22.02, Group 6 — Concept of sustainable development in built environment


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SD Course in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, 12-23 Febraury 2006

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22.02, Group 6 — Concept of sustainable development in built environment

  1. 1. Industry
  2. 2. Existing plans for 2030 1. To increase GDP in 3 times 2. Decrease power consumption for GDP almost 2 3. Improvement of the power legislation 4. To increase consumption of the power resources for 47,5%. 5. To decrease power dependance of Ukraine 54,8% 2005 to 11,7% 2030
  3. 3. Existing plans for 2030 6. To increase coal mining twice - to 130 мln t 7. Export of the energy power growth in 3 times 8. In 20 times manufacture renewable and alternative power stations will increase
  4. 4. Lacks of the Government`s system • 1. High prices - $200 000 000 000 • 2. The rate on atom instead of ecology . • 3. HPS still pollutes • 4. 12 billions.м3 metane from mines of Donbass and not demanded • 5. Lack of energy efficiency
  5. 5. 1. To invent & implement another kinds of power stations 2. To recycle the waste 3. To measure energy efficiency in some way
  6. 6. New energy system Hydrogen energy Economic and harmless direction of development and consumption of energy, based on using hydrogen as means for accumulation, transportation and consumption of energy, in transport infrastructure and various industrial directions. Hydrogen is chosen as the most widespread element on a surface of the ground and in space. Heat of combustion of hydrogen is highest, and a product of combustion in oxygen is water Methods of industrial production of hydrohen • 1. From natural gas. $2-5 • 2. Gasification of coal $2-$2,5 • 3. From nuclear power. $2,33 • 4. Electrolysis. $6-$7 • 5. Froom the biomass. $5-$7
  7. 7. New energy system Hydrogen energy Advantages 1. Hydrogen has an excellent energy density by weight . 2. Small emissions of the СО2 Diadvantages: 1. High level of prices 2. High requirements for hydrogen . 3. We don`t have hydrogen infrastructure in Ukraine .
  8. 8. New energy system Generators of the cold nuclear synthesis Electric heat power «ЮСМАР-4М» heats Маслоэкстракционный factory city of Bendery • Efficiency of the first devices • Low prices 120%, last ones 450% $1250 - $6500
  9. 9. New energy system Quantum thermal power stations Quantum thermal power stations are using low temperature nuclear synthesis generators. The part of thermal energy will be transformed into electricity and goes to the generator. Creation small nuclear reactors that do Heat capacity 800 kWt not pollute an environment. Electricity capacity 260 kWt
  10. 10. New energy system Ukraine annually Alternative: Biomass accumulates up to 100 million t in a dry equivalent of organic Gasification of a biomass waste: 1 kg 0,6 kg Hydrogen biogas 80 20 Pyrolysis of a biomass household agricultural Waste of dust Biofuel, production wood, straw, metane, corn peel hydrogen Method of metane fermentation Manure 1t 300 Hydrogen of m3 biogas animals
  11. 11. New energy system Alternative: Solar power The solar power is accessible in each point of our planet( difference in density of a stream of radiation no more than twice). Therefore it is attractive to all countries, were equitable to their interests by way of power independence. The solar energy is the ecologically pure energy source.We can use it in any scales without negative influence on an environment. The solar energy is practically inexhaustible energy source which will be accessible in millions years.
  12. 12. New energy system Alternative: Solar power Problems: o Backwardness of the market and demand o 98% exports to Europe
  13. 13. Recycling of waste Processing of waste heaps In weight of slag consists Waste heap - an artificial embankment from half of the Mendeleyev`s the dead rocks at underground mining of table in particular Pt, Os, deposits of coal and other minerals Au, W, La. Already there are effective technologies of extraction these elements from slag. It opens an opportunity of waste heaps processing and clearings the grounds. Such manufacture can provide workplaces, their lack is already felt.
  14. 14. Recycling of waste Processing of the trash • Chemical methods • Compression • Physical fusion • Pyrolysis
  15. 15. Recycling of waste Separate trash gathering For realization we will need: containers for separate gathering waste; places of additional sorting; separate gathering and export of waste; In separate tanks household waste, plastic and polythene, a paper and a cardboard, beaten glass gather. After that waste are utilized as secondary raw material
  16. 16. Measurements Index of Index of economic ecological Index of the group activity of the activities of the state state (country) (country) Percent of GNP from the Percent of harmful emissions in general volume of economic the atmosphere from the general world emissions Part of the population that have high education Percent of harmful emissions into the water from the world emissions Quantity of cars per 1 person … Other harmful parameters and Another positive influences characteristics Percent of radioactive pollution of the ground from the general Number of bananas per citizen volume of world radioactive pollution
  17. 17. To achieve a long term change - Technopolis