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Rourke summer-reading-success

  1. 1. Summer Reading SuccessStudent Summer Reading Packs• Custom collections for PreK-Grade 12• District selects titles for each grade• Paired fiction and informational text collections for PreK-Grade 5• Parent guide with student activities provided with each book collection• Books and student activities correlated to Common Core State Standards• Nonfiction correlated to STEM and Social Studies standards• Packaged in individual student collections for ease of distribution Rourke Educational Media Office: 800.380.2289 Fax: 772.234.6622 Po Box 643328 Vero Beach, FL 32964
  2. 2. Summer Reading Success PreK TitlesCommon Core State Standards Paired Fiction and Informational Text CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfToo Much Noise!  F  Squeak, Squeal, Squawk  InfKitty Come Down! F  Whats in a Tree? InfBedtime Battles  F  Good Night, Sleep Tight  InfShh! Whats That Sound? F  I Hear Sing and Read Inf   Complete 8‐Book CCSS Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Select any 4 CCSS Titles $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities)Choose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfBand F  At The Pond InfBedtime Battles  F  Counting By: Twos  InfBlue Mittens F  G Is For Grass  InfCaps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens: A Book About the Four Seasons F  Good Night, Sleep Tight  InfChicken Fingers, Mac and Cheese... Why Do You Always Have to Say Please? F  How Do Animals Use…Their Flippers? InfCorduroys Thanksgiving F  How Do Animals Use…Their Mouths? InfCorduroys Trick‐or‐Treat F  I Hear Sing and Read InfCorduroys Valentines Day F  Location Words: In and Out  InfGardening with Grandpa F  Location Words: Under and Over  InfGoldilocks F  Making Things Move  InfJohn Scieszkas Trucktown: On the Move! F  Shapes: Circles InfJon Scieszkas Trucktown: Sand Castle Bash!  Shapes: Rectangles Counting from 1 to 10 F  InfJon Scieszkas Trucktown: What a Wreck! F  Shapes: Squares InfKitty Come Down! F  Squeak, Squeal, Squawk  InfShh! Whats That Sound? F  What Can You Do With Water?  InfToo Much Noise!  F  Whats in a Tree? Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  3. 3. Summer Reading Success Kindergarten TitlesCommon Core State Standards Paired Fiction and Informational Text CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfIts Broken! F Why Do I Have Bones? InfThe Jungle in My Yard F Whats in a Hole? InfKick, Pass, SCORE! F Soccer  InfSwim For It!  F Swimming  Inf Complete 8‐Book CCSS Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Select any 4 CCSS Titles $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities)Choose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfCurious George in the Big City F Why Do I Have Bones? InfCurious George in the Snow F Counting By: Fives InfCurious George Makes Pancakes F Counting By: Tens  InfCurious George Plumbers Helper F Counting By: Threes  InfHow Will I Get to Grandmas House? F I Know My Telephone Number InfI Can Swim! F Im a Helper InfIts Broken! F Location Words: Around and Through  InfKick, Pass, SCORE! F Location Words: Near and Far InfMartha Speaks F Opposites: Front and Back  InfMeet Martha F Please Say Please  InfSchool Fun F Run, Swim, Fly  InfShowdown F Soccer  InfStory of Henny Penny F Solid or Liquid?  InfSummer Fun F Swimming  InfSwim For It!  F Whats in a Hole? InfThe Jungle in My Yard F Who Do I Look Like? A Book about Animal Babies  Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  4. 4. Summer Reading Success First Grade TitlesCommon Core State Standards Paired Fiction and Informational Text CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfDisaster on the 100th Day  F  Make It 100! InfGrandpa Comes to First Grade F  Whats a Fraction?  InfMovie Munchies  F  Turn It Off!  InfToo Much TV  F  Sequence It! Inf Complete 8‐Book CCSS Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Select any 4 CCSS Titles $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities)Choose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfBest Birthday  F  Animal Adaptations  InfDig, Plant, FEAST!  F  Dragonflies  InfDisaster on the 100th Day F  Earth  InfDo I Have To . . .  F  Make It 100! InfGrandpa Comes to First Grade F  My Calendar: Days of the Week  InfHoots on First  F  My Calendar: Months of the Year  InfHow Many Bites?  F  My Calendar: Seasons   InfJohnny Appleseed F  My Country  InfKyles Recess F  My Neighbors   InfLunch Box Surprise F  My Safe Community  InfMovie Munchies F  Sequence It! InfOld McDoggle Had a Zoo  F  Space  InfSay "Cheese"! F  Turn It Off!  InfSounds Like Fun F  Water World  InfTicket F  Whats a Fraction?  InfToo Much TV F  Whats My Role?  Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  5. 5. Summer Reading Success Second Grade TitlesCommon Core State Standards Paired Fiction and Informational Text CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfOuch! Stitches F  My Safe Community InfJill and the Beanstalk F  Plant Life Cycles InfBut I Want It!  F  Need It or Want It?  InfGoldie Duck and the Three Beavers F  Ducks  on the Farm Inf Complete 8‐Book CCSS Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Select any 4 CCSS Titles $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities)Choose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfBump! Set! Spike! F  Our American Symbols InfBut I Want It!  F  Cleaning Up the Earth InfFace Off! F  Department Of The Treasury  InfFroggy Goes to Bed F  Department Of The Treasury  InfGeorge and Martha F  Ducks  on the Farm InfGoldie Duck and the Three Beavers F  Earths Changing Surface  InfHome Team F  Growing Up Green InfHorsing Around F  How We Make Music InfJill and the Beanstalk F  Mashed Potatoes: Collecting and Reporting Data  InfLibrarian from the Black Lagoon F  More Ice Cream: Words for Math Comparisons InfMartha on the Case F  Multiply by Hand: The Nines Facts  InfMr. Putter & Tabby Spill the Beans F  My Safe Community InfMr. Putter and Tabby Run the Race F  Need It or Want It?  InfMusic Teacher from the Black Lagoon F  Plant Life Cycles InfOuch! Stitches F  Taking Sides: Exploring Geometry  InfPups Tale F  What Is an Animal? Insects Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  6. 6. Summer Reading Success Third Grade TitlesCommon Core State Standards Paired Fiction and Informational Text CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfThe Three Little Recyclers  F  Natural or Man‐Made? InfPuppy Trouble F  Basic Needs  InfThe Three Billy Goats and Gruff  F  Trees: Earths Lungs InfThe Tree Fort F  Helping Habitats Inf Complete 8‐Book CCSS Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Select any 4 CCSS Titles $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities)Choose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfBad Case of Stripes F  Basic Needs  InfHenry and Mudge and the Long Weekend F  Chickens on the Farm  InfLast in Line F  Clean and Green Energy InfMagic School Bus Arctic Adventure F  Cows on the Farm InfMagic School Bus Rides the Wind F  Different Places, Different Words  InfMarconi the Wizard F  Earth Is Tilting!  InfMy Name Is Cheesehead F  Field Trips: Battlefields InfPeanut Prankster F  Filling the Earth with Trash InfPets on Vacation F  Helping Habitats InfPuppy Trouble  F  Is an Inchworm an Inch?: Measuring With Fractions  InfSuper Electrics F  Lets Classify Animals!  InfTennis Balls and Rotten Shrimp F  Natural or Man‐Made? InfThe Three Billy Goats and Gruff  F  Tools That Help Me InfThe Three Little Recyclers  F  Trees: Earths Lungs InfThe Tree Fort F  Whats the Weather Like Today? Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  7. 7. Summer Reading Success Fourth Grade TitlesCommon Core State Standards Paired Fiction and Informational Text CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfStop Arguing!  F  Chores Around The House InfLizzie Little, the Sky is Falling! F  Lets Classify Animals! InfCinderella Zelda F  Slithering Snakes and How to Care for Them  InfSnakes in Third Grade!  F  The Work Book  Inf Complete 8‐Book CCSS Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Select any 4 CCSS Titles $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities)Choose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfCinderella Zelda F  American Coins and Bills           InfDying to Meet You F  Around the World with Money      InfEmily Windsnap and the Sirens Secret F  Bamboo (Life Cycles) InfFear Itself F  Bats  InfFlight of the Phoenix F  Chores Around The House InfGhosthunters and the Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost F  Cougars InfLizzie Little, the Sky is Falling! F  Gravity! Do You Feel It? InfMystery Ranch F  Lets Classify Animals! InfNods Limbs F  Manatees  InfRare Beasts F  Melting Matter  InfSnakes in Third Grade!  F  Slithering Snakes and How to Care for Them  InfStop Arguing!  F  Squirrels (Life Cycles) InfSurprise Island F  Sunflowers (Life Cycles) InfTourist Trap F  The United States Capitol  InfWe the Children F  The White House  InfYellow House Mystery F  The Work Book  Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  8. 8. Summer Reading Success Fifth Grade TitlesCommon Core State Standards Paired Fiction and Informational Text CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfFish Stories  F  Bats  InfHabitat for Bats F  Fabulous Fashion Crafts  InfCamping Out F  Camping  InfThe Kings New Clothes  F  Fishing  Inf Complete 8‐Book CCSS Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Select any 4 CCSS Titles $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities)Choose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfBluish F  Bats  InfBravo, Max! F  Camping  InfCamping Out F  Coral Reefs   InfClarice Bean, Dont Look Now F  Fabulous Fashion Crafts  InfClass President F  Fishing  InfCyberia F  Glaciers   InfFish Stories  F  How Coins and Bills Are Made    InfFourth Grade Rats F  Hurricanes  InfGarden of Eve F  Landing at Ellis Island (Graphic Illustrated) InfHabitat for Bats F  Money Through the Ages        InfI Dont Want to Go to Thailand F  Oceans  InfInkheart F  Our Economy in Action      InfLeven Thumps and the Eyes of Want F  Rainforests  InfMessage F  Surviving the Dust Bowl (Graphic Illustrated) InfTaste for Red F  Surviving the Galveston Hurricane (Graphic Illustrated) InfThe Kings New Clothes  F  Volcanoes  Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  9. 9. Summer Reading Success Sixth Grade TitlesChoose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfIsland on Bird Street F  Animal Invaders  InfCounseling F  Arlington National Cemetery (War Memorials) InfDragons Heart F  Energy  InfEarly Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows F  Exploring the Solar System  InfFire Arrow F  Fossils, Uncovering the Past  InfJust Juice F  GPS  InfMagicians Elephant F  Ice to Steam  InfMorgy Coast to Coast F  Microworlds InfOver Sea, Under Stone F  Our Footprint on Earth  InfPrincess, the Crone, and the Dung‐Cart Knight F  Restoring Wetlands InfRome Antics F  Understanding Models  InfSeventh Tower: Into Battle F  Using Scientific Tools InfThunder Rolling in the Mountains F  World War I Memorial (War Memorials) InfUtterly Me, Clarice Bean F  World War II Memorial (War Memorials) Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  10. 10. Summer Reading Success Seventh Grade TitlesChoose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfAlcatraz Versus The Evil Librarian F  Ancient Egyptian Culture  InfAs Ever, Gordy F  Early American Culture  InfBlack Star, Bright Dawn F  Enterprise STEM  InfClosed for the Season F  Infections, Infestations, and Diseases InfDay of the Pelican F  Inventors and Discoveries InfDoing Time Online F  Native American Culture  InfDragons Keep F  Rot and Decay  InfFire‐Raiser F  Saving the Environment InfGoal!: The Dream Begins F  Solar Energy  InfGood Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices from A Medieval Village F  Staying Connected InfHeart of Gold F  The Gettysburg Address  InfKarma Bites F  The Mayflower Compact  InfLights, Camera, Amalee F  Turn on the Light  InfSnow Pony F  Understanding Biomes  InfTheodosia and the Serpents of Chaos F  Wind Energy  InfUnnameables F  You Cant Wear These Genes  Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  11. 11. Summer Reading Success Eighth Grade TitlesChoose Your Own CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfAnsons Way F  Build It Green InfEver‐After Bird F  Cells  InfKite Fighters F  Computers  InfLimit F  D‐Day InfMiss Fortune F  Environmental Disasters  InfMusic of Dolphins F  Fall of the Berlin Wall InfMy Brother Sam Is Dead F  First Man in Space InfMy Name Is Not Angelica F  Floods, Dams, and Levees InfNew Class F  Food Chains and Webs InfNoman F  Forces and Motion at Work InfOperation Red Jericho F  Geology  InfPity Party F  Going Green InfPocahontas F  Moon Landing InfSing Down the Moon F  Plants Out of Place  InfSingle Shard F  Rocks, Minerals, and Soil  InfWitch of Blackbird Pond F  Sorting the Elements Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  12. 12. Summer Reading Success Grades 9‐ 12  Fiction TitlesChoose Your Own Fiction CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfAmbition F  No Accident F Ask and the Answer F  Nothing But the Truth F Beware, Princess Elizabeth F  Ominous F Book of Mordred F  Over the Edge F Bread and Roses, Too F  Pharaohs Daughter: A Novel of Ancient Egypt F Bully F  Playing with Fire F City of Ashes: Mortal Instruments Book Two F  Popular Vote F City of Bones: Mortal Instruments Book One F  Reaching Out F Eternal Rose F  Real Time F Federations F  Rewind F Feed F  Scandal F Fetch F  Scheme Spirit F Flash Burnout F  Suspicion F Freefall F  Swoon at Your Own Risk F Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair F  Talking in the Dark F Hold Still F  Tangerine F How My Private, Personal Journal Became a  ThirstyBestseller F  F Hunger F  This World We Live In F I Cant Tell You F  Toast F I Had Seen Castles F  True Adventures of Charley Darwin F Impossible F  True North F In or Out F  Untouchable F Inner Circle F  Vibes F Invitation Only F  Whats Hot F It Started With a Dare F  Whats Your Status? F Juliets Moon F  When I Crossed No‐Bob F  Where the Broken Heart Still Beats: The Story of Just Kidding F  Cynthia Ann Parker F Knife of Never Letting Go F  Rewind F Last Battle of the Icemark F  Scandal F Letter Writer F  Scheme Spirit F Life or Death F  Suspicion F Little Miss Red F  Swoon at Your Own Risk F Lucky F  Talking in the Dark F Magic Can Be Murder F  Tangerine F Matter of Trust F  Thirsty F Myth‐Chief F  This World We Live In F Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist F  Toast F No Accident F  True Adventures of Charley Darwin F Nothing But the Truth F  True North F Ominous F  Untouchable F Over the Edge F  Vibes F Pharaohs Daughter: A Novel of Ancient Egypt F  Whats Hot F Playing with Fire F  Whats Your Status? F Popular Vote F  When I Crossed No‐Bob F Reaching Out Where the Broken Heart Still Beats: The Story of  F  Cynthia Ann Parker F Real Time F      Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  13. 13. Summer Reading Success Grades 9‐ 12  Informational TitlesChoose Your Own Informational CollectionTitle F/Inf Title F/InfAcids and Bases Inf Miles Standish: Colonial Leader InfAcorn People Inf Mixtures, Compounds, and Solutions InfAlicia Inf Nonmetals InfApril Morning Inf Nonmetals  InfBehind Rebel Lines: The Incredible Story of Emma Edmonds, Civil War Spy Inf Nuclear Energy InfBull Run Inf Pedro and the Coyote InfChemical Reactions Inf Rebuilding the Body: Organ Transplantation InfClimate Change Inf Red Cross Movement InfEnjoy Your Meal: What Happens When You Eat? (Lets Explore Science) Inf Refugees InfFood From the Sun: How Plants Live and Grow (Lets Explore Science) Inf Relativity InfFossil Fuels  Inf States of Matter InfFrontiers of Surgery Inf Superfoods: Genetic Modification of Foods InfGerm Killers: Fighting Disease Inf Sustainable Development InfGlobal Warming Inf United Nations Inf Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson Globalization Inf and the Struggle for Equal Rights InfGreat Battles of the Civil War Inf Walt Whitman InfGreenpeace Inf War in the Pacific InfKit Carson: Mountain Man Inf World Health Organization InfMetals Inf Choose Your Own 8‐Book Collection $31.60 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) Choose Your Own 4‐Book Collection $15.80 (Includes Parent Guide with Student Activities) 5% Shipping Charge on all orders
  14. 14. Summer Reading Success First GradeWelcome to Summer Reading Success, a fun way to keep you and your child reading together through the long, hot summer days.Begin by reading the Tips for Summer Reading Success below. Then as your child reads each book have them write the title onthe Books I Read this Summer list and complete the activity page for the book. At the end of the summer, sign your child’s listand send this to back to school with your child. But keep the books for your child’s collection.Child’s Name:______________________________________________________________________School:_____________________________________________________ Grade:_______________ Tips for Summer Reading Success Books I Read this Summer Set aside a time to read each day where everyone in the house Directions: After you read a book, write is reading. Limit distractions by turning off the TV and computer. the title of the book below. At the end of the Read the newspaper, a book, or a magazine while your child summer, decide which book was your favorite is reading. and draw a star by the title. Ask your child about what he is reading. Tell him about what you are reading. Provide many different materials for your child to read, such as 1.________________________________ books, magazines, comics, directions to a new game, or recipes. Go to the library to check-out books, audio books, or eBooks. Encourage your child to reread favorite books. 2. ________________________________ Reading with Your Child 3. ________________________________ Before Reading a New Book: Look at the cover of the book with your child and read the title. Then talk with your child about the book. 4. ________________________________ Do you think this is going to tell a story or give information? What do you think the book is going to be about? Let’s look through the book before we read it and talk about 5. ________________________________ the pictures. Do you want to read the book to me or should we read it together? 6. ________________________________ Reading a New Book: It is important for your child to feel successful while they are reading a new book. If your child doesn’t know a word or is having a hard time reading, help her so she doesn’t get stuck and can keep reading. 7. ________________________________ After Reading a New Book: Talk about the book with your child. What was your favorite part of the book? Tell me about a part of the book that surprised you. 8. ________________________________ Does this book remind of you of anything? Were there any words or parts that were hard? After talking about the book, work with your child to complete Parent’s Signature: __________________ the attached activity sheet. 1-800-380-2289 • © 2012 May be reproduced for classroom use.
  15. 15. EXTENSION ACTIVITY - DIsaster on the 100th Day Add a New Character Name:__________________________________________________ Date:___________________ Directions: Draw a new character for the story. Give this character a name and describe what you think this animal could do in the story. Draw a picture: Write: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________ © Rourke Educational Media
  16. 16. EXTENSION ACTIVITY - Make It 100! Compare and Label Name:__________________________________________________ Date:___________________ Make It 100! Directions: Choose two things you learned about in Make It 100! that are alike in some ways and different in other ways. Draw them in the space below. How are they alike? How are they different? Label your drawings. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ © Rourke Educational Media
  17. 17. Extension Activity - Movie Munchies Organizing Events Name:__________________________________________________ Date:___________________ Movie Munchies Directions: Find 3 main events and write them in order. Draw a picture for each event. First Event ____________________________________________________________ Second Event _________________________________________________________ Third Event __________________________________________________________ © Rourke Educational Media
  18. 18. Extension Activity - What’s A Fraction? Descriptive Characteristics Name:__________________________________________________ Date:___________________ What’s A Fraction? Directions: Choose one thing you learned about in the book. Draw a diagram of it and label its important characteristics. Write a title for your illustration. _______________________________________ © Rourke Educational Media
  19. 19. EXTENSION ACTIVITY - Too Much TV! Story MapName:__________________________________________________ Date:___________________ Too Much TV!Directions: Retell the story using the story map. You can draw or write about the story in the boxes below. Characters and Setting Important Event Problem Solution © Rourke Educational Media
  20. 20. Extension Activity - Sequence It! KWLName:__________________________________________________ Date:___________________ Sequence It!Directions: Think about the book Sequence It! What do you already know about this subject? What would you liketo learn? Before reading the book, fill in the first two parts of the chart. After reading, write what you learned. I Know I Wonder I Learned © Rourke Educational Media
  21. 21. EXTENSION ACTIVITY Venn Diagram Name:__________________________________________________ Date:___________________ Comparing Grandpa Comes to First Grade and Turn It Off Directions: After reading Grandpa Comes to First Grade and Turn It Off, use the Venn diagram below to compare the books. In the circle on the left, write things that are just in Grandpa Comes to First Grade. In the circle on the right, write things that are just in Turn It Off. In the middle where the two circles come together, write things that are same about both books. Grandpa Comes to First Grade Turn It Off Both Books © Rourke Educational Media