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World Interiors

  1. 1. World InteriorsEvent 2013
  2. 2. WORLD INTERIORS EVENT 2013 IN AmSTERDAm! Interiors are the interface between architecture, design and fashion. Interiors are of interest from an art historical, anthropologic and cultural perspective. Interior design is an important economic factor. With ‘Past, Present and Future of Interiors’ as theme the inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 will cover all aspects of interior architecture with an attractive and varied event program aimed at professionals as well as the public at large. From March till November Amsterdam will be buzzing. The program includes expositions, fairs, events, projects, congresses, lectures, seminars, presentations and much more! All around the theme interiors. The inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 offers unique networking opportunities and reaches a wide audience.inamsterdamWorld Interiors EventWilgenweg 26b1031 HV AmsterdamThe NetherlandsT +31 20 4233 233F +31 20 4233
  3. 3. THEmE: ‘PAST, PRESENT AND FuTuRE OF INTERIORS’ PROgRAmPast: Historic interiors tell us much In a coordinated collaboration with With the title ‘inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013’ existing and new about the culture, lifestyles and other consultants interior architects initiatives in the field of interiors will be brought under one umbrella. fashions of a certain time and place. and designers work on complex The world famous canals and canal assignments such as hospitals and World Interiors Meeting 2013 World Interiors Salon houses of Amsterdam date back to various care environments, airports From 5 to 7 September 2013* From July through September the 17th century and in many houses and transportation hubs, schools, the inamsterdam World Interiors 2013* the World Interiors Salon will the original interiors can still be seen retail, leisure environments and of meeting will be the most important be the event where designers and in full luster. The interiors history in course offices and workplaces. The and most talked about interiors industry will show their best in the Amsterdam is the starting point for a inamsterdam World Interiors Event congress worldwide in 2013, with field of interiors. In a challenging program that highlights the interior will showcase the state of the art 1000 to 1200 professionals from presentation a broad audience will as a carrier of culture. and offer a place for debate. over 45 countries attending. In a discover design and innovation in The inamsterdam World Interiors ‘summit’ format the congress brings an innovative and inspiring way. Event offers a stage for art- and Future: Interior architects and internationally renown key-note Designers and industry from the architecture hitorians, restorers, designers help to make the world speakers and a large number of Netherlands, India, China and Brazil interior architects and designers, a better place by displaying parallel sessions and seminars. will add an interesting cultural heritage researchers and experts. consiousness of social issues, There will be satellite programs, variety and attractiveness for an But also for the public at large there maintaining an open mind for cultural activities, exhibitions, international audience. A sensual is a lot to be discovered, explored change and by formulating new guided tours and presentations by event where materials, objects, and discussed in the rich world of answers. educational institutions and the textiles, light and sound create a interiors. By designing a sense of context in a industry. English will be the official totally new experience. multi cultural society and by being language. An outstanding chancePresent: Health, safety and sensitive to environmental issues. for encounters, interactions and well-being are key issues in the ever By investing in research and inspiration. growing complexity of our building education to challenge a new levy environment. Well considered and of independent, creative thinkers. comfortable environments as well The World Interiors Event will as the need for sustainable re-use chalenge and inspire both have made interior architecture a professionals and end-users. respected discipline.
  4. 4. EVENTS SPECIALLy FOR PROFESSIONALS EVENTS FOR THE gENERAL PuBLICCare; the congress ECIA General Assembly The World Interiors Salon From slums to During a one day congress The annual meeting of the Before and after the congress ‘Amsterdamse School’ stakeholders and decision makers European Council of Interior the salon will also be accessible The Amsterdamse School museum in the care industry will discuss the Architects will be organized in for the public. shows the development of the success and fail factors in healing connection with the inamsterdam ordinary Amsterdam interior in a environments. The importance World Interiors meeting. Public Interiors number of peepshow boxes. of evidence based design and Arcam devotes an exhibition and the results of recent research will Theo Lunsingh Scheurleer lecture a publication to the phenomenon Excursions ‘Amsterdamse be presented. The Dutch Association for Interiors public interiors. School’ Interiors Heritage organizes this ‘star’ lecture museum het Schip will arrange aInternational infuences on by an international renown speaker Contemporary living in a number of special excursions inDutch Interiors in the field of interiors. historic canal -mansion extraordinary ‘Amsterdamse School’ The Dutch Association for Interiors The private museum geelvinck interiors that are usually closed for Heritage will organize a series of A series of debates focuses on showing the context public. lectures, excursions and study Discussion and sharing of knowledge connected with expressions of programs focusing on ancient, in a series of debates concerning lifestyle within the security of the Floating Interiors colonial and recent cultural the historic, cultural, artistic and own living room (home lifestyle The interiors from cruise ships to influences on Dutch interiors. economic importance of interior design) luxurious yachts can be admired in architecture. this exhibition.ICAMT congress Care; at home in an The annual congress of the Trendwatching unfamiliar environment Royal Tropical Institute International Committee for International trendwatcher Based on successful projects and A special tour will be developed Architecture and museum Li Edelkort presents a masterclass the futuristic vision of designers and through the monumental building Techniques will give an overview and a lecture linked to the industry this exhibition will show paying attention to the stories of of recent museum projects in the World Interiors Event 2013 how well-designed environments the colonial history that can be Netherlands and in Amsterdam contrbute to healing and well-being. traced in the wall paintings and the such as Hermitage Amsterdam, Tactual senses decorations. the Stedelijk museum, The Sandberg Institute (master Interiors collection Rijksmuseum, Filmmuseum, Institute of Interior Architecture) Stedelijk Museum Adriaan Dortsman, Scheepvaartmuseum. invites young designers and students At the reopening it will become Architect Museum van Loon from different countries and cultures clear that the Stedeliijk museum is In the restored coach house the for a 5 day workshop. the foremost museum of design museum will show the history of in the Netherlands. Besides a the 17th century canal house. thorough renovation of the main building, the spectacular extension The inmarket opens in 2012. A market and auction of new and vintage design from a range of AMS 3.0 designers. AmS 3.0 is an App for the smartphone. By means of QR codes Interior scenes on the façade the interiors of the The Filmmuseum organizes a buildings and the stories behind program in which interiors in them are made visible. film play the leading role.
  5. 5. AmSTERDAm, CAPITAL OF INSPIRATIONLet us welcome you in Amsterdam, the ‘mother’ museum in St Petersburgcapital of inspiration. An amazing and the interiors of the Royal Palacecity, with many faces that will make have been meticulously restored. Theyou marvel. Amsterdam is a world Concertgebouw and the main theatrecity on an intimate scale that has a lot have been restored and expanded andto offer: some of the greatest works this list is still far from complete!of art in the world, more canals thanVenice, more bridges than Paris and Even at night you don’t have toover 7.000 monumental buildings. get bored. Throughout the yearNo wonder Amsterdam’s historic city there are concerts in the famouscentre is recently added to uNESCO’s Concertgebouw or the notoriousworld heritage list. pop temple Paradiso, There’s jazz, opera, ballet, dance, theatre andAmsterdam is a city with a large musicals in theatres throughout thecreative sector and a rich diversity city. Furthermore the city is strewnof culture. Where else in the world with a vivid collection of cafés, manywill you find an enormous collection with outdoor terraces. In for someof 17th century Dutch masters, Van exciting nightlife? In the trendy clubsgoghs, a major museum of modern and discotheques the best new danceart and a world-famous orchestra hall music is played by prominent dj’s.all on one square? moreover, 2013will mark the re-opening of all major Amsterdam is a lively city that buzzesmuseums; the famous Rijksmuseum with energy and creativity. Due toand the National maritime museum it’s location and it’s history the city isamazingly restored, the Stedelijk internationally orientated and givesmuseum of modern Art extended home to no less than 175 nationalities.with a striking new wing and the new A true melting pot of colourful peopleFilmmuseum rising out of the water where the tramconductors are oftenlike a big white bird. The Hermitage able to address you in differentAmsterdam showcases treasures from languages.
  6. 6. AFRIEND.INAMSTERDAM PARTNERSThe inamsterdam World Interiors We’ll sign you up for a cup of coffee or The inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 is an initiative ofEvent not only wants to offer its a beer with a Dutch colleague. During the Dutch Association of Interior Architects BNI and is supported byinternational guests an inspiring an informal meeting experiences major institutions and organizations in architecture and design.program, but above all let them and ideas for a successful visit canexperience what our specific Dutch be exchanged. more is possible, but BNI (Dutch Association of Interior Architects) www.bni.nlapproach is, what we feel as important, not necessarily. It’s up to you. Be our City of Amsterdam, Iamsterdam, www.iamsterdam.comand show what we would visit if we guest!were here for the occasion. BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) BNA (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) ARCAM ( Amsterdam Centre for Architecture) www.arcam.nlWe would love to welcome Premsela ( the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion) DutchDFA (Dutch Design, Fashion and Architecture) NAI (Netherlands Architecture Institute) www.nai.nlyou in Amsterdam during Stedelijk Museum for Modern Art, Amsterdam Amsterdam Museum www.ahm.nlthe year of interiors. Stichting de Nieuwe Kerk Hermitage Amsterdam Tropenmuseum www.tropenmuseum.nlConsult our site Museum Geelvinck Filmmuseum - EYE film instituut nederland Museum Het Schip National Maritime Museum Museum Van Loon Felix Meritis (European Centre for Arts, Culture and Science) www.felixmeritis.nlfor news. National Service for Culture and Heritage (RACM) SHNI (Netherlands Association for Interiors Heritage) Colorvision Foundation www.kleurenvisie.nlThe inamsterdam World Dutch Interiors Institute Gallery BinnenInteriors Event 2013 and NBTC (Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions) ATCB (Amsterdam Tourism and Convention Board) MODINT (Trade Association for Fashion, Interiors, Carpets and Textiles)the city have a lot to offer. CBM (Central Association of Furniture Manufacturers) Gerrit Rietveld Academy www.gerritrietveldacademie.nlDon’t miss it! *Dates and venues subject to change
  7. 7. 2013 will be the year of interiors in Amsterdam! 2013 will be the year of Interiors in Amsterdam; an attractive and varied eventprogram will highlight the historic, cultural, artistic and economic importance ofinterior architecture and design. Theme of the inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 is ‘Past, Present andFuture of Interiors’. Existing and new initiatives in the field of interiors will bebrought under one umbrella, aimed at professionals as well as the public at large. inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013:• Highlights past, present and future of the interior as a bearer of culture, motor of innovation and economic force.• Deepens and broadens the awareness of interiors and design among professionals, students and the public at large.• Provides insight in the connection between well designed interiors and the health, safety and well-being of people.