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Socialize: October 2013

  1. 1. Update on Social Channels What’s New / What’s Different October, 2013
  2. 2. Users Can Now Edit Facebook Posts • Facebook now allows users to edit a posts’ text after posting • Instead of deleting a post and losing all engagement, users will not have to repost to edit • Edits can be made to all posts (status updates & images) • To edit posts: • Click the down arrow on the top right of the post • Select “Edit Post” • Click “Done Editing” • Important to note – revisions and original text will still be available to other Facebook users if they check your posts’ edit history • Posts will be marked as “Edited” so that others can see that was not the original message • This feature is available on the web and Android, soon to roll out on iOS Link: Why This Matters to Your Clients: • Must remain conscious of what fans are writing and ensure that they do not change their copy to something flag-worthy and abusive. *This was a concern that Facebook had before the update, which is why they mark all edited status’ as “edited” • Solves problems of answering fans via mobile when autocorrect fixes the spelling and the comment goes live prematurely. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  3. 3. Facebook Graph Search Updates • Facebook is in the process of finding ways to make searches on topics of interests easier for users • This update makes Facebook more conducive to real-time conversations and makes almost anything you post accessible • If a user wants to talk about an event that day or even in weeks to come, Facebook is making it easier to find relevant conversations • Facebook has been working on partnerships around live media with the attempt to fuel conversation • Also adding features such as searchable hashtags and verified accounts to make it easier to track/find specific conversation on Facebook • The update could heavily increase publication on Facebook by drawing users to spend more time on the site • Only available to a limited amount of US English users as the feature rolls out • Issue: will defeat the ‘privacy by obscurity’ policy by rehashing conversations, comments, check-in, photos, etc. from the past Link: Why This Matters to Your Clients: • Will make it easier for brands to find out what people are saying about them and all conversation around competitors and similar products. • Can help brands reach users that are talking about their brands and products. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  4. 4. Facebook Simplifies Ad Buying • Facebook unveiled updated and more simplistic ad-buying platforms, for both Ads Manager and Power Editor • Now boast more efficient interface • Previously, ad buyers had to choose ad options and then choose their objectives and methods • Now, advertisers are first asked to identify their objectives, which could be a chosen from a list of options • After choosing an objective, Facebook will direct advertisers to an ad that matches their interest • The advertiser will choose where this ad shows up (i.e.. News Feed, side ad, etc.) • New Update: users can upload multiple images for a campaign • 5 ads can run at once • Can access the top performing images in the analytics dashboard • Sort campaigns to see which delivers the best conversation value Link: Why This Matters to Your Clients: • • Facebook has made it easier for brands to buy ads, giving them more incentive to advertise on the social channel. Brands that advertise (and simply we may add) will gain more social recognition, boosting engagement. This is something all brands will want to utilize in the future. The advertising will do the talking, while brands watch to see which campaigns are most effective. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  5. 5. Facebook Ads – From Desktop to Mobile • Facebook advertisers can now target users across multiple devices, from desktop to mobile, thanks to a new self-serve tool that brings retargeted ads to Facebook’s mobile app • Attempt to bridge the device divide (when it comes to advertising) • Companies can embed the new ad product into their websites and apps, which will track users back to Facebook on their mobile device or desktop, where the company can serve up ads • EX. An ad that may show up in your News Feed based on a recent website you visited on your desktop, will now be targeted on your Facebook when viewing your News Feed on a mobile device as well • Facebook made the announcement saying this was a small update to its custom audiences service, which lets companies adjust campaigns to reach specific users based on age, gender, etc. • The new service will be available to select partners only in the next few weeks Link: • For users who don’t wish to be targeted for ads based on their web history, there are privacy controls that enable users to curb the ads. Why This Matters To Your Clients: • • This new ad product allows companies to reach the consumers who visited their website or downloaded their app, but didn’t make a purchase. As more and more users access the social network on their mobile devices, the ability to retarget ads on a mobile device will be increasingly important. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  6. 6. Twitter Allows DMs from any Follower • Twitter users can now opt to receive direct messages from any of their followers • Previously, a user could only receive direct messages from users they followed • The new option is found in a user’s settings, and is an opt-in setting, meaning users will not start receiving DMs from people they do not follow unless they change the setting themselves • Many articles pointed out the benefit of this setting to companies using Twitter for customer service purposes • Customers can now DM a company without the company having to follow them beforehand Link: Why This Matters To Your Clients: • • The new setting opens lines of communication between brands and their followers and influencers. Brands can now receive customer service information, be introduced to new influencer opportunities, and more without the extra step of following a user. Contents are proprietary and confidential
  7. 7. Twitter Suggests Followers via Mobile • A Twitter update will now suggest which accounts a user should follow by sending push notifications via mobile • Suggestions will be made based on how many users in your network begin following someone new, retweeting or favoring the same tweet • Update became available to Android and iOS users, allowing them the option to turn this feature on or off in settings. • Based on an experimental account (@MagicRecs) that sent recommendations to users by direct message • Twitter has made tweaks to the algorithm to better understand which accounts and tweets users will be interested in following Link: Why This Matters to Your Clients: • • This is another reason that your brand should constantly maintain an active account! The more real-time/relevant conversation produced by your brand, the more consumers will be able to relate and pick-up on what you’re saying. This will help your brand stay new and become a suggested new account to follow for users. Consumers are increasingly mobile usage, utilizing their applications at all times and on the go. Since this feature is available via mobile, it gives brands another opportunity to increase followers. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  8. 8. Embedded Tweets Now Include Photos • In an attempt to maintain its real-time marketing appeal, Twitter announced that embedded Tweets will now feature photos • This announcement came shortly after Facebook introduced embedded posts including photos • By clicking on the photo, users can see more of what’s happening as well as the conversation behind the Tweet • In its blog post, Twitter reminded users that you can interact with embedded Tweets the same you can interact with a Tweet in any Twitter app • Follow, reply, retweet and favorite directly from the embedded Tweet Link: Why This Matters To Your Clients: • • Fans respond well to pictures on social networks, so embedded Tweets with photos allow a brand’s fans to see and potentially interact with the photo without taking the extra step of clicking to see it. Clients seeking media attention can make their Tweets more appealing to outlets looking for content by including a compelling, relevant photo. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  9. 9. Should Your Company be on Google+? • While Google+ is the second most-used social network worldwide, only 35% of big companies have an account • Search Engine Optimization • Why Google+ can help: When a brand posts to Google+, content becomes searchable via Google and ends up in high results. This content will appear in search results for a longer period of time (longer than Facebook, etc.) • Hashtags • Why Google+ can help: Hashtags will now appear in Google searches. When searching a specific hashtag, you’ll find it in a search result but on the right-hand side of the page, all post results with that hashtag will appear. • You’ll reach people both in your Google+ community as well as those outside your network (great for targeting these people) • YouTube Comments • Why Google+ can help: Google announced that all YouTube comments will be powered by Google+. For brands that heavily use YouTube, Google+ will soon become a mandatory medium. Link: Why This Matters to Your Clients: • While the results of using Google+ seem highly beneficial, you need to take in account how many of your fans are using Google+. If there are a lot, you should be using it as well. • Sooner or later Google+ is going to be a great platform for brands to have, especially if fans can’t comment on your valuable YouTube content without it. Your brand will also be more searchable, which will boost engagement amongst competitors. It might not hurt to get ahead of the game. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  10. 10. YouTube Comments Ranked, Personalized • YouTube is rolling out a new commenting system powered by Google+ which aims to fix the issue of spamming in comments • Comments will be personalized and ranked for each individual user according to their Google+ account • A wide range of factors will influence the ranking system • • • Video creators’ comments and comments from YouTube personalities and people in a user’s Google+ circle will be ranked highly and surface higher in the comment chain Engaged Discussions (within a long thread of comments) will be ranked highly More ways to manage comments for channel owners • • • Video managers will now be able to add words to a blacklist, which will automatically push comments with those words to review Managers can create a list of approved users who can always comment on videos according to their Google+ circles Users are still able to vote comments up or down and may switch back to the previous view of comments if they wish Link: Why This Matters To Your Clients: • • A brand’s audience will now be able to see relevant, personalized comments regarding their content on YouTube. Allow your client’s influencers to always comment on your videos, and engage in a conversation with them to increase the visibility of their comments. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  11. 11. Pinterest Expands Pins • Pinterest announced that it will be expanding it’s pins to include details on pinned articles • Article pins will now include the headline, author, title, a brief description and link, right on the pin • Pinned articles will be easier to save, organize and share • Encourages media outlets to promote stories and content with readers • Previously pinned content only contained a photo from the article and an accompanied link • Users who wanted to include additional information had to do it manually • The feature will only work with a small number of publications for now, including Mashable, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker • Update will roll out on mobile soon after it expands to feature more article stories Link: Why This Matters To Your Clients: • • Users can pin now, read later. This means that instead of browsing over your content and forgetting about it, they can pin it and it will be saved for them. Expands the content and stories that users are reading about your brand Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  12. 12. Questions? Reach out to anyone on the Consumer team! Contents are proprietary and confidential.
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