15.02, Group 6 — Problems concerning sustainability of Energy System in Ukraine


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SD Course in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, 12-23 Febraury 2006

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15.02, Group 6 — Problems concerning sustainability of Energy System in Ukraine

  1. 1. Group 6 Sergeev Nikolay Simonov Ilya Slyvynska Olga Svyrydenko Sergiy Terentyev Oleksandr
  2. 2. Ukraine is an industrial country
  3. 3. sufficient natural reserves of coal and nuclear fuel components, such as uranium and zirconium; excessive capacities for oil-and-gas transportation, and electric power exports; Ukraine is an industrial country advantageous geographical and geopolitical position of the country; well-developed energy infrastructure; highly-skilled human resources.
  4. 4. atomic/nuclear 4,3 0,02 power-station 5,9 41,9 thermoelectric power station 37,9 hydroelectric power station heat and power plant alternative 192 129,7 ml
  5. 5. 2005 2006 Energy in general 3,7 Thermoelectric power station 7,9 Atomic/Nuclear power-station 3,3 % Hydroelectric power station 30,1 Other 9,4
  6. 6. Disadvantages that can cause problems shortage of explored reserves of domestic natural gas and oil, and of nuclear fuel of domestic production; domestic hydropower generation capacities have neared the end of their potential; high technogenic burden on the environment; unsatisfactory technical condition of some energy facilities, including energy transportation systems.
  7. 7. Development of the dependable, sustainable, effective energy system Ø To develop the national energy machine-building industry, manufacturing and integrated energy-system ØTo participate in energy projects, including foreign ones. ØTo develop the export potential of the energy sector with an emphasis on electric power ØTo upgrade and rehabilitate the existing generation capacities and power transmission lines, including trans-border lines
  8. 8. Scaling down the negative technogenic burden on the environment and provide public protection in the field of FEC technogenic safety v To optimize the domestic energy production system with consideration for their supply at foreign markets, v To price policies and geopolitical situation, v To increase energy produced by alternative and renewable energy sources.
  9. 9. Improvement of the national energy security v Secure availability of explored reserves of domestic natural gas and oil of domestics fuel
  10. 10. Reduction of costs input and use of energy Ø To improve energy efficiency Ø To implement energy-saving processes and equipment Ø To enhance public production structure Ø To reduce share of energy-intensive technologies;
  11. 11. Integration the United Power System of Ukraine into the European power system. To emphasize increase in electric power exports, and intense Ukraine’s position as an oil-and-gas transit country.
  12. 12. Solving Economy Social level problems development development International market