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Hardare -pulse user-guide
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Hardare -pulse user-guide


I am the authorized K-12 representative in South Carolina for eInstruction by Turning Technologies …

I am the authorized K-12 representative in South Carolina for eInstruction by Turning Technologies

Bill McIntosh
SchoolVision Inc..
Authorized South Carolina K-12 Consultant for eInstruction / Turning Technologies
Phone :843-442-8888
Email :WKMcIntosh@Comcast.net
Twitter : @OtisTMcIntosh

SchoolVision Website on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WKMIII

Website : www.einstruction.com

For technical assistance on all eInstruction® or Turning Technologies products please call 866-746-3015

Turning Technologies | 255 West Federal Street | Youngstown, OH Main: 330-746-3015 | Toll Free: 866-746-3015 | Fax: 330-884-6065

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  • 1. The CPS Pulse Keys You will use your CPS Pulse clicker as you do your other handheld devices that have keypads. Key touch- es are described here as presses. Several keys have two types of key presses — press and press and hold. ICON NAME Channel # ‘pr Efllur/ Seltd Correct! Iircciired 0 RF AL'lVI'y O lirdicalais ‘ext Entry Mode Sell-Fbccd Mode Battery Status vi . 6‘ eInstruction° [ The Screen ‘ orscimmon Displays Channel 8 or homework bin, depelldlllg 0'! mode. Anmiatud during transrriiuioii, OK wllell llatlsllllntufl acknowledged Indicates cancel or irico-rec: answer, Te. -ouiei must aclrvute i-ii: aurim Up ctrow llashts loi eocli lrarisiiiit, clown arrow tloslles lav each receive. llILIILO7e'S wtiiui at me text entry modes ~ alplrii, 'V| .llYle'IL, sivis ‘ is Lutrcrltly iii use}. Indicates lllut the keypad is opuratriig in Sett-Paced Mode lndicutes the Lutierlt battery voltage lrarrr lull rci low to V9’) low, Very‘ lww will flash Alha/ Numeric/ SMS Ent Plus/ Minus Switch text entry mode Press trey mu ltitrle times to Cycle triraugh the text entry modes. As you change modes. they are pictured on lrie Screen, Power Press to E-OWE’ on your CPS Pulse Press and hold lor 1‘ seconds to power dawr‘ your cps Pulse, l 4 ‘~ TURN| NGtechrto| ogies 255 W FEDERAL ST YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO 44503 This device must be activated in order to function properly. There are two ways to activate your CPS Pulse clicker. - Activate it using CPSOniine. - Activate it using your Class Management System (BIackBoard, WebCt Angel]. Your instructor will give you information about the preferred method of activation for your class. Menu Item Join Chi: nirel Clicker it Greeting Contrast Dlugllosllc Press to access the Main Meru Press the Navigation keys to scroll the Menu Press the Enter key to select D Menu item Description Press rm Enter key we the Join Code lot lite Class. Displays the Cnamrel 3 in the upper lelt corner ul llre Screen. Display: the clicker‘; assrgrii, -d llulllbev Tire Glaedirbg display! «rm you tum on lit: Pulse! Press the Enter key, type your gleetmg, press i-re Enter luay again to save it Press the Naiiigiirtoii keys to adrust VIE culltwjst llum lu-V contrast [1] to high contrast 16) Displuys the P. i|se's Serial iiuni~ her, your Pulse type, llre atgrial srreirgili_ iiiru filrrlwul: ii. --siori Enter/ Send Press l'E'y multiple times to Cyde through Syr1'lbals Table i Symbols Table l . P&'I0d Y , CaHl'tc - Equal / Dltrlslull > Greater than r ‘ Muwiplicmiorr < Less t-iari I‘ 4 Plus 2 Greater than ai equal / ~ Miiriis s Less tnisri 0! equal 2 Spam l Pipe [Opeew Piiimiri. ..-s'. s I‘ Squat! rzoui | C|ose Parenlhesis ” Carat )( in”. Email Jump/ Search Press key to lump to a question ll'l a self-paced test or homey-‘orl< assign me at Press and hold lreyto searcl" tor in mi l4f‘rOI'lS'/ Ieféd question I“ e| NSTRUCTlON ’ i{ielNSTRUCT| ON 866.746.3015 elNSTRUCT| ON. COM