22.02, Group 3 — Concept of sustainable development in built environment


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SD Course in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, 12-23 Febraury 2006

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22.02, Group 3 — Concept of sustainable development in built environment

  1. 1. Sustainable development of… Transport System of Ukraine Vision of future and present Proposed by Group 3
  2. 2. Introduction For modern people in Ukraine as in the whole world it’s impossible to refuse private cars or the automobile for transporting, that carry loads to any place you want. How to combine the needs of society and defense of environment?
  3. 3. Main stakeholders Citizens for Industry everyday needs Government Emergency and other services Delivery companies Ministry of Taxi companies transport
  4. 4. What do we want? Mobility Transportation Safe Fast Efficient Reliable Accessible Equitable Convenient Cost effective Environmentally Stimulate sensitive economic growth BUT
  5. 5. What will happen if we just satisfy our wants ?
  6. 6. What will happen if we just satisfy our wants ? !!!Real need!!! CONNECTIVITY Planning of ACCESSIBILITY rather than auto mobility
  7. 7. Pollution by CO2 in Ukraine 35% 49% 4% 8% 4% Auto transport Civil aviation Railway Navigation Other
  8. 8. Why system is unsustainable? The transport sector is a major growing 1 source of greenhouse gas emissions. Constant growth of fuel consumption 2 demand Complete dependence on non-renewable 3 resources Lack of individual responsible behavior in 4 personal movement and consumption. Lack of legislation and long-term 5 planning.
  9. 9. How is it polluted? Nitrogen Carbon Oxide Hydrates NO2 CH4 Carbonic Oxide Carbonic Environment CO Petrol pollution Dioxide CO2 Solid Discharge
  10. 10. Our vision of transport system in future 1 Minimized environmental damage Minimized dependence on non-renewable 2 resources and widespread using of renewable resources 3 Good quality of roads and Good quality of roads and another traffic communications another traffic communications Efficient transportation, 4 that we all need Developed and high effective use 5 Developed and high effective use of internet connections and networks of internet connections and networks
  11. 11. 1 Minimized environmental damage Blank Accele- Constant Petrol engine Braking run ration speed CO(Carbonic oxide),% 6,9 2,9 2,7 3,9 CH4(Carbohydrates), % 0,53 0,16 0,10 1,0 NO2 (Nitrogen oxide) , % 0,003 0,1 0,065 0,02 Aldehydes, % 0,003 0,002 0,001 0,03 Blank Accele- Constant Diesel fuel engine run ration speed Braking CO(Carbonic oxide), % low 100 low low CH4(Carbohydrates), % 0,04 0,02 0,01 0,03 NO2 (Nitrogen oxide), % 0,006 0.035 0,024 0,003 Aldehydes, % 0,001 0,002 0,001 0,003 We should provide constant speed
  12. 12. 1 Minimized environmental damage (1.1 -1.4) X Opt Acceleration Speed 4 Add Your Text (1.5..2) X Opt Speed 3 (2..4) X Opt Speed 2 (5..10) X Opt Speed 1
  13. 13. 1 Minimized environmental damage 10-30 Size of a ball = km/h Pollution of environment 30-50 km/h We must use this HOW ? optimal speed 50-90 km/h 90-110 Speed km/h >110 km/h
  14. 14. 1 Mechanisms Traffic green time
  15. 15. 1 Mechanisms Smart traffic regulation
  16. 16. 1 Mechanisms Regulation of public transport Extra lanes for public transport movement, time intervals will be strictly defined •It will help to reduce quantity Public transport will have bigger and prevent jams capacity (like two-stored buses) Special circular roads for big transit vehicles
  17. 17. 1 Mechanisms Solving of parking problem BIG PROBLEM! Unauthorized parking lead to “In the Bible there are a lot of stories from traffic jams. present times: even Noah was looking for Transport damages environmental place to park during 40 days” greatly while standing Robert Orben
  18. 18. 2 Minimized dependence on non-renewable resources Petrol and diesel fuels are used in great amounts. The oil use in Ukraine increases 2% a year High dependence of Ukraine oil market on foreign fuel supplies
  19. 19. 2 Mechanisms Implementation of underground, overland and overhead rail transport which use electricity Electricity can be obtained from renewable energy sources Rail transport is separated of automobile roads and it helps to discharge them Using accumulation of solar energy Hatch of car roof is solar battery for air condition
  20. 20. 2 Mechanisms Regeneration of energy Regeneration of energy Waste of energy Braking Movement
  21. 21. 2 Mechanisms Public transport will use renewable resources like hydrogen fuel, ethyl alcohol, biofuel •In the world there extends the use of biomass fuel – biodiesel and ethyl alcohol which have lower emission per energy unit •Biodiesel can be produced from vegetable product (soy, sunflower) and also waste materials of animal fat. Now in many countries for practical use it is mixed with diesel fuel •In Brazil ethyl alcohol made of sugar-cane forms about 40% of total fuel used by automobiles Improving technologies of car constructing For last 25 years we preferred large, heavy and fast automobiles, that damaged the environment To limit emissions we must persuade customers to buy cars with law fuel use If transport means become lighter and smaller then in the nearest 10-15 years amounts of fuel use may reduce on 20%.
  22. 22. Good quality of roads 3 and development another traffic communications “Accidents happened because of using TOMORROW cars by PRESENT drivers on YESTERDAY roads with THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW speed” Vittorio De Sika Mechanisms • Use of flexible and fair tax system: cheap vehicles – low tax, expensive cars –high tax. That money could be spent to renew our roads. • Reduce quantity of trucks in city centers • Encourage people to walk by foot and use a bicycle + building special roads for bicycle • Legislative mechanisms like increasing of road taxes (for roads repairing) for non-economical vehicles which pollute atmosphere.
  23. 23. Governmental measures Effective tax policies and discount system. § For example when buying heavy and non- economic car the consumer pays much more than buying small economic car. § Implementation of new technologies of car building must be stimulated by government.
  24. 24. Indicators How can we measure progress towards sustainability? -emissionsof transport -percentage of people using public transport, which is easier to make ecologically clean (the more people really use it the better is transport system) -average fuel use for one car a year -percentage of renewable energy use -the quantity of cars per area unit -percentage of area under asphalt coat (these lands do not breathe, do not product oxygen)
  25. 25. Indicators - total passenger and cargo turnover by air, ship, road, rail transport - average distance for people to get to their jobs. - quantity of accidents per year - number of basic services (schools, shops…) within walking distance - portion of population with access to Internet connection
  26. 26. Conclusion If we don’t change present situation it’s going to be… very bad. So, think about sustainable development of transport in Ukraine
  27. 27. Sustainable development of… Ukraine Transport System Vision of future and present Group 3