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E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
E read & report brochure 5 7-2013
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E read & report brochure 5 7-2013


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The latest brochure for Rourke Eread and report …

The latest brochure for Rourke Eread and report

Bill McIntosh
Authorized Consultant for Rourke Educational Media
In South Carolina
Phone: 843-442-8888
Primary Email :
Email :
Rourke Educational Media Website :
Toll free # 800.394.7055

eRead and Report:
The eContent solution to Increased Rigor and Metacognition

I have placed info on Rourke’s products on Slideshare :

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  • 1. Grades K-12Independent e-ReadingOver 1,000 e-Books!Lifetime Usage • No Renewal Fees • No Subscriptionswww.rourkeeducationalmedia.comrourke@rourkeeducationalmedia.com800-380-2289Placement Testincluded!with Comprehensionand Vocabulary Assessment
  • 2. Aligns with Common Core State Standardsand supports text complexity for grades K-12.Utilizes Common Core State Standards forAssessing Grades 3-12 in Reading, Writing,Science, and Social Studies.COMMON CORES TAT E S TA N DA R D SWhat Does Rourke’s e-ContentAssessment and Reporting e-BooksCommon Core State Standards1,000 Titles to Choose From and More to come?• Placement Test for Students• Vocabulary and Comprehension Assessment• Individual Student and Teacher Access• Works on Computers, Tablets, and Smart PhonesOffer That Other Publishers Don’tFictionEarly ChildhoodGrade Levels K-12ScienceSocial StudiesHigh InterestMath2 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  • 3. Finally! Informational Texte-Books with a PurposeRourke’s e-Read and Report can be used at:• Assessment and Reports Support Data-driven Instructions• Works on MACs, PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones• One Time Purchase means No Renewal or Management Fees• Unlimited Access for the Entire Building• Provides Detailed Student Performance on Vocabulary and Comprehensione-Read and ReportAssessmentand ReportingSchool Home Mobile Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 3
  • 4. Fully Searchable Title LibraryStudent, Teacher, and Administrator LoginStudent Teacher AdminStudentTeacherStudent Reads e-Book on Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone Studente-Read and ReportHow it works...Teacher Assigns e-BookTeacher Assignse-BookTeacher Notesto StudentStudent Progress4 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  • 5. e-Read and ReportDetailed AssessmentsAfter reading a Rourke e-Book, the student clicks the “Test Me” button. Instantlythe student is directed to a set of vocabulary and comprehension questionsin multiple choice form. The student’s responses are recorded, scored, andimmediately available to the teacher for review.VocabularyStudents read the definition of a word and then select the correct usagesentence or sentences. Books for GRL A-Z+ (BR-1200) Emphasizes Tier II and Tier III vocabulary words. In addition to a total score for vocabulary, students and teachers see the specific words the student answered incorrectly. Each word is coded by vocabulary tier.Student Vocabulary Test from“What’s Going on in the Compost Pile?” Level LStudent Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 5
  • 6. StudentStudent Tests Comprehension• Students can refer to text as neededComprehensionStudents read questions and select the correct answer.Books for GRL A-Z+ (BR-1200) comprehension questions. All questions focus on the informational text reading strategies for comprehensionlisted below:• Using and interpreting text features (graphs, charts, maps)• Determining importance or central idea and identifying key details• Synthesizing or Summarizing complex concepts or processes• Visualizing• Making inferences• Making connections• Asking questions In addition to a total score for comprehension, the student/teacher is able to see thespecific questions the student got correct and incorrect. Questions are recorded bycomprehension strategy for student access and to guide teacher instruction.e-Read and Report6 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  • 7. Teacher or Administrator Reviews Test Scoresand Assesses Progress on a Student, Classroom, or Building Wide LevelTeacher can ViewOr Export toShare ProgressStudent Folder with Reading ScoresTeacher ParentTeachers can easily monitor a student’s knowledge andprogress on important tier words and seven individualcomprehension strategies. Information can be reviewedwith the student or shared with parents.XLSXPDFAdminStudentTeacherAdministratorIndividual AccessAvailable for:e-Read and Report Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 7
  • 8. Features and Benefits...Students Can Read and Test from Any Device Just About Anywhere.Student Progress is Assessedand Stored from year to year.1.• Vocabulary - Students test mostly Tier II and Tier III words.• Comprehension - Tests7 key strategies.e-Read and Report2.3.12K8 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  • 9. e-Read and ReportInformational Texts.All titles are correlated to CommonCore State Standards for assessingGrades K-12 in Reading, Writing,Science, and Social Studies.COMMON CORES TAT E S TA N D A R D S*Computer Administered Placement TestUsing 28 leveled passages with vocabulary and comprehensionquestions, the e-Read and Report Placement Test quickly determinesa students independent reading level on informational text. This fullyautomated assessment allows students to benefit from the experienceof reading books at their independent reading level.The e-Read and Report Placement Test can also be used to gatherpre- and post-test data.4.5.6. Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 9
  • 10. e-Read and ReportCollections...All Collections include:• e-Books• Comprehension Questions• Vocabulary AssessmentAt Rourke, we understand one size does not fit all. If you don’t seewhat you like, we’ve included a “Build Your Own” Collection.10 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  • 11. Lifetime Usage • No Renewal Fees • No Subscriptionse-Read and ReportAvailable Now!Science K-6 Collection264 Titles ISBN # 978-1-62169-436-6. . . . . . $6,600Social Studies K-6 Collection137 Titles ISBN # 978-1-62169-435-9. . . . . . . . $3,425Fiction K-6 Collection114 Titles ISBN # 978-1-62169-438-0. . . . . . $2,850Grades 7-12 Collection327 Titles ISBN # 978-1-62169-434-2. . . . . . . $10,585High Interest K-6 Collection112 Titles ISBN # 978-1-62169-437-3. . . . . . $2,800Build Your Own Collection100 Title Minimum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Call for QuoteComplete e-Read Collection PreK-121,000 Titles ISBN # 978-1-62169-439-7. . . . . . . . $25,375Pricing Based on a Per Building Usage Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 11
  • 12. Follow us onwww.rourkeeducationalmedia.comrourke@rourkeeducationalmedia.comNational_2013eReadandReportCatalog.inddCOMMON CORES TAT E S TA N DA R D SRourke’s Content is Aligned with CCSS InitiativeAdd Additional Rourke e-Booksto your orderAdd Rourke Interactive e-Booksto your order• Truly Interactive features engage young, reluctant readers• Books can be read in the Library, Classroom, or Home• Delivered Through our Server or your MARCsR O U R K E• Over 300 Paired Teacher Resources• Perfect for Mobile Learning• Delivered Through our Servers or your MARCsUpgrade your Orderwith a Purchase of 100 or More e-Read and Report Titles11.00 each$29.00 each$Over 1,800 Titles93 Interactive Titles• UnlimitedAccess• LifetimePurchase• No RenewalFees!Visit Our Website For A Complete Title List