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Go to for information about upcoming events. Videos are not only a valuable way to showcase your organization. They also can be used to direct traffic to your website, thanks to YouTube features such as commenting, rating, and sharing. In addition, you can use YouTube to track and shape your message as your outreach campaign develops. In this way, your YouTube videos become an integral part of your social marketing strategy. In this session we will cover the following: • Incorporating Insight Statistics and other YouTube ratings and user comments to shape your communications strategy • Linking your YouTube video to other networking sites like Facebook • Adding keyword tags to your YouTube channel • Using Call-to-action overlays on your videos to drive campaigns • Including the Google Checkout “Donate” button in your video.

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Center for Non-Profit Success: YouTube 101

  1. 1. Making Video Sharing Part ofYour Online Marketing Strategy
  2. 2.  Introductions Why YouTube? Plan Your Strategy Create a High-Impact Video Broaden Your Reach Next Steps References 3-5 mins.
  3. 3.  Christopher Lagan ◦ Chief of Social Media United States Coast Guard Rebecca Bustamante ◦ Co-Chair, Communications, Board of Directors Women in Film and Video, DC (WIFV) Beth Shanna Carpenter ◦ Manager of Social Communication and Strategy AARP Chad Sisneros ◦ Senior Director, Video Dept The Humane Society of the United States 10 mins.
  4. 4. Know Your AudienceCoast Guard case study Chris: 20-25 mins
  5. 5. Chris
  6. 6. Chris
  7. 7. Chris
  8. 8. Chris
  9. 9. U. S. Coast Guard: Top 10 Videos of 2011
  10. 10. U. S. Coast Guard: Top 10 Videos of 2011
  11. 11. U. S. Coast Guard: Top 10 Videos of 2011
  12. 12. U. S. Coast Guard: Top 10 Videos of 2011
  13. 13.  Examine video as a means of complimenting other mediums for telling your story. Identify the audience gap(s) between those your video content is reaching via traditional means (PSAs, earned television media, etc.) and those you arent. Determine your institutional capacity (resources and content generation) to efficiently and effectively use YouTube to fill your audience gap(s). Chris
  14. 14. Q+A 10 mins
  15. 15. ―Why‖ Use Metrics―What‖ Metrics to TrackShape Messages Using TrendsTime of DayDesign Your Content Flow Rebecca & Beth: 20-25 mins
  16. 16.  Today the public considers the Internet (by a wide margin) the most essential medium of communication.  From 2002 to 2007, the Internet gained 39% in popularity, as compared with a 53% drop in popularity for radio, and a 10% drop for newspapers.  5.5M sites linked to Facebook  4.1M sites are linked to Twitter  900K sites are linked to Linked IneCommunication Referring Channels Rebecca
  17. 17.  Development of metrics you will use to determine qualitative and quantitative ROI.  Social Mention monitors 80+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc.   Benchmark your channel in the industry  Point Pixabilitys Online Video Grader at your site and YouTube page Rebecca
  18. 18. Rebecca
  19. 19.  Incorporate Insight Statistics and other YouTube ratings and user comments to shape your strategy Rebecca
  20. 20.  Dashboard view  Views ◦ Performance  Engagement ◦ Engagement ◦ Top 10 Videos ◦ Demographics ◦ Discovery Rebecca
  21. 21. Starting Point Fundraising Campaign Rebecca
  22. 22. Best Time to Post Online Rebecca
  23. 23.  Social Media Hub Mind mapping Structured plan ◦ Purpose ◦ Target Audience What is content strategy? ◦ Key Message Oooh, the elevator pitch. Here we go: There is content on the web. You love it. ◦ Communication Channel(s) Or you do not love it. Either way, it is out there, and it is growing. Content ◦ Frequency of Message strategy encompasses the discovery, ideation, implementation and maintenance of all types of digital content—links, tags, metadata, video, whatever. Ultimately, we work closely with information architects and creative types to craft delicious, usable web experiences for our clients. Rebecca
  24. 24.  Who are you talking to? What content are people responding to? Does this change the tone of your message? Do you have pop out content? Monitor and adjust. Rebecca
  25. 25.  Don’t start with a finished video if you can help it. ASK: ◦ What metrics do I care about? Do I want…  Views?  Comments and engagement?  Action?  All of the above? Beth
  26. 26.  PITFALLS: ◦ Even your best spokesperson may not make a good YouTube video.  Pro tip: If you must, get them out of the office and don’t allow scripts. ◦ Who can tell your story best? Donors? Members? Beneficiaries? How can they tell it honestly?  Pro tip: Let them talk… let your b-roll explain. ◦ Quantity over quality never wins. (I tried it.)  Overall views drag down the authority of your channel. You want the swift tide to lift all boats – not to crowd your boats into stagnation. Beth
  27. 27.  SHOOT FOR THE MEDIUM: ◦ If your goal is simply views:  Get to the point. You’re asking for 2 minutes of my uninterrupted time; I want to know what happened and why I should care. Right now. ◦ If your goal is engagement:  Build in questions to your audience; be direct about requesting a like or share on video. ◦ If your goal is action on a specific issue:  Build that CTA in everywhere. Mention it on video & POINT to where the ―Donate‖ button is. Don’t wait to use the description section to ask them to engage – and don’t point them to a different platform (unless that’s your goal.) ◦ Always be biased in favor of a really good story. ◦ Get to the point. Don’t waste time on preroll unless it’s absolutely necessary. Beth
  28. 28.  SHOOT FOR THE MEDIUM: ◦ Shoot for annotations! Be shameless!  (Annotations can ONLY link inside YouTube.) Beth
  29. 29. ChallengeReview these sample metrics and create a strategy or approach to optimize viewing and ROI. Rebecca
  30. 30.  Set up a metrics checkpoint for trending analysis, and identify pop out content. Review your content flow to identify design improvements. Rebecca & Beth
  31. 31. Q+A 10 mins
  32. 32. Channel BrandingThumbnailsTitles and TagsNow What? Chad: 20-25 mins
  33. 33.  72 hours of video are uploaded every minute More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day Chad
  34. 34.  Channel Branding Thumbnails Titles and Tags Now What? Chad
  35. 35.  The channel should represent your organization…displaying the same personality, with a professional look and feel. Important for Branding, and donation option Consult a web designer, or DIY…get a channel banner created…include your logo, and an image that represents your organization. Chad
  36. 36. Chad
  37. 37. Chad
  38. 38. Chad
  39. 39. Chad
  40. 40.  Links – donations, other social media Always link back to your homepage Push subscribing to your channel Chad
  41. 41. Chad
  42. 42. Chad
  43. 43. Chad
  44. 44. Chad
  45. 45. Chad
  46. 46. Chad
  47. 47. Chad
  48. 48. Chad
  49. 49. Chad
  50. 50.  YouTube non-profit partner status – upload your own thumbnails! ◦ Think of a thumbnail as a movie poster ◦ Accurately reflects your content ◦ Visually compelling ◦ In focus, well framed ◦ Bright, high contrast ◦ Close ups of faces Chad
  51. 51. Chad
  52. 52. Chad
  53. 53. Chad
  54. 54. Chad
  55. 55. Titles:Put Keywords into the title, and put them at the start.Be interesting – sell the video. Best…exclusive…rare…secret…findwords that describe your video in the most interesting way.Organization name, episode number, etc at the end of the title, if youmust include it.Don’t mislead your audience. Chad
  56. 56. Tags:These are how YouTube’s search engine is finding your content 5-10 standard keywords that you add to every video.You’re looking for a mix of both generic and specific words or phrasesthat describe your video.Use quotes for common phrases – ―law enforcement‖ Chad
  57. 57. Chad
  58. 58. Chad
  59. 59.  Consider updating tags/titles on underperforming videos Take full advantage of successful videos, optimizing annotations, subscriptions. Create living document of potential audiences Chad
  60. 60.  Channel Branding Titles/Tags Thumbnails Chad
  61. 61. Q+A 10 mins
  62. 62. Unite a Fractured PresenceEmpower Field Offices andAmbassadorsDeploy Across Platforms Chris, Beth & Rebecca: 20-25 mins
  63. 63. Chris
  64. 64. Chris
  65. 65. Chris
  66. 66.  Establish a short, clear social media policy approved by Legal and C-suite. ◦ You can find ours at Encourage experimentation, and cheerlead best practices and successes. Empower them to train others. ◦ Sometimes the first attempts look a little iffy, but this guy, from AARP Washington, is now training others to use YouTube…  Beth
  67. 67.  Loop them into your overall brand, but let them control their own account. ◦ Use playlists – you can add any video to a playlist. ◦ Use branded space (free for 501©3) to link to other channels. Beth
  68. 68.  Involver application is a YouTube app for Facebook: Rebecca
  69. 69.  Site traffic vs. followers / positive buzz ◦ Facebook Fan Pages using YouTube /bid/9469/20-Examples-of-Great- Facebook-Fan-Pages.aspx Rebecca
  70. 70.  Upload tool (TubeMogul) Rebecca
  71. 71. I train so others may live Chris
  72. 72.  Embed social media buttons/links on web pages, and use on offline communications. Implement Involver application on your Facebook page. Sponsor a contest to create an animated logo for your organization. Chris, Beth & Rebecca
  73. 73. Q+A 10 mins
  74. 74. Lifecycle of a YouTube VideoReferences All: 20-25 mins
  75. 75.  Short run-throughs of campaigns or successful videos from start to finish ◦ Establish a goal ◦ Create the video ◦ Special mechanics tweaks ◦ Distribution and release. Beth
  76. 76. Case Study: 100-Year-Old Bride Lifecycle of a YouTube Video Beth
  77. 77. Case Studies: U. S. Coast Guard
  78. 78. Case Studies: U. S. Coast Guard
  79. 79. Q+A 10 mins
  80. 80.  Google donate button ◦ checkout-donate-buttons.html Involver applications ◦ Hubspot blog ◦ Examples-of-Great-Facebook-Fan-Pages.aspx New Yorker article about YouTube ◦ future-of-youtube.html ◦ seabrook YouTube and Video Marketing ◦ Day/dp/047094501X/ref=dp_ob_title_bk All – 2 mins