Storytelling tools for community change
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Storytelling tools for community change






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  • Any one testified at a public hearing…at 2 am…the night before I was going to testify for the first time…I sat bolt upright in bedMy story, What I learned: easier to testify, made a connection with story was rememberedMy first introduction to the power of story
  • Our mission….help you use the power of your voice to influence change
  • What is it about story that makes it so powerful…and how can we use that power strategically?
  • The stories communities are telling at
  • Who we have and are working with: Lacrosse, Wood, GLITC, Santa Clara, LA, Hawaii, South Carolina, Iowa, Jefferson Cty, Portland MN, Seattle King Cty, Omaha N….communities, mentors, and TA partnersflickr:steature
  • What we do
  • The result…ten hours were restored
  • This is a list that was created by other training is in your notes, you can add to it as we go along. Let’s look at a couple of ways that public health I using story
  • You number 1 tip is whether the story touches emotions….Yours and your you care…does your audienceI tellnate’s story a lot because it is a powerful story for me…did it touch emotion in any of you?Use your real voicePick a story that you care aboutSpeak from the heart
  • Class got sea monkeys and there were a lot of them..and they were not healthy..and they died…a lot of them…and none of the kids were concerned..didn’t even notice…until..they got down to the very last sea monkey…and then there was a lot of concern…every day they came in the first thing they did was check on sea monkeyWe can care about one…
  • Remember Rokia…remember Nate…remember one angry momOne of the most powerful things you can give me someone I can care about
  • You story needs to be unpredictable…if you want to hold people’s interestWhat are some ways we can create tension?
  • Yourcharacter..or you…want something…and there is something in the way…a barrier to overcomeThis is the most common shape of a story..walking up stairs
  • character has an aha moment and…there is a transformation
  • Let’s look at two things that can help you frame your powerful story so that telling it has a moves you towards your goalLets start with pivot..if you have had messaging will have heard the term pivot..let’s talk about pivot in the context of moving a powerful story toward a purposeful end
  • it make a difference if I told you her family lives in this neighborhood..this is the only place they can buy food Would where she lives change how you think about the problem and possible solutions?
  • One of the most important things we have to do…is to help our communities and decision makers pivot between the emotional impact of individual stories ( portraits) to the context of place ( where we live, work and play matters ) We need to tell stories that help our listeners move to the wide angle view…
  • The end of your story should have a call to action or a key message…you are telling the story to that audience for a reason…don’t make your audience guess what the reason is
  • The first way I used Nate’s story was in JFC testimony for a statewide SFA law in WIHere is how I ended itI am here today because I couldn’t answer Nate’s’s not OK. All people in WI deserve to breath clean air at work. I’m hear to ask you to support a statewide smokefree air law in WIWhat was the pivot..what was the actionMany core stories can be used more than once..or for more than one purpose
  • Find a corestory..this is a story that is powerful to you..that you may be able to use in multiple ways….like Nate’s story for meFind your story…promptsWrite your story on an index card ( two reasons…can help you think through your story, keeps it short..two minutes)Practice- tell it for the first time multiple times…pay attention if you change the way you tellListen_ how you listen helps people craft or shape their story
  • Small groups
  • Teresa BarbarGLITC Wi Tobacco ControlTestifying at JFC
  • The health brothers advise you to become a story spotterRather than begging for stories…train yourself and your staff to always look and listen for stories…and collect them as you go. You may only need a handful of well told stories.
  • You can check out
  • And prevention speaks tool kit
  • You do important work…it is important that you tell your stories..because

Storytelling tools for community change Storytelling tools for community change Presentation Transcript

  • StorytellingFor Community Change:Tools You can Use
  • Andy Goodman
  • Who we have and are working with flickr: steature
  • Intentionally and Strategically• Find Stories• Craft Stories• Use Stories
  • Ways to use story• Sustainability/fundraising• Recruit/ motivate volunteers• Engage community members• Media interviews• Testimony/education visits with elected officials• Engage new partners• Show success/lessons learned to funders
  • But , not all stories are powerful.
  • Passion
  • Powerful Stories1. Passion2. Character3. Conflict4. Transformation
  • Sea Monkey Story flickr:bycp
  • Mother Theresa“If I look at the mass, Iwill never act. If I look atthe one, I will.”
  • Powerful Stories1. Passion2. Character3. Conflict4. Transformation
  • Audience should askWhat happens next?How will this end?
  • Vulnerable is good Wikipedia
  • Create tension Barrier
  • Powerful Stories1. Passion2. Character3. Conflict4. Transformation
  • Flickr: farleyj
  • Powerful Stories1. Passion2. Character3. Conflict4. Transformation
  • Stories for a Purpose
  • EndingsPivotAction
  • Portrait Flickr: cliff1066
  • Wide Angle Flickr: Zol87
  • Pivot Portrait Wide AngleFlickr: cliff 1066 Flickr: Zol87
  • EndingsPivotAction
  • “Think aboutwhat you wantpeople to do.” Lori Silverman
  • Nate’s Question
  • Tell Powerful Stories for a Purpose 1. Passion 2. Character 3. Conflict 4. Transformation 5. Pivot 6. Action
  • Your Turn
  • Hannah’s Story
  • Story UsePlanning
  • Finding the story Emotion Story Strategy
  • Sally Clark, Seattle CityCouncil“Without understandingpeople’s passions &their motivations andtheir personal story, it’sso sterile and it is…justus looking at pieces ofpaper & 3-ring binders,and that’s not who weare, we are acommunity.”
  • Ways to use story• Sustainability/fundraising• Recruit/ motivate volunteers• Engage community members• Media interviews• Testimony/education visits with elected officials• Engage new partners• Show success/lessons learned to funders
  • Natasha Freidus,Community NarrationsA lot of folks dont thinkabout story as a resource.But in low-incomecommunities, story is one ofthe primary resources thatpeople actually have.
  • Stories take many forms• Oral• Video (Storybooth)• Video (Produced community story)• Photoquote• Written• Artistic
  • Story Use PlanGoal Audience Story Storyteller Action
  • Goal
  • Audience
  • Story
  • Messenger
  • Action
  • Goal Audience Story Storyteller Action
  • Let’s Practice• You’ve got an inspiring tobacco quit story.• A popular program is facing a severe budget cut.• New policy is up for a 1st reading at a council meeting. The 5-member council is split 2-2 with 1 undecided. Goal Audience Story Storyteller Action
  • How do youfind stories?
  • “StorySpotter”
  • Want to learn more?
  • Pair Share What have you learned about telling and listening to stories? What are your most useful take aways from this session?Flickr: born1945
  • Questions? Comments?
  • “Becausethere arestories onlyyou can tell”