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IIPSI Innovation Programme - Intro, Overview and Next Steps 251012

IIPSI Innovation Programme - Intro, Overview and Next Steps 251012






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    IIPSI Innovation Programme - Intro, Overview and Next Steps 251012 IIPSI Innovation Programme - Intro, Overview and Next Steps 251012 Presentation Transcript

    • About Us • Housekeeping • About – Warwick – WMG – SMEs MARK SWIFT – MePhotos - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Warwick http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/wmg/mediacentre/wmgnews/?tag=Award, © 2012BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/birmingham/content/articles/2008/12/17/hollywood_producer_feature.shtmlEuropean Space Agency http://smeprojects.esa.int
    • Purpose of the day • Launch IIPSI • Raise awareness of new technology, methods, tools • Stimulate demand for innovation: – UK Government recognises that it needs to be created and encouraged… • Get us thinking • Understand what we can do for you – Leading onto intensive day two – Identifying future projects • Rallying Call for projects…© 2012
    • Agenda 0845 Introduction to IIPSI and new programme Dr Mark Swift 0910 Putting the Customer First! Carolyn Parkinson 1005 Making Stuff! Dr Ben Wood 1100 Coffee Break 1130 Digital Enabling Tools Dr Xiao Ma 1225 Introduction to afternoon sessions Dr Mark Swift 1230 Lunch and Networking Afternoon breakouts – IP and Tax Relief, Design with Intent, Prototyping 1330 All Opportunities, Cloud for Business 1530 Innovation Programme next steps Chris Brown 1600 Close and optional Clinics (one to one) All© 2012
    • © 2012
    • What is IIPSI? • International Institute for Product and Service Innovation • New SME centre – Experience led Innovation (people), Polymers (product), Digital (innovation) thinking • Purpose – Help West Midlands small businesses understand your customers and users better, prototype new products for example using Additive Layer Manufacturing, and use digital (Internet) to launch as well as develop market ready products and services – Improve the regions capacity to translate innovation into outcomes • IIPSI must have IMPACT – Business growth • Fully funded until end of June 2015 (initially)© 2012
    • Product and Service Innovation New Product Digital industry approach to opportunities Digital product innovation New Digital delivery Design for User Experience and testing market platforms IIPSI response Product People Design for User Experience / testing market response© 2012
    • What is the iIP - our approach The IIPSI Innovation Programme (iIP) is: 1. Centred on Innovation – “Successful exploitation of new ideas” WMG definition – "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." Steve Jobs 2. Demonstration activities – Raise awareness of what is possible through the adoption of new ideas and thinking 3. Knowledge Exchange – Common sharing and exploitation of new thinking – We don’t have all the answers© 2012
    • Whats the structure of iIP Awareness briefing, case studies, technical TODAY Raising demonstrators Awareness DAY In-depth workshops, advanced technical Embedding capability TWO demonstrators, horizon scanning, hands on… Market leading products & Intensive company projects - prototyping, services identifying markets, product/service evaluation, 30+ internships places Expansion per through R&D year Feasibility studies, collaborative projects, assistance with funding and grant applications© 2012
    • Product / Service lifecycle support Sales and profitDevelopment & Introduction Growth Maturity Decline © 2012
    • Why Innovate? • You want to – Increase sales – More efficient (save money) – Grow your business – Launch a new Product or Service • Innovation is a key driver of economic growth • “…make sure that Britain is the best place in the world to run an innovative business or service - this is critical to the UKs future prosperity, our quality of life and future job prospects” BIS key objective© 2012
    • Summary • Rallying call to get involved • 30 spaces per year • Unique, high profile facility for the region • Range of SME services • Think about priorities (Day 2) • No such thing as a free lunch! – Short forms – Baseline monitoring • Feedback and Evaluation© 2012
    • Afternoon sessions 1230 Lunch and Networking (plus mini tours) Polymer IP and Tax Relief Experience Led Digital Prototyping IP and Tax Relief Design with Intent Cloud for Business 1330 Opportunities Withers & Rogers Carolyn Parkinson Dr Xiao Ma Dr Ben Wood Adrian Chettle Prototyping IP and Tax Relief Design with Intent Cloud for Business 1430 Opportunities Withers & Rogers Carolyn Parkinson Dr Xiao Ma Dr Ben Wood Adrian Chettle First Floor (HERE) 1530 Innovation Programme next steps Chris Brown 1600 Close and optional clinics (one to ones) All© 2012
    • NPD Journey© 2012
    • Putting the Customer First Carolyn Parkinson Technology Transfer Specialist Experience Led Innovation© 2012
    • Let’s talk about… • Understanding customers and users • Not about being a slave to customers’ whims • Gaining insights which will help you meet your business objectives • Purposely designing for the experiences and behaviours you hope to create for users of a product or service • We call this: Experience Led Innovation© 2012
    • What is Experience Led Innovation? Experience Led Innovation (ELI): Innovation that is informed by understanding how people use or experience a product or service© 2012
    • Put yourself in the user’s shoes … now how does your offering look?© 2012
    • Experience Led Innovation • All products and services create experiences and behaviours for users • These may be purposeful, or accidental • Getting it right is a competitive advantage Our key message to SMEs: We can help you better understand the user experience to promote and inform innovation to grow your business© 2012
    • Understand the user perspective What does this button do? • Illusion of control • ‘False affordance’© 2012
    • Understand the user perspective Which button is up?© 2012
    • Understand the user perspective© 2012
    • Experience Led Innovation • A deliberate focus on the user experience can unlock powerful insights • An enormous amount of research is out there • This can be used by businesses to create competitive advantage • Designing desired behaviours aligned with business goals • Creating physical or digital experiences and journeys • Making use of emotions© 2012
    • Research base Professor Paul Jennings Professor of Experiential Engineering Dr Rebecca Cain Associate Professor of Experiential Engineering Paul and Rebecca are supported by over 20 researchers working in this area.© 2012
    • Experience Led Innovation 1. How easily can customers access your product or service? 2. Is your product being used in the way you intended? 3. Are you struggling to get your products accepted in the marketplace, and don’t know why? 4. Does the experience of your service match your brand values? 5. Could your products be designed to work better?© 2012
    • Features of Experience Led Innovation Cross discipline: engineering, design, psychology, ergonomics, architecture, marketing, strategy, and more Many names: User focussed design, customer satisfaction, design feedback loop, human factors engineering, usability, design for emotion, ergonomics Applicability: can add value to innovation at any stage of Sales and profit the development life cycle© 2012 Development & Introduction Growth Maturity Decline
    • Business assistance Access Experience Led Innovation support via: • IIPSI Innovation Programme • Experience Led Innovation Toolkit • Customised intensive business support projects© 2012
    • Experience Led Innovation Toolkit© 2012
    • Experience Led Innovation Toolkit • A flexible suite of tools to address a range of experience-related business challenges • Tools selected and interpreted for their appropriateness for SMEs • Intended to unlock insights in user-focussed design, customer experience, and innovation for products, features, and services • We work with SMEs to select the most effective tool for a particular challenge • Custom delivery by WMG specialist staff© 2012
    • Experience Led Innovation Toolkit Tools include: • Touchpoints Matrix • Design with Intent • Matchmaking workshop • Customer Journey map • Engagement points • Walkthrough • Tomorrow’s Headlines • and others© 2012
    • Experience Led Innovation Business challenges where Experience Led Innovation could assist include: • Physical product design – best practice application • Visitor experience – simplifying experience and maximising engagement • Service design – exploiting key connection opportunities, removing frustration and roadblocks • Innovation launch – understanding your market, aligning developments with early user behaviours© 2012
    • Case Study: Mayridge Ltd“Our ground-breaking knowledge transferalliance, with WMG’s ExperientialEngineering Research Group, involvesdeveloping novel business applications inthe area of ‘Experience Led Innovation’.This partnership enables Mayridgeto offer a completely new approachto live events, exploitingsophisticated academic tools for thebenefit of our clients. “© 2012
    • Digital Native Academy Bringing new life to the Bayard’s Colts……© 2012
    • Digital Native Academy• Project to broaden public engagement with Bayard’s Colts: 17 historic carved heads dating from early 1500s in Walsall• Using Experience Led Innovation tools to design the audience ‘experience journey’• Targeting new audiences• Identifying engagement points• Exploring engagement ideas• Involving stakeholders• Knowledge exchange for new SMEcapabilities© 2012
    • Afternoon session: Design with Intent “I use the term Design with Intent to mean design thats intended to influence or result in certain user behaviour.” Researcher Dan Lockton• Workshops use a comprehensive idea generation tool which provokes design ideas by asking questions and giving examples of particular principles in action• Uses eight ‘lenses’ to ask you to look at your products / services in light of the behaviour which would result from particular design factors• Applicable for products, services, design features, or proposed innovations© 2012
    • Making Stuff (Polymer Innovation) Dr. Ben Wood Technology Transfer Specialist© 2012
    • Polymer Innovation Dr. Greg Gibbons Head of Additive Manufacturing Dr. Vannessa Goodship Principal Research Fellow Dr. Kylash Makenji Knowledge Transfer Specialist© 2012
    • Polymer Innovation We make stuff…© 2012
    • Polymer Innovation • Working with new materials • Developing new processes • State of the art equipment “We can work with you to develop new products using innovative polymer technologies”© 2012
    • Polymer Innovation LifecycleSales and profit Growth Maturity Decline© 2012
    • Polymer Innovation Lifecycle Prototyping Formulating Low Volume New Materials Manufacturing Recycling Adding Functionality© 2012
    • Polymer Innovation Facilities 130m2 Technology Hall Extruder bench SME – Prototyping/3D printing – Compounding new Hybrid Micro- ALM moulder materials Nano- – Injection moulding fibres – Printed electronics Clean Room – Polymer chemistry 3D Printing© 2012
    • Polymer Innovation Demonstrators Low Volume Manufacturing • Prototyping • Getting to production Adding Functionality • Plastic electronics • Smart materials Recycling • Identifying properties of waste • Finding new applications© 2012
    • Low Volume - Concept Level 2 • Review suitable 3D printing technology • Assess need for technology • Prototypes to market products and increase sales Level 3 • New methods of • Use of equipment and expertise manufacture • Tooling for low volume production • Unique components Level 4 impossible to make any other way • New manufacturing methods • Unique products© 2012
    • Low Volume – R&D • Plasma Transferred Arc/CNC – Make polymer tooling in one additive process • 3D Photocopying – Star Trek!© 2012
    • Low Volume - Project Challenge ‘Our prototypes are very valuable, but we need to show our products at trade shows’ – International sales – One-off, heavy components – Challenges with transport and security© 2012
    • Low Volume - Project • Solution – Knowledge exchange – Use of IIPSI software and equipment – Production of high-quality display model • Lightweight • Low cost • Kit form© 2012
    • Low Volume - Project • Outcomes – Reduction in transport costs – Reduced risk of damage/theft – Increased knowledge of 3D printing systems© 2012
    • Adding Functionality - Concept Level 2 • Identify applications • Review technologies • Added value to existing Level 3 products • Use of equipment and expertise • New methods of • Initial prototypes manufacture • New ‘smart’ components Level 4 • New functional polymer components© 2012
    • Adding Functionality - Research • Spray-on electronics – ‘Electronics in a can’ • Complex printed electronics – Batteries, sensors etc – PV solar panels • Shape memory polymers – Active disassembly© 2012
    • Adding Functionality - Project Challenge: ‘Our customer wants our product to light up’ – LEDs only work with ‘natural’ polymer – Customer wants range of colours – Surface needs to light up© 2012
    • Adding Functionality - Project • Solution – Knowledge exchange – Use of IIPSI expertise – Spray-on electronic lighting – Suitable for low-mid volume production© 2012
    • Adding Functionality - Project • Outcomes – Knowledge of new manufacturing process embedded within JSC’s technical staff – Applicable to other products moving forward – Potential new markets – Prototype due for customer review Q4 2012© 2012
    • Polymer Recycling - Concept Level 2 • Review processes • Segregation • Reduce material waste Level 3 • Reduce landfill costs • Test material properties • Improve carbon footprint • Identify potential applications • Add value to recycled material Level 4 • Reintegrate into raw material stream© 2012
    • Polymer Recycling - Research • Recycling of ‘smart’ materials – Composites – Solar panels – Plastic electronics© 2012
    • Polymer Recycling - Projects Challenge: ‘What can we do with 3t/day of waste plastic?’ – Food contamination – Mixed colours – Low value© 2012
    • Polymer Recycling - Projects • Solution: – Manufacture of test samples – Analysis of properties – Knowledge exchange – Applications identified© 2012
    • Polymer Recycling - Projects • Outcome: – Added value – Landfill costs reduced – Environmental footprint improved© 2012
    • Digital Native Academy Carolyn worked with client to understand user requirements. This gave us some concepts to work with… …time to make stuff© 2012
    • Digital Native Academy© 2012
    • How IIPSI Can Help • Knowledge Exchange – Expertise focussed on your business • Access to Equipment and Facilities – ‘Try before you buy’ – Understand benefits and pitfalls • Individual Projects – R&D Level collaborations© 2012
    • This afternoon’s session… • 3D printing applications – Not just manufacturing • R&D overview – Dr. Greg Gibbons • Preview of IIPSI equipment – Available for use by West Midlands SMEs© 2012
    • © 2012
    • Digital Innovation Dr. Xiao Ma @coolseraph x.ma@warwick.ac.uk© 2012
    • Digital Innovation Data Smarter to Social Intelligence Media Mobile Cloud for for Business Business© 2012
    • Digital Innovation Mobilefor Business Cloud for Business Smarter Social Media Data to Intelligence© 2012
    • The Digital Team Technology Mobile Media Industry Concept Digital R&D Business SME Social Cloud Projects Network Data Impact Strategy© 2012
    • Concept Mobile App Lab - Mobile options of Mobilisation for Business Specification App Projects Technology Research© 2012
    • R&D Mobile for Business© 2012
    • Projects – Pass-i-Parcel Mobile for Business© 2012
    • Concept Services available to enable Cloud business online for Business Selection of service packages Configuration of services to suit particular business needs Customisation / Further Development© 2012
    • R&D Cloud for Business© 2012
    • Projects – Han Dynasty Cloud for Business© 2012
    • DI Demonstrator Cloud for Business© 2012
    • Projects Cloud for Business© 2012
    • Concept Social Media Platforms for Businesses Smarter Interact with the RIGHT Social Media Social Media Leader in Discussion ‘Rapid Response Force’ in Market Social Network Analysis© 2012
    • R&D Smarter Social Media© 2012
    • Projects – Automotive Insulation Smarter Social 50+ 3 x 365 Tracking Media Individual Random Schedule Analytics© 2012
    • Digital Native Academy Smarter Social @IIPSIDemos Media© 2012
    • Projects Community 180% Smarter From Social competitors’ customers Media News 1st month, £25,000 sales Video Discussion Image Location service© 2012
    • Smarter Social 600 400 Media 200 0 14/11… 14/12… 14/1/… 14/2/… 14/3/… 14/4/… 14/5/… 14/6/… 14/7/… Birmingham Leicester Manchester Nottingham© 2012
    • Concept Data Collection / Integration tools Data Internet of Things / Connectivity to Intelligence Data compatibility to your business applications Data Visualisation Meta Data Decision Support© 2012
    • R&D Data to Intelligence© 2012
    • Projects – Strand Hardware Data to Intelligence© 2012
    • Projects Data to Intelligence© 2012
    • IIPSI DI Facilities Decision Design Support Studio Room Mobile App Cloud Lab App Lab© 2012
    • Cloudy afternoon ……© 2012
    • Thank you Contact WMG SME Team: @WMGSME 02476 575 594 wmgsme@warwick.ac.uk www.warwick.ac.uk/go/iipsi© 2012
    • NPD Journey© 2012
    • Idea to Innovation • Best Idea - current thinking doesn’t have to be perfect • Innovation is the result • The process is creativity • To make this happen takes courage • Pressures within business inhibit – IIPSI is an opportunity to escape confines of restrictions and barriers and look at new opportunities© 2012
    • The Programme • Creating • Building • Learning • Solving • Grow your business; product or service© 2012
    • Product & Service Lifecycle support Sales and profitDevelopment & Introduction Growth Maturity Decline © 2012
    • Where’s your focus? • Feedback where your focus will be: – People (Experience Led) – Product (Polymer) – Digital© 2012
    • Summary of the Day • Get into small groups (3-4) and talk about; “What’s the one thing you’re taking from today to implement in your business?”© 2012
    • Next Steps 1. Choose your Day 2 sessions to help grow your business or develop your product 2. Talk to us about specific projects that you would like to start© 2012
    • Day Two Structure • Practical • In-depth • Hands on • Advanced technical demonstrators • Access to academics and researchers People Product Digital Carolyn Parkinson Dr Ben Wood Dr Xiao Ma Experience Led Innovation Digital Prototyping Cloud Computing toolkit Product Perception Visualising your Product Smarter Social Media Designing for User Adding functionality to your Data to intelligence Experience product Low Volume Manufacture Design for Emotion Mobile for Business© 2012
    • Innovation Programme Next Steps... • Experience Led Innovation – 15th November – 22nd November • Polymer Innovation – 27th November – 4th December • Digital Innovation – 29th November – 11th December Book via www.wmgsme.eventbrite.com Get the dates in your diary or iPad© 2012
    • Project Enquiry + Information First Floor (HERE) 1600-17.30 Close and optional clinics (one to ones)© 2012
    • Questions© 2012