How Do Red Bull, The Hershey Company, and Intel Turn Big Data Into Competitive Advantage


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Chuck Hemann, Group Director of Analytics at WCG, presented at Syracuse University's Newhouse School as part of its Global Leaders in Digital and Social Media series. During his talk, Chuck talked about how the communications landscape is changing and how digital marketing analytics is changing to meet the new demand. He highlighted the top 10 trends from his new book -- "Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World."

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  • The 1-9-90 Rule, which states 1% of people online create content, 9% share content, and 90% lurk and learn, is the foundation to the structure of our analysis. The 90% represents the content consuming audience whose expressions are covered in the listening segment of our analysis. We carried out this analysis for each of the three brands.The 9% and the 1% are investigated by the Influencer Meme and the Muse Analysis with emphasis on the concentric circles of influence surrounding topics related to the brands. We identify who creates and shares content.
  • How Do Red Bull, The Hershey Company, and Intel Turn Big Data Into Competitive Advantage

    1. 1. How Do Red Bull, The Hershey Company, andIntel Turn Big Data Into Competitive AdvantageS.I. Newhouse School of Public CommunicationsGlobal Leaders in Digital and Social Media Speaker SeriesMarch 20, 2013#NewhouseGLDSMContents are proprietary and confidential.
    2. 2. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    3. 3. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    4. 4. The communications landscape is changing…Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    5. 5. How We Consume Media Has Changed… A large PC The # of devices inYomiuri Shimbun manufacturer use vs. the online is the top Internet users may have population of the online world is easily newspaper14 million 2.2 250 3:1 million systems billion readers in use at any one time today and growing#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    6. 6. Our Brand’s Story Must be Told in Different Ways toSucceed The majority of content we consume is not via a media Media refers to all outlet. It is through our friends and networks content News flow has 5 drivers Blogs, Twitter, Facebook wall, mainstream media, video Media plans are If “media” is redefined, how could media plans stay the becoming obsolete same? Multiple Channel Our information needs change as our journey evolves Content Consumption leading to different content, places and devices Visual Trumps Copy 65% of people believe they are visual learners Content must be Fluid Content is now part of the rhythm of life. 1,9,90 #NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    7. 7. Understanding the 1,9,90 Rule 1 9 90 Content Creators Content Sharers Broad Community • Top influencers – 1% or • 2nd concentric circle of • Like-minded customers who less who reach the world influence – where the are not yet connected to the of your current and top influencers get their brand. potential customers. content and ideas. • Important to educate them, • Important to build • Important to surround provide a unique experience, relationships here. sound paid + earned and share audiences with media. others#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    8. 8. The Opportunity is Unveiling Itself Newsflow Human Behavior • Blogs and twitter drive 2/3 of flow • We are only snowflakes to our parents • Five drivers of newsflow • We all follow patterns • Mainstream media news cycles driven • Influencers (top 50) typically source by average of 5 people from no more than 4-5 people • Online content cycles driven by <50 • Who are the top sources? people Four Drivers of Change Media Consumption The Social Footprint Patterns • easy to see where content is shared • I read what I want, where I want and with whom • Social channels are becoming the • Preferred words are clear new “third place” • Content needs are clear#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    9. 9. Interpreting BehaviorAWARENESSGetting someone’s attention is thebeginning of every relationship.Sometimes a whisper is moreimpactful than a shout. Yet, volume ASSESSMENT (POST)won’t matter if your story isn’t Hope you made a good firstcompelling. impression. Now they get to evaluate their experience and relationship with your brand. Did it deliver on the ACTION promise? Did it disappoint? Either You’ve hit pay dirt. way, you have to be there to answer. Customers are now engaging directly withASSESSMENT (PRE) your brand gainingYou’ve got their ear. This is where first hand experiencedecisions are made, so what you say but now they are– and how you say it – needs to behind the wheel.resonate and penetrate the AMBASSADORcustomer’s consciousness. If We’ve reached the defining moment,successful they take action. customers share their experience, carrying the brand forward to people we could never reach. Now we must forge a partnership with our most loyal customers who are our best advocates… make that evangelists.#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    10. 10. Marketers are Currently Swimming in Data People and brands send more than 340m tweets per dayPeople on Facebook share more than 684,000 bits of content per day People upload 72 hours of new video to YouTube every minute Google receives over 2 million search queries a minute #NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    11. 11. Social Channels = New Frontier for Research• Open, unfiltered channels• Real-time market-driven conversations• Engaged customer and partner communities• Early warning system for competitive intelligence• Hard to make a move without some digital footprint• Lots of noise to filter, but plenty of valuable signal#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    12. 12. How is Research Changing to Meet the NewCommunications Landscape?10 Trends in Digital AnalyticsContents are proprietary and confidential.
    13. 13. #1 – (Tool) Buyer Beware Social Media Listening Social Media Engagement Influencer Analysis Audience Analysis Content Analysis Search Analytics
    14. 14. Hundreds of Available Tools with no Clear Link…Yet
    15. 15. #2 – Two Clear Listening Models Emerging Listening for program planning and listening for content development
    16. 16. Taking a Step Back to Set Proper Goals • What are people saying about your brand • Where people are talking about your brand • When people are talking about your brand • Who is talking about your brand • Why people are talking about your brand #NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    17. 17. Listening to Develop Content in Real-Time#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on TwitterPhoto credit to:
    18. 18. Top Brands Becoming Content Curators… • Top curated content from pre-screened, influential online sources. • Content created by approved staff contributors. • Ranked by online reach + whether staff has interacted with it. • Potentially featured by a staff Editor.#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    19. 19. #3 – HR, Sales, Product Development, CustomerService Join the Digital Data Party Digital data’s value extends well beyond its applications for public relations and marketing#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    20. 20. Making Social Data Work Outside of PR/Marketing• Concept of building a dashboard to listen for conversations outside of PR/marketing applications is easy • Discover the data • Analyze the data • Segment • Develop insights • Execute based on those insights• In practice, much more difficult to execute at large companies• Requires central source for listening with organization #NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    21. 21. Social Customer Service is an Emerging Approach • Shift in importance away from traditional customer service channels toward social media, smartphones and internet sites • 79% of respondents in the survey cited the immediacy of interactive channels in their preference • 46% cited those interactive channels as the most efficient communication method • Listening to conversations for customer service requires dedicated team, technologies, measurement techniques and processes#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    22. 22. Samsung and Delta are Two Strong Case Studies#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    23. 23. #4 – We Drop “Social” from Social CRM CRM platforms evolve to incorporate social data more easily therefore eliminating the need to keep using social in front of CRM#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    24. 24. The Good News is Current Systems areEvolving…Slowly#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    25. 25. #5 – Internal Ownership Becomes Critical Companies are dealing with a massive amount of customer data and need to build platforms to handle it#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    26. 26. Intel Has Developed a Social Cockpit…#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    27. 27. #6 – Command Centers are Valuable… Kind of Command centers are valuable internal tools that rally the organization around the idea of social media/listening to customers#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    28. 28. Several Brands Have Built Command CentersDo you need one of these if you are a brand or representing a brand? It depends #NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter #gotoexplore
    29. 29. #7 – Measurement Finally Becomes Integrated Communications has been working to break down silos for years. It’s time to do the same in measurement#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    30. 30. Timely Intelligence Timely Decisions Annually: Business and comms planning, long-range strategy, KPI assessment and goal setting Quarterly: KPI executive reviews, strategy shifts, problem escalation, cross-discipline impact Monthly: KPI trends and insights, strategy evaluation, program optimization, problem resolution Weekly: KPI tracking, red flags, tactical decisions, editorial planning, traffic/sales impact Daily: Media flow, news synopses, topline opinions Hourly: Competitive alerts and crisis management#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    31. 31. Institutionalize Standard Metrics Awareness Assessment(Consid Action Ambassadorship (Reach) eration) (Engagement) (Loyalty/Advocacy) Social Networks Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 (Facebook) Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Blogs Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Microblogs Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Audio (podcasts) Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Video (YouTube) Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Images (Flickr) Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Documents Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 (SlideShare) Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Forums Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Wikis Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Search (Google) Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    32. 32. #8 – Analytics goes hyper-local As marketing programs are built to reach people in specific geographies, analytics tools will need to be built to keep up#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    33. 33. Track conversation by zip code, town, store#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    34. 34. #9 – Forensic Analytics Becomes a CriticalCapability Within Companies Digital and social media present untold opportunities to learn about our customers. The trick is moving beyond counting to actually understand behavior#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    35. 35. #10 – Influencer Analysis is not Synonymous withKlout The current suite of influencer solutions do not fully capture how influential a person is online #NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    36. 36. The Current Influencer Tools are not the Devil,but Don’t Accurately Gauge Influence Either#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    37. 37. <50 People Drive Share of Conversation Online Thousands of Millions of Hundreds of 50 Top 100+ Metrics. key phrases. webpages. Outlets. Influencers. • Have complete clarity into who influences your world, and how to reach them with your content. #NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter
    38. 38. Where Did This Come From? Chuck Hemann – Director, Analytics at WCG Ken Burbary – Chief Digital Officer at Campbell Ewald#NewhouseGLDSM // @chuckhemann on Twitter