Dukane Visual Presenters


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Bill McIntosh
SchoolVision Inc ( my consulting company)
Authorized Dukane Consultant
Dukane Website : www.Dukaneav.com

Phone : 843-442-8888
Email : WKMcIntosh@Comcast.net

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Dukane Visual Presenters

  1. 1. Dukane Document Cameras and Visual Presenters
  2. 2. All of Dukane’s document cameras and visual presenters come with an industry leading FIVE year warranty
  3. 3. Dukane Camera 121 WA Key Features : • No Wires : 40 Foot range • Excellent Image Clarity and Quality • Flexible Gooseneck Design • FIVE year warranty
  4. 4. Dukane Camera 121 W
  5. 5. Dukane Camera 107A The Dukane Camera 107A Is versatile, durable, and affordable
  6. 6. Dukane Camera 107A Key Feature of the Camera 107A • Quick plug-n-play to a computer (PC or Mac) with a USB cable • No power supply required • Video / Audio recording via USB • Microscope adapter
  7. 7. Dukane Camera 107A
  8. 8. Dukane Camera 107A
  9. 9. Dukane Camera 107A
  10. 10. Dukane Camera 107
  11. 11. Dukane Camera 336B Dukane's Camera 336B high resolution document camera has a unique design and all the features you need effectively enlarge and project material for instruction and presentation
  12. 12. Dukane Camera 336B Key Features : • 10x Manual Zoom, Digital Zoom 6x • USB link for image transfer • Fluorescent Lamp • Remote control • Extremely easy to use
  13. 13. Dukane Camera 336B There is a separate remote control as well as basic controls built into the Base of the Camera 336B
  14. 14. Dukane Camera 446 Camera 446 Remote and the Base stand panels feature easy-to- use touch control buttons
  15. 15. Key Features: • Exceptional image quality • 16x Zoom, 12x Digital Zoom,8x Optical Zoom • Handy Remote control • Video recording with built-in microphone • HDMI Digital Output & Input Dukane Camera 446
  16. 16. Dukane DVP 509 The DVP509 features a very high- resolution color camera on a moveable extendable arm positioned over a large, backlit stage . Sidelights on arms provide additional illumination for the top and side of objects or documents.
  17. 17. Dukane DVP 509 Key Features • High Resolution Color Camera • Optical 16X and Digital 12X Zoom • Dual LED Lamps & Back Light • Wireless Remote Control Wireless Remote
  18. 18. All of Dukane’s Projectors can carry a 5 year warranty Complementary Products
  19. 19. Complementary Products
  20. 20. Dukane Mobile Presentation System (MPS) MPS can Include: •Data Video Projector •Document Camera •DVD Player •Lockable, Rugged Cart •Speakers, Cables, Power • Just the cart can be purchased as well Complementary Products
  21. 21. Dukane Projection Screens Complementary Products
  22. 22. Dukane Projection Screens Complementary Products
  23. 23. Screen2Go To this…in minutes! Screen2 Go: Worlds first portable screen in a pouch From this…… Complementary Products
  24. 24. Dukane Airslate A3A Wireless Tablet When used with a Dukane Projector, the Airslate offers the instructor all the functionality of a fixed Interactive Whiteboard on any sized projection screen…at a fraction of the cost a fixed IWB. Complementary Products
  25. 25. For more information on Dukane products, contact: Bill McIntosh, SchoolVision Inc. Authorized Dukane Consultant Phone:843-442-8888 Email: WKMcIntosh@Comcast.net Dukane website: www.dukaneav.com