more traffic, driving more business, gaining more leads© 2013
    • Example Goal: Establish a Byatt’s community to drive sales of the existing range and new Vienna product Objective: Acquire 100 new and engaged real ale fans across Facebook and Twitter© 2013
    • Goals/Objectives socialmediatoday.com© 2013
    • Activity On paper…. Think about your own company objectives, how can social media help you achieve these? Are there separate objectives you want to set out for social media that you cant achieve with traditional media? Are they SMART?© 2013
    • Messaging/Audiences What are your company’s key differentiators? What does brand stand for, can you have fun with it? What is your customer profile and where do your customers go? Ask them! Where can you capture your prime audience? Could you create a platform to reach out to your audience?© 2013
    • Social Media Demographics© 2013
    • Social Media Demographics Go.gulf.com© 2013
    • Think globally! Where are you selling?© 2013
    • Tactics and Channels What are the tactics for each social media platform? Posting News Sharing Promotional Listening Community schemes/selling Engaging Monitor/engage advocates© 2013
    • Advocates sell for you© 2013
    • Creating advocates© 2013
    • Things to tweak What are the unique, detailed things you can do that will make the difference?  Personality  ‘Free’ at the start of your Tweets?  Follow to be followed?  Day? Timezone? Language?© 2013
    • Activity On paper…. What interesting insight, content, characters could you use or share? Who do you want to talk to? Which social media channels are the best for your objectives/messages/content?© 2013
    • Measurement and Monitoring What were your objectives?© 2013
    • Measurement and Monitoring • Google Alerts • On-going benchmarking through Twitter, followers, mentions Twitter Falls, Tweepskey, http://socialmention.com/, https://bitly.com/ • Web Analytics, increased traffic, conversions • Integration with CRM, find out where people have heard about you© 2013
    • © 2013
    • © 2013
    • © 2013
    • Measurement and Monitoring© 2013
    • Measurement and Monitoring© 2013
    • Management Plan it like your wedding !© 2013
    • Advanced features© 2013
    • Management Tools can help you organise a schedule© 2013
    • Management And manage your networks and interactions© 2013
    • Managing Risks http://pleaserobme.com/© 2013
    • © 2013
    • © 2013
    • Social Media Policy Social Media Policy – Informs staff of how social media should be used e.g. where the brand is, style of posts, response mechanisms etc http://socialmediatoday.com/davefleet/151761/57-social-media- policy-examples-and-resources© 2013
    • Crisis Management Policy • Monitor • Respond Quickly with Consistent Message • Reply to Social Media World • Train employees • Determine strategy, i.e. processes for dealing with crisis so everyone in company knows what to do http://mashable.com/2009/07/09/social-media-damage- control/© 2013
    • Activity On notebooks… Register on some management tools Look at social media policy documents, think about how you might distribute this in your organisation? Are there people in your organisation that would be keen to contribute to social media activity?© 2013
    • Get Creative© 2013
    • Devitt Motorcycle Insurance Social Media Objectives: • Encourage urban commuters to take up motorcycling • Gather data (e.g. renewal dates) on prospective customers • Increase customer interaction Financial services is boring – let’s talk about biking© 2013
    • Checklist Grab accounts now Embark on a listening phase Research yourself Research your competitors Research your customers Develop goals, objectives, identify channels/tactics Plan and schedule Establish measurement tools -> Start© 2013
    • Thank you @ellieprecious© 2013