Insight 360 formative asssessment system


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Insight 360 formative asssessment system

  1. 1. Formative Instruction System Federal Funding Sources:  CCLC  IDEA  EETT Title 1  SIG  RTTT The ultimate formative instruction system. Insight 360™ is the ultimate formative instruction system. It naturally guides educators into research-backed best practices in instruction through a fully integrated system and intuitive devices. By seamlessly integrating instruction and assessment, Insight 360™ supports educators’ best practices and accelerates student understanding. In short, Insight 360™ is where instruction meets assessment. Designed with educators and research in mind. 93% of teachers believe that conducting formative on-going assessments during class is the best way to track their students’ progress*. Insight 360™ was designed for constant assessment during instruction for more frequent feedback that helps strengthen instructional strategy, student’s understanding, and foster better student progress. *Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on America’s Schools Instant data for today and over time. Receive instant feedback for immediate remediation and longitudinal data for a long-term view of student progress. Content rich and ready to go. Only Insight 360™ has revolutionary CueTag™ technology. Apply a CueTag™ to any document and you are ready for automatic assessment during instruction. Plus, Insight 360™ includes 18,000 state- and Common Core Standard-aligned assessment items to get you up and running immediately. Mobile devices and apps within a complete system. Mobi 360™ and Mobi 360™ for iPad allow educators to move around the classroom during instruction. Pulse 360™ and Spark 360™ offer unparalleled insight into student understanding. All devices are then integrated within one software for complete implementation of all instruction and assessment elements. Bill McIntosh, Authorized Consultant for South Carolina K-12 Schools Phone: 843-442-8888 email :
  2. 2. Formative Instruction System Federal Funding Sources:  CCLC  IDEA  EETT Title 1  SIG  RTTT Teachers have more insight. The devices included with Insight 360™ are designed to allow teachers to move around the classroom for more interaction with students. Plus, they give teachers the power to control lessons from anywhere in the room. Mobi 360™ Mobi 360™ offers all the functionality of an interactive whiteboard, plus a personal touch screen to control your lesson content and receive instant reports of student understanding, all with total mobility. Mobi 360™ for your iPad Mobi 360™ for iPad offers all of the benefits of Mobi 360™ plus remote desktop capability—a feature that allows you to see and control your computer’s desktop right from your iPad. Students are more engaged. Insight 360’s student response pads encourage every student to answer every question. They can see feedback on their answers instantly so they know what was correct and what wasn’t. Most importantly, they can determine why. Students can also easily navigate self-paced tests that are automatically graded by the system. Pulse 360™ Receive more intricate feedback with the ability for students to answer multiple-choice, multiple-correct, numeric, and true-false question types. Pulse 360™ offers more advanced features and capabilities for higher-level learners. Spark 360™ Offer your younger students a simpler interface that allows them to answer multiple-choice and true-false questions. Bill McIntosh, Authorized Consultant for South Carolina K-12 Schools Phone: 843-442-8888 email :