WFIA, Prayer For 11 March 2011


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WFIA, Prayer For 11 March 2011

  1. 1. Ref. No.: PR/EA/Mar11/11/239 11 March 2011, Friday Today’s Word “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel’’ (Mark 1:15) Today’s Message The Boundary of Blood “...they taunted the Philistines gathered at Pas Dammim for battle.” (2 Samuel 23:9) T he place was called Pas-Dammim; its where giants are slain by men of faith. It is mentioned only two times in the Bible. Once, when David slew Goliath, and then here, some twenty years later, when Eleazar, the son of Dodo, stood alone with David in the same field and the two of them defied and defeated an entire army. The word means, "the boundary of blood." In our vernacular we might say it is the cutting edge. It quite literally is the place where opposing kingdoms meet in decisive battle — and sooner or later your presence is required there. I cannot help but wonder if the thing that inspired Eleazar most in this particular battle, was the fact that he was standing with David at the very site where David had slain Goliath. Surely that had to stir his heart with a higher level of courage. WELL Fortified Intercessors Army 11 March 2011, Friday Send Your Prayer Requests Via: Year of God’s Mercy E-mail: Website: PRAYER TOWER (24Hrs): +91 90156 86593.
  2. 2. And, in the same manner, can we not derive even greater inspiration for our own battles– knowing that we stand with the Lord Jesus, who Himself has slain the greatest giant ofthem all on a hill far away? Just as David the Giant Slayer was a fellow soldier with Eleazar the son of Dodo, Jesusis with us in the challenges we face. The inevitable outcome of His involvement in ouraffairs will be certain victory. Paul the apostle, when brought before Caesar in the trial ofhis life, later wrote, "But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me, so that the messagemight be preached fully through me, and that all the Gentiles might hear. Also I wasdelivered out of the mouth of the lion. And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work andpreserve me for His heavenly kingdom. To Him be glory forever and ever. Amen!" (2Ti4:17-18) The same will be true for you and me — once the Lord stands by our side, we will be able to tell the story to one and all of how we stood at the boundary of blood, living our lives on the cutting edge. To begin our prayer time together, we ask you to repeat this prayer with us each day...“O gracious and heavenly Father, in name of Jesus Christ I pray for Pastor Avinashand Rajiv and every member of their families and the entire staff of Well FortifiedIntercessors Army and Living God Group and their families. Lord keeps them safefrom all the evil powers and no harm should come to them and every one who areworking in the ministry. Lord Jesus guides each step and shows the right path onwhich they will take. Dear Father God you have called them to do your will. Protectthem and guide them in whatever they do. I pray shower your blessings on them sothat they will be able to fulfill the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Father God givethem strength and power and health. My heavenly Father keeps them away from allkinds of dangers and gives them shelter under your wings. In the name of the LordJesus Christ, I command a hedge of protection to be around their home and propertytoday and I ask that warrior angels sent by the you true Father God would be placedto stand guard at any holes that might be in that hedge. I place the full armors of Godon them, and I ask that the light of the Lord Jesus shine through them this day. Inthe name of Jesus I ask-Amen”Pray specifically today for people you know who need to know the saving andhealing power of Jesus Christ in their lives. Many people are suffering – spiritually,emotionally, and physically – let us stand before our Mighty God today on theirbehalf!Pray for the partners and supporter of Living God Group and Well FortifiedIntercessors Army:―Heavenly Father I pray the blood of Jesus over all the partners and supporters of LivingGod Group and Well Fortified Intercessors Army as a covering and hedge of protectionagainst the wiles of the enemy and I pray for your blessing and favor to be upon them. I askin Jesus name that you Father God would supply streams of resources so that PastorAvinash and Rajiv will be able to accomplish all that you have called them to do.‖ WELL Fortified Intercessors Army 11 March 2011, Friday Send Your Prayer Requests Via: Year of God’s Mercy E-mail: Website: PRAYER TOWER (24Hrs): +91 90156 86593.
  3. 3. WFIA Health Tip of The Day Meditation Meditation: a need of today’s lifestyle …Continued In time, you will find that you feel younger, have a positive outlook on life and muchmore energy and liveliness.There are countless benefits of meditation, some of them are:- 1. Meditation refreshes your mind, body and even your soul. 2. It has ability to control the functioning of your mind. 3. Meditation increases levels of self-confidence. 4. In tackling addictions to such things as tranquilizers, alcohol and tobacco it is very beneficial. 5. Meditation puts stability in emotional terms. 6. By doing meditation you will feel energy which allows you to deal with with the stresses of everyday life. 7. Meditation also helps to develop the power of your mind. 8. It increases creativity by allowing you to discover your inner self. 9. Meditation is very helpful in healing for a large number of illnesses of both the mind and body. Apart from above mentioned benefits, there are a lot of meditation benifits and they arevery effective also. Meditation is not only an ancient art with a list of benefits which really are too long tolist them all, but it is also very powerful and, like anything else, can have unwanted side-effects if it is not used properly. So it is important that you should learn this technique from a professional and onewhich you should work to develop a skill at slowly, gradually developing your ability tocontrol your mind and benefit both your mind and body. Taking the precautions you willfeel the magical effects of meditation on your life. How to Meditate Properly: People who are beginner have many doubts about meditation like if they are doingright technique of it? How long should meditate? Is the posture is right? Here is answer ofall your questions: 1. You should try to find out a guide that has enough knowledge and experience inmeditation, be sure you can ask questions when you have difficulties. …ContinuedStay fit, keep praying and be blessed in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. WELL Fortified Intercessors Army 11 March 2011, Friday Send Your Prayer Requests Via: Year of God’s Mercy E-mail: Website: PRAYER TOWER (24Hrs): +91 90156 86593.
  4. 4. Critical Life-and-Death Needs: 11 March 2011Please pray for the critical prayer needs. Ask God to perform miracles in response to eachRequest:1. Valerie, Texas–pneumonia; loosing much weight2. Trudy, Texas–husband; stroke3. Ken, Texas–wife: possible leukemia4. Gulizar, India–cancer5. Joyce, Texas–diabetes6. Brenda, Texas–cancer7. Martin, Texas–brain tumor8. Joan–nausea; dizziness9. Robert, India–deliverance; healing10. Virginia, California–mental problems11. Billie, Texas–growth in blood vessels; nose bleeds12. Betty–severe arthritis13. Daniel, New Jersey–deliverance; has stopped eating14. Joy, Delhi-Joints pain15. Babita, Ojasvi, India-Exams; family deliverance and salvation16. Carla, Texas–severe pain on knee17. Irma, Texas–stomach: tumor18. Machi, Texas–deliverance; salvation19. Sophia, Texas–many ailments20. Jorge, Texas–deliverance21. Tanya, Texas–critical illness22. Angel, Florida–deliverance23. Angel, Texas–9yrs old with autism24. Erica, New York–diabetes25. Vincent, Texas–serious back pain26. Crystal, Florida–deliverance27. Maria–cancer28. Margaret–diabetes29. Cindy–deliverance30. Marcial, Florida–kidney failure31. Lucille–heart attack32. Joy–lump on left breast33. Mary, New York–gum infection; serious34. Israel, Texas–deliverance; salvation35. Alex–broken leg36. Keith, California–surgery; no hope37. Fiomara–cervical cancer38. Rose, Texas–deliverance; deep depression39. Yvette, California–kidney infection40. Eugene, California–diabetes41. Althea–mental issues42. Kyle–stroke; heart attack43. Mavis–digestive problems44. Pat–deliverance; salvation WELL Fortified Intercessors Army 11 March 2011, Friday Send Your Prayer Requests Via: Year of God’s Mercy E-mail: Website: PRAYER TOWER (24Hrs): +91 90156 86593.
  5. 5. 45. Irene, Texas–spinal pain46. Janette, Florida–deliverance; salvation47. Leonardo, Florida–deliverance; salvation48. Earl, Florida–possible gangrene; deliverance; salvation49. Israel, Texas–deliverance; salvation50. Martha–daughter: asthma; anorexia51. Ben, Texas–deliverance52. Grace Children Home, India (Orissa)-In this home there are 35 children, Plz pray for their daily needs (Food, school etc.), Need new building to shift53. LGG, India - Pray for our ―LIFE SAVERS‖ project.54. LGG & WFIA, India-Pray for our mission, vision, and new projects. PRAYER MATRIX FOR THIS WEEK* (07 March 2011 to 13 March 2011) Pray daily for these precious people of God 1. Priya 2. Ankit George 3. Meenu 4. Bharat Kumar 5. Kiran George 6. David George Pray daily for these precious harvest fields of God in India 1. Punjab 2. Port Blair 3. Assam 4. Patna 5. Daman 6. Goa * Whenever you ―Fast & Pray‖ please remember these precious people and fields of God.…The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore theLord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest. (Matthew 9:37-38)Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body,and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling… (Ephesians 4:3-4)For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. (Luke 19:10)In the name of Jesus and in agreement with the Word, I command sickness to go. Icommand disease and bondage to go in Jesus mighty name. Father, by the power of theHoly Spirit, I pray that the anointing for healing will be released right now in Jesus’ nameand that from this moment on healing, restoration and health will come to these peopleslisted above. This I pray in Jesus wonderful and glorious name. Amen. “Door of salvation is open; don’t miss this gracious opportunity from heaven through Jesus Christ. – RajivFor WFIARajiv Well Fortified Intercessors Army 11 March 2011, Friday Send Your Prayer Requests Via: Year of God’s Mercy E-mail: Website: PRAYER TOWER (24Hrs): +91 90156 86593.