Creating Content and Engagement for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter (by W2O Group & SBA)


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This webinar is brought to you by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the W20 Group. The focus is an introduction to creating content and engaging on social networks Like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for small businesses. Aaron Strout | @aaronstrout was the moderator of the webinar. Jim Storer | @jimstorer, a small business owner and Greg Matthews | @chimoose (also of W2O Group), were the panelists.

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  • Lots of shiny objects… Key is to think about whether these tools help people communicate in ways that add value, or if they are just a distraction.
  • It is not a bunch of tools – it is the way people communicate today. Like a telephone line.
  • Important to approach this methodically and choose the channels that make the most sense for what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Go to the flipchart and explain what a hashtag is. A way for people to filter conversation on Twitter to the specific topic they’re interested in. Spend time on this – I usually open up Tweetdeck and show them how it works with a column for a hashtag like #hcsm. Leave them with a few hashtags to follow like #hcsm and #hcsmeu (health care social media – EU) May be able to show them a hashtag.
  • Rules codify the culture you would like to promote and set the expectations for behavior. Useful to document things you want to encourage as well as things that are not acceptable.
  • Have regularly scheduled events – cadence is important. Cadence sets the expectation and models behavior for members – if you want people coming back daily, you need to have something valuable going on every day.
  • Be Multi-modal: Text, images, video; Asynchronous, Synchronous
  • Identify the individuals in your community who are most enthusiastic and supportive. Give them tools, special access, and air time because they pull in others, rally the troops, and give your community a sense of soul.
  • Most problems/issues don’t go away however, also really important have the judgment to understand which issues and how to respond to them.
  • Creating Content and Engagement for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter (by W2O Group & SBA)

    1. 1. #SBASocialCreating Content and Engagement forFacebook, Linkedin and TwitterAaron Strout & Greg Matthews (W2O Group)& Jim Storer (Community Roundtable) May 2013
    2. 2. #SBASocial• Aaron Strout, Managing Director, W2O Group• Blog:• Twitter: @aaronstroutToday’s Speakers• Greg Matthews, head of MDigitalLife• Blog:• Twitter: @chimoose• Jim Storer, Principal, Community Roundtable• Blog:• Twitter: @jimstorer
    3. 3. #SBASocial• We ARE recording this webinar. You willreceive an e-mail with a link to the webinarin the next 48 hours.• Feel free to ask questions via the“Questions” module in the GoTo panel onthe right of your screen.• If you want to follow along on the back-channel via Twitter, the hashtag is#SBASocial.HousekeepingSpecial thank you to Justin Levy of Citrix for providing today’s GoTo Webinar platform –
    4. 4. #SBASocialIt’s Easy to Become Distracted or Lost inSpeed of Change
    5. 5. #SBASocialWhat Social Media Is and Isn’t
    6. 6. #SBASocialA Tectonic Shift Has OccurredWhere, how and whenconversations happen• Language: Customers speakonline in their first language(there are 10 languages thatreach 88% of people online,worldwide)• Location: Facebook, Twitter,forums, other social placesonline. Different locations fordifferent purposes.• Time of Day: Lower volumeduring day, high volume ineveningsThe new prime time is 9pm to 1am in your time zone
    7. 7. #SBASocialAll Age Groups Are Using Social MediaSOURCE: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project surveys 2005-2012
    8. 8. #SBASocialUnderstanding the Ten Areas of Online InfluenceInfluence Areas Trend RelevanceAudioFavorite of sales force,customers on the goPodcasts of all types, plus audio tracks of video segments are an undefined area of online,yet have growing utilityBlogs>200MM; trend is to havemultiple blogs, multiplelanguagesWe should know the top influencers by topic who drive relevant share of voice. Thenumbers of influencers are small, precision is key.Data / Slides 80MM uniques at SlideShare A great location to share all public presentations.ForumsThe engine of conversationsonline; often patient drivenKnowing who is driving conversation in forums is key. We should treat high volumemoderators with the same respect as we do with journalists.ImagesIs all content tagged toimpact natural search?Companies often forget to tag all content in the 10 languages that reach 90% of theonline population.Micro BloggingAn effective way to alertinfluencers, help propel newscyclesA great opportunity to build a network of influencers who want to share your news inreal time. Twitter is a prime example.SearchYes, Google is #1, butYouTube is #2We need to know the influencers on the first screen for our brand and key topics. Wealso need to understand where people are taken when they search.Social NetworksThe communities that areoften our “first place” to goonlineOur day often starts and ends with Facebook or MySpace or Orkut or other dependingwhere we live.VideoConsumption habits arestarting to favor video vs.copyThere are over 50 video sites to analyze, which sometimes house ratings and reviews ofour products.WikisFree online peer editedonline encyclopediaNearly every topic has a Wikipedia entry, which means it could be the first information aconsumer finds about any topic they are seeking information about.
    9. 9. #SBASocialThe “Big 3”
    10. 10. #SBASocialFacebook (social network)• 1 billion+ users• Over 60% log in daily• Average user has 130friends• Average user spends 55minutes per day on site• More than 70 languages• >80% of users outside USA• Other social networks• Google+• LinkedIn• PathSource: Facebook - (December, 2012)
    11. 11. #SBASocialTwitter (micro blog)• Twittero Over 200 million usersworldwideo 20% of U.S. adult internetusers are on Twittero Fastest growing socialnetwork in 2012• A “tweet”o A message up to 140characters longo Can include a link toother websites or imagesSource: Media Bistro (February 2013)
    12. 12. #SBASocial• 200 million users in 200countries• 74 million users in U.S.• 2 new signups/second• More than 2.7 millioncompanies have LinkedInCompany Pages.• LinkedIn members aresharing insights andknowledge in more than 1.5million LinkedIn GroupLinkedIn (Business Social Network)Source: (December 2012)
    13. 13. #SBASocialAnd Now for the Good Stuff13
    14. 14. #SBASocial1. Developing an Ecosystem Strategy2. Building a Thriving Community3. A Small Business Case StudyBuilding Community withFacebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
    15. 15. #SBASocialImage by @BillJohnston (Autodesk)Developing an Ecosystem Strategy
    16. 16. #SBASocialHow Do You Build aThriving Community?
    17. 17. #SBASocialHave a Clear Goal
    18. 18. #SBASocialHave Rules
    19. 19. #SBASocialSchedule A Regular Schedule
    20. 20. #SBASocialText Multi-Modal
    21. 21. #SBASocialEncourage Your Cheeseheads
    22. 22. #SBASocial’t Ignore
    23. 23. #SBASocialA Small BusinessCase Study
    24. 24. #SBASocialWorking in a small business, my time is veryfragmented by many tasks.
    25. 25. #SBASocialAwareness Is a Major Goal as a Small BusinessGoals1. Awareness• Value creation• Content distribution2. Engagement• Conversation• Advocacy3. Leads• Exposure• Development• Opt-in AccessMetrics1. Lurking• Website Uniques• Twitter RTs2. Engaged• Twitter Followers/RTs• Blog Subscribers• Blog Comments3. Pro-active• Fill out form• Conversations
    26. 26. #SBASocialStrategy: Using Twitter to Spread ThoughtLeadership & Create ValueThought Leadership1. Community MaturityModel2. Blog Posts3. PodcastsValue Creation1. Consolidating & curatinginformation/content2. Partnering broadly tointroduce audience totrusted resources3. Promoting people,events, & resources
    27. 27. #SBASocialPositive Results – Especially in BuildingAwareness
    28. 28. #SBASocialImportant Things You Can’t Predict
    29. 29. #SBASocialOnline activationA tactical guide
    30. 30. #SBASocialThe online activation modelRead ConnectShare Create
    31. 31. #SBASocialRead• Stay in tune with the topics your customerscare about – and filter out the rest• Ensure that you can access all the relevantnews – in 15 minutes a day or less.
    32. 32. #SBASocialRead• Stay in tune with thetopics your customerscare about – and filter outthe rest• Ensure that you canaccess all the relevantnews – in 15 minutes aday or less.
    33. 33. #SBASocialRead• You can collect feeds from outlets …• But also from Google News searches
    34. 34. #SBASocialRead• You can collect feeds from outlets …• But also from Google News searches
    35. 35. #SBASocialConnect• As you see the channels your customers like to use,connect with them there.• It’s probably not all of these places … but facebook and twitterare good bets to start• Others can be added in over time as you build proficiency
    36. 36. #SBASocialShare• As you learn what kinds of content your customers areinterested in through reading and connecting …• Start sharing it with them (Feedly and Flipboard makethis really easy to do directly from your reading list)• Gradually mix in your own content
    37. 37. #SBASocialCreate• Start to share your own content … in whatever formmakes the most sense for your customers
    38. 38. #SBASocialGetting Started• Read and update news feeds – add and delete feeds depending oninterests• Scan twitter feed for interesting content• Search for relevant hashtags on twitterRead• Import contacts to Twitter/ LinkedIn• Follow people who use hashtags that interest you• Scan relevant lists, linkedin groups or facebook pages to find relevantpeople to followConnect• Retweet content from an account you follow• Post a link to interesting article on LinkedIn• Share a customer’s Instragram photo on your facebook page (wpermission)Share• Tweet commentary about interesting article from reading list• Create blog posts, videos, images or tweets about your brand AND yourcommunityCreate
    39. 39. #SBASocialThe “21 Day Plan”
    40. 40. #SBASocialTHANK YOU!• Aaron Strout, Managing Director, W2O Group• Blog:• Twitter: @aaronstrout• Greg Matthews, head of MDigitalLife• Blog:• Twitter: @chimoose• Jim Storer, Principal, Community Roundtable• Blog:• Twitter: @jimstorer