201406 weee trace cwit seville (v3.0)


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201406 weee trace cwit seville (v3.0)

  1. 1. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” WEEE Trace Project Full Traceability of the management of WEEE CIP Eco-Innovation Program (Eco/10/277256) Luis Moreno & Enrique Redondo (Fundación ECOLEC) Workshop Recilec (Aznalcóllar, Seville) 18 June 2014
  2. 2. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Project Opportunity Use of advanced ICT and sensor-based technologies (RFID, optical identification, image capturing, geo-positioning, etc.) to: • Improve the management and control of reverse supply chain flows for wastes and recycling networks: • Ensure traceability of complete waste from electrical and electronics equipment (WEEE) management chain. Potential Customers/Users : - Take-back compliance schemes - Waste management chain actors - Enforcement agencies
  3. 3. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Full life-cycle coverage: 6 partners and 4 associates covering whole life cycle of EEE products and waste management 6 Partners:  Technology Solutions provider (Coordinator):  Customers: WEEE compliance schemes  Manufacturerof household appliances:  Logistics operator:  Treatment plant: 4 External Associates : Project Partners
  4. 4. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” WEEE Trace (Eco/10/277256) CIP Eco-Innovation (2010) call High scores in • Quality of proposed actions • Market impact and replicability • European Added Value selected projects; 42; 15% not selected; 245; 85% 287 Proyectos presented (2010) Success rate 15%
  5. 5. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Ecolec 55,6% Fundación ECOLEC (www.ecolec.es) • Collective compliance scheme • Wastes from Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) – All 10 categories • Wastes from batteries • ISO9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certifications. • WEEE Forum active member • Committed to WEEE LABEX • Adhered to Global Compact United Nations Social Responsibility Principles Market share (POM) of WEEE Compliance Schemes in Spain Ecolec 53,11 % (2013)
  6. 6. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Objectives • Increase volume of WEEE legally recycled reducing leaks to uncontrolled channels • Use of ICT to characterize and locate/funnel/sort/recycling different types of WEEE • Track and control incidences like scavenging, leaks, presence of free-riders, malpractices, etc. • Facilitate enforcement and reporting • Identify and address replication opportunities • Duration: 36 months (Jul 2011  Jul 2014) Currently in final month 36/36 of implementation, but Project will continue !
  7. 7. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Video
  8. 8. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Main Objective Consumer Municipal Collection Points Retail Treatment Plants Collection Point Logistic Operator Develop a traceability solution to control the reverse supply chain of WEEE recycling
  9. 9. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” ES: Market needs / key features • Improve WEEE collection & Reduce WEEE leaks • Use of sensor applications to ensure traceability through whole reverse supply chain, featuring: – Tagging and tracking (RFID + BC) – Identification and characterization through RFID readers – Sorting and Channeling to appropriate treatment facilities – Traceability by unit  picture and video included – Automation of incidence management, certification and invoicing – Simplification of reporting – Standardization of information – Integration in Company’s ERP system
  10. 10. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” WEEE TRACE Implementation / Deployment
  11. 11. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Key Elements  ID Tagging of WEEE  Barcoding + Numerical  RFID  Shielding issues addressed  Format and Contact standardized according to GS1  Tracking through whole reverse supply chain  Mobile Readers  Arcs  Video  Geo-positioning  Photos  Scavenging  Integration into existing IT and ERP platforms  Triggering of automated certification and invoicing processes.  Automation of incidence management.  Simplification of reporting  Indicators  Based on standards  Communications  Identification  Interoperability
  12. 12. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Technological infrastructure
  13. 13. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Deployment > 150 actors engaged:  Collection points  Logistics partners  Treatment facilities Approx. 200 mobile readers deployed  Remotely controlled  Information on status and usage  Metrics and indicators re usage, statistics
  14. 14. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” On-line management and monitoring of deployed infrastructure
  15. 15. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” WEEE TRACE Practical Experience
  16. 16. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” WEEE TRACE Levels of Management 400,000 waste units Reuse initiated in May 2014: 5,000 kg
  17. 17. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” WEEE TRACE: Tracking WEEE in practice Tracked information:  WEEE type, weight  Origin, destination,  Certificates and proofs (e.g. signatures, videos)  Picture and status e.g. scavenging  “track and trace” Location and travel  Management of incidences: “missings”, idle times, inconsistencies (i.e. weights), potential frauds  Brand and model (optional)
  18. 18. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” WEEE TRACE in RECILEC RECILEC: > 863 tons of WEEE collected and treated with WEEE TRACE traceability
  19. 19. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Pilots of tagging at Municipal Collection Points Features • Information on quantities managed • Tracking and proof-of-treatment • Quantification of leaks • Possibility to provide information when waste is deposited
  20. 20. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Overall Conclusions Significant effort spent, but WEEE TRACE is here… • Tracking and tracing of WEEE but applicable to other wastes also • WEEE tagged means WEEE monitored!!! • Proof of treatment  Reduction of leaks in supply chain • Control incidences like scavenging, leaks, malpractices, etc. • Instrumental in efficiency improvement program in Ecolec. • Better mix of WEEE collected. • Automated certification and invoicing processes  Ability to reduce administrative and reporting burden. Traceability solution based on standards (comms, id, web based, etc), open and capable of interacting with other platforms Opportunity of expansion to • upstream household collection • Identification and tracking by Producers: Project , Design by Recycling
  21. 21. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Some testimonials “I see value in enforcement agencies using WEEE TRACE principles and systems to make controls of shipments” (Stephane Arditi, European Environmental Bureau ) “Very interesting. This tracing system if harmonized could be a way to trace e- Waste shipments to its origin” (Junya Kikuhara – Basel Asian network) “WEEE TRACE actually simplifies the work by the waste management ” (José Gómez, Emaús) “This system justifies the role of collective take-back schemes as guarantors of Producers compliance responsibilities” (Ängel Lasunción, Recytel recycling facility) “We reduced time required for the management of load from 45 to 5 mins. It is just a way to do our work” (Camino Ostériz, Ecointegra Recycling facility)
  22. 22. WEEE TRACE (Seville, June 2014) “CWIT Workshop” Thanks for your attention! www.weee-trace.eu In case of questions, feel free to contact Project info@weee-trace.eu
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