The Global Appeal 2008-2009
Introduction                                                     The Appeal highlights UNHCR’s...
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Unhcr The Global Appeal 2008 2009


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Unhcr The Global Appeal 2008 2009

  1. 1. The Global Appeal 2008-2009 Introduction The Appeal highlights UNHCR’s partnerships with NGOs, other UN agencies, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, intergovernmental organizations such as The aim of the Global Appeal is to alert governmental IOM, donors and host governments. UNHCR recognizes and private sectors donors, as well as other their important contributions towards the realization of organizations and individuals to the plight of millions of its mandate. The Appeal also describes efforts underway refugees and others of concern to UNHCR. It is available to support UN reform initiatives, in particular to all those interested in the mission and mandate of inter-agency collaboration and the cluster approach for UNHCR: Executive Committee (ExCom) members and addressing the challenges of internal displacement. Standing Committee observers, Governments and their missions in Geneva, the UN Secretariat, UN and All information related to operations has been included intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, regional on a CD-ROM. Part II of the printed version includes five organizations and concerned individuals. chapters that summarize UNHCR’s strategies, objectives and operational plans in the respective regions where In line with UNHCR’s move to a biennial budget cycle, the Office works. The CD-ROM includes 17 subregional the Appeal outlines strategies and programmes in both overviews and 34 country or situational chapters, as 2008 and 2009. At its formal launch at UNHCR’s well as chapters covering headquarters and global annual pledging conference in Geneva in December programmes. 2007, donors will be able to indicate their funding priorities and announce contributions towards protecting In order to keep the document to a manageable length, and assisting the world's displaced people. Since only those operations with an annual budget of UNHCR depends almost exclusively on voluntary USD 5 million or more are presented in separate contributions, it needs early, flexible and predictable chapters. As in previous years, other operations are funding to ensure uninterrupted operations. described in their respective subregional overviews. More detailed information on UNHCR’s policies and Structure operations, ExCom documents, news stories and publications can be found on UNHCR’s website, The 2008-2009 Global Appeal retains almost the same structure as the Global Appeal for 2007. It provides an overview of UNHCR’s operational plans for the next two years, as well as information on areas of operation and staffing levels. The Appeal highlights the challenges the Office will face as it tries to protect, assist and find durable solutions for close to 33 million people – refugees, asylum-seekers, stateless people and the internally displaced. Specific chapters cover main themes for the Office, such as international protection, policy priorities, durable solutions, internally displaced UNHCR/N. Rost persons, statelessness and emergency response. The last two chapters of Part I describe the Office’s cooperation with other One of UNHCR's key challenges in 2008 and 2009 will be to ease the plight of displaced actors, as well as the way it plans people in Sudan and surrounding countries. and funds its programmes. UNHCR Global Appeal 2008-2009 9