Anteprima WEC Inside - 15 Aprile 2014


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Il WEC Inside è una pubblicazione bimestrale del World Energy Council (WEC) contenente interviste a rappresentanti del WEC e dei Comitati Nazionali, overview e aggiornamenti sulle attività recenti e future del WEC in tutto il mondo e, approfondimenti sulle ultime news in ambito energetico. La versione integrale del WEC Inside è disponibile nell'area Servizi Informativi, riservata ai soli Associati, sul sito del WEC Italia.

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Anteprima WEC Inside - 15 Aprile 2014

  1. 1.     WEC Inside      15–30 April 2014  Welcome to WEC Inside, your exclusive briefing from your WEC network News  The WEC is working with the UN to organise the first annual Sustainable Energy for All Forum, to be held at the UN headquarters in New York from 4 to 6 June. This collaboration is the latest of the WEC’s continual support for the UN SE4ALL initiative – see box below. The upcoming event will coincide with two years since the Rio+20 meeting, where world leaders stated that “we are all determined to act to make sustainable energy for all a reality and, through this, help to eradicate poverty and lead to sustainable development and global prosperity.” A key objective of the event is to “shape and set the direction for the global policy discourse on WEC teams with UN for first SE4ALL Forum energy for the next crucial decades to come”. On 5 June the UN will declare 2014–2024 ‘The decade of Sustainable Energy for All’. The SE4ALL Forum will be hosted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. They will be joined by heads of state, ministers of foreign affairs, energy and other relevant organisations, heads of UN system organisations, CEOs of private sector partners, and civil society leaders. The WEC has a key place at this event, with the WEC’s leadership being invited to participate at the highest levels. Decisions taken at the meeting could impact the energy sector for years to come. 15–30 April 2014 WEC Inside 1 What is the idea behind the event? The North America Region Energy Forum is a unique opportunity to bring energy leaders from the United States, Mexico and Canada together in an event focused on energy issues of interest to the three coun- tries. The Energy Council of Canada is proud to be the Forum host in 2014. The three countries share many energy issues in common closely related to fulfilling the WEC trilemma goals of energy security, energy equity, and environ- mental sustainability. Attendees will hear updates through expert presentations and learn about the latest developments in the three countries. Discussion will include how each country is making progress on the issues and what lies ahead. This event happens at a particularly opportune time in Canada. The energy sector is an important driver in Canadian economy and this event will exam- ine current topics directly relevant to the Canadian context. We invite our members and international colleagues to the 2014 Canadian Energy Summit being held immediately preceding the Forum, on June 24 (evening reception) and June 25. Interview  What will be the event highlights? The North America Region Energy Forum is being organized jointly with Barry Worthington, from the United States Energy Association, and Pablo Mulás del Pozo with the WEC-Mexico executive committee. The Forum will open on June 25 with an evening reception and dinner featuring prominent leaders from the three countries in an ‘energy conversation’. On June 26, Marie-José Nadeau, Chair of the World Energy Council, will provide the opening address. In the first session, the transformations which have taken place in the North American energy sector, past, present and future, will be profiled. The following session will address the latest developments in elec- tricity markets. In the afternoon, two parallel sessions, one on oil and gas and one on electricity, will provide an opportunity for closer dialogue on the latest devel- opments in these sectors and on the planned reforms underway in Mexico. The final session of the Forum will explore questions around how social licence is earned, maintained, and restored from the perspective of companies, communities and governments. Why should WEC members outside the North America region attend? Each of the Forum topics will be of interest to many of the WEC members in North America and also to the global WEC membership. Many of the issues identified by energy leaders in the 2014 World Energy Issues Monitor will be addressed during the Forum. The Forum will offer excellent networking opportuni- ties at the dinner and reception on June 25, throughout the Forum, and at the closing reception on the 26th. What is the vision for the Energy Council of Canada’s role as part of the WEC? I am pleased to play a leadership role in achieving the Energy Council of Canada’s vision – to forge a better understanding of energy issues in order to optimally shape the energy sector for the benefit of all Canadi- ans. Building on this vision, our theme for 2014 is ‘working together on energy’. We are looking forward to welcoming our Canadian members and energy col- leagues and also all attendees from Mexico, the United States and across the globe. ■ ■ Register on: The WEC’s Canadian member committee will be hosting the 2014 North America Region Energy Forum in Calgary. Graham Campbell tells WEC Inside what’s in store for participants Ongoing commitment The WEC has been a firm supporter of the UN Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative. Ahead of the Rio+20 gathering, the WEC presented a letter on behalf of its members and officers to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to pledge its formal support to the UN’s “International Year of Sustainable Energy for All”. In the same letter the WEC also offered to collaborate in the development of the UN’s roadmap to deliver its energy and sustainable development goals. Since then the WEC has hosted the formal consultation for the UN SE4ALL Global Tracking Framework study and has supported the World Bank and partner agencies on this report plus other work streams. The GTF study set out to establish a baseline against which progress on the three SE4ALL goals will be measured, and this was published in May last year. The WEC has also highlighted and discussed the work of the SE4All initiative at its two recent Executive Assembly meetings and at the 2013 World Energy Congress in Daegu. ■ It is hoped that the expert knowledge provided by the WEC network will help ensure that the recommendations made are robust while providing the best chance for the SE4All goals to be achieved. To further help guide the process the Executive Chairs of the WEC’s work streams have also been invited to join all four of the UN SE4All’s Board Committees, on energy access, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and finance. The energy sector has a significant role in helping to deliver sustainable development goals. WEC Secretary General Christoph Frei: “We need to move the debate from the people who want, to the people who can.” ■ ■ WEC members are invited to use this high- profile and influential event to showcase actions that support SE4All goals and to provide input into the forum’s agenda and recommendations. Members interested in taking part should register on and inform the London Secretariat as soon as possible as opportunities will be limited due to the high level of demand. Contact: Stuart Neil ( and Florence Mazzone ( Graham Campbell is President of the Energy Council of Canada (ECC) and Secretary of the ECC’s role as a WEC national committee. Read the full version of this interview online:
  2. 2.     WEC Inside 15–30 April 2014 Inside Insight  Total primary energy supply: Latin American and the Caribbean The World Energy Council’s Jazz and Symphony scenarios provide decision-makers with a neutral fact-based tool that they will be able to use to measure the potential impact of their choices in the future. the total primary energy supply, whereas in Jazz this is only 32% compared to 22% in 2010. The total primary energy supply for this region up to 2050 is shown in the graphs below. ■ ■ Download the WEC Scenarios study here. According to the study, in Latin America and the Caribbean region biomass will play a domi- nant role in both scenarios up and until 2050. The biomass share increases, especially in Symphony where it accounts for roughly 44% of Total primary energy supply (EJ/y) by fuel type: Latin America and the Caribbean The WEC brochure is now available in Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Russian Download them from our website by clicking on the links on the top right hand side: PS: The Arabic version will be available shortly. Agenda   We invite our members to attend the following events EXECUTIVE ASSEMBLY WEC Executive Assembly 2014 Cartagena, Colombia 20–24 October 2014 WORLD ENERGY LEADERS’ FORUMS World Energy Leaders’ Summit Astana, Kazakhstan 21–22 May 2014 World Energy Leaders’ Summit Cartagena, Colombia 23 October 2014 REGIONAL MEETING Asian meeting (at Asian Clean Energy Forum) Manila, Philippines 18 June 2014 FOREN 2014 Bucharest, Romania 22–26 June 2014 WEC North America Regional Energy Forum Calgary, Canada 24–26 June 2014 More events on: The WEC’s studies are global but are relevant for national debates too. Here are some recent exam- ples of how our member commit- tees have showcased our studies. Colombia COCME hosted a two-day conference where discussions on the Latin American energy situation were anchored around the World Ener- gy Scenarios study. The committee invited Karl Rose, Senior Director of Scenarios, to present the study. It also promoted understanding of the study findings, securing coverage in major re- gional and international trade press, in both Spanish and English. Read what the press has said: ■ AméricaEconomía ■ Business Review America Latina ■ Energy Post ■ Energy Digital France Conseil Français de l'Energie promoted the World Energy Issues Monitor by translating and sending the press release to national media outlets. CFE’s media successes have included coverage in Energies Actu, a major national energy media outlet, plus others. Switzerland The Swiss MC continued to engage national media on WEC studies, most recently with the World Energy Issues Monitor. The com- mittee distributed press releases in French and German in advance to media, resulting in cover- age in a number of national outlets: ■ Tribune de Genève ■ 24heures ■ le Matin ■ Le Temps “The news release was also distributed to the members of the Swiss Energy Council,” said Jürg Bartlome, Secretary General of the Swiss Energy Council. New Zealand To coincide with Christoph Frei’s visit in early March to New Zealand where he presented the World Energy Issues Monitor and discussed the World Energy Trilemma, the Busi- ness NZ Energy Council coordinated interviews with major newspapers and broadcast. Watch and read some of the highlights: ■ New Zealand Herald ■ NewstalkZB ■ Radio New Zealand News ■ TV NZ One News ■ Energy News John Carnegie, the MC secretary who led the national outreach, said that successful outreach had several elements, one of which was to offer a “local product”. He said: “The development of the NZ issues map made the global energy issues map seem more real and relevant.” “Policymakers and the public are looking for messages that resonate and make sense and help them explain ‘why do we find ourselves in this situation?’,” he added. “We have this in the energy issues and trilemma.” Have you made an impact in showcasing WEC studies? Or want to get started? Get in touch now. Member Committees – showcasing WEC studies   WEC Inside is the bi-monthly news briefing for the World Energy Council’s global network. Published by: Christoph Frei, Secretary General Regency House, 1–4 Warwick Street, London, W1B 5LT, United Kingdom Tel: +44 2077345996 | Fax: +44 2077345926 Skype: christoph-frei Editor: Monique Tsang Tel: +44 20 3214 0616 email: Editorial Assistant: Annkathrin Hohmann Back issues are available upon request. Please contact the editor. © 2014 World Energy Council. All rights reserved.