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10 Trends in Digital Analytics


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During a recent presentation to Dallas Social Media Club, Chuck Hemann outlined the ten trends in digital analytics today. This comes from his work with clients as part of W2O Group, as well as …

During a recent presentation to Dallas Social Media Club, Chuck Hemann outlined the ten trends in digital analytics today. This comes from his work with clients as part of W2O Group, as well as extensive research that was done to write his new book, Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World.

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  • 1. Building Your Digital Analytics Capability: How toDevelop a Competitive Advantage For Your BusinessDallas Social Media ClubMay 30, 2013#DigitalAnalyticsBookContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 2. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 3. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 4. The communications landscape is changing…Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 5. How We Consume Media Has Changed…Yomiuri Shimbunis the topnewspaper14million2.4Internet usersonlineA large PCmanufacturermay have250in use at any onetimeThe # of devices inuse vs. the onlinepopulation of theworld is easilytoday and growing3:1million systemsbillionreaders#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 6. Interpreting BehaviorAWARENESSGetting someone’s attention is thebeginning of every relationship.Sometimes a whisper is moreimpactful than a shout. Yet, volumewon’t matter if your story isn’tcompelling.ACTIONYou’ve hit pay dirt.Customers are nowengaging directly withyour brand gainingfirst hand experiencebut now they arebehind the wheel.AMBASSADORWe’ve reached the defining moment,customers share their experience,carrying the brand forward to peoplewe could never reach. Now we mustforge a partnership with our mostloyal customers who are our bestadvocates… make that evangelists.ASSESSMENT (PRE)You’ve got their ear. This is wheredecisions are made, so what you say– and how you say it – needs toresonate and penetrate thecustomer’s consciousness. Ifsuccessful they take action.ASSESSMENT (POST)Hope you made a good firstimpression. Now they get to evaluatetheir experience and relationship withyour brand. Did it deliver on thepromise? Did it disappoint? Eitherway, you have to be there to answer.#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 7. Our Brand’s Story Must be Told in Different Ways toSucceedThe majority of content we consume is not via a mediaoutlet. It is through our friends and networksMedia refers to allcontentBlogs, Twitter, Facebook wall, mainstream media, videoNews flow has 5 driversIf “media” is redefined, how could media plans stay thesame?Media plans arebecoming obsoleteOur information needs change as our journey evolvesleading to different content, places and devicesMultiple ChannelContent Consumption65% of people believe they are visual learnersVisual Trumps CopyContent is now part of the rhythm of life. 1,9,90Content must be Fluid#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 8. The Opportunity is Unveiling ItselfNewsflow• Blogs and twitter drive 2/3 of flow• Five drivers of newsflow• Mainstream media news cycles drivenby average of 5 people• Online content cycles driven by <50peopleHuman Behavior• We are only snowflakes to our parents• We all follow patterns• Influencers (top 50) typically sourcefrom no more than 4-5 people• Who are the top sources?Media ConsumptionPatterns• I read what I want, where I want• Social channels are becoming thenew “third place”The Social Footprint• easy to see where content is sharedand with whom• Preferred words are clear• Content needs are clearFour Drivers ofChange#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 9. What the C-Suite Realizes Today…Contents are proprietary and confidential.ReputationCustomersshape reputationswith orwithout companyhelpBudget50% of marketingbudget is digitaltoday for leadingcompanies, 70%in a few yearsIssuesYou can identifyproblemsdays/weeksbefore the worldis fully awareEmployeesRecruitment andretention happens365 days/yearand includesinvolvement inbrand activitiesCustomersCustomersupport is integralto brandreputation –irrespective ofchannelInnovationThe best ideasare from crowdsof smart peopleinside or outsideyour companyMoney WordsWhich wordsdrivesales/behaviorand how am Ileveraging themacross my brand?SearchIf search isbecoming adecision engine,what decisionsam I helping with?#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 10. How is Research Changing to Meet the NewCommunications Landscape?10 Trends in Digital AnalyticsContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 11. People and brands send more than 340m tweets per dayPeople on Facebook share more than 684,000 bits of content perdayPeople upload 72 hours of new video to YouTube every minuteGoogle receives over 2 million search queries a minuteMarketers are Currently Swimming in Data#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 12. Social Channels = New Frontier for Research• Open, unfiltered channels• Real-time market-driven conversations• Engaged customer and partner communities• Early warning system for competitive intelligence• Hard to make a move without some digital footprint• Lots of noise to filter, but plenty of valuable signal#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 13. #1 – (Tool) Buyer BewareSocial Media ListeningSocial Media EngagementInfluencer AnalysisAudience AnalysisContent AnalysisSearch Analytics
  • 14. Hundreds of Available Tools with no Clear Link…Yet
  • 15. #2 – Two Clear Listening Models EmergingListening for programplanning and listening forcontent development
  • 16. • What are people saying aboutyour brand• Where people are talkingabout your brand• When people are talking aboutyour brand• Who is talking about yourbrand• Why people are talking aboutyour brandTaking a Step Back to Set Proper Goals#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 17. Listening to Develop Content in Real-Time#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on TwitterPhoto credit to:
  • 18. #3 – HR, Sales, Product Development, CustomerService Join the Digital Data PartyDigital data’s value extendswell beyond its applicationsfor public relations andmarketing#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 19. • Concept of building a dashboardto listen for conversationsoutside of PR/marketingapplications is easy• Discover the data• Analyze the data• Segment• Develop insights• Execute based on thoseinsights• In practice, much more difficultto execute at large companies• Requires central source forlistening with organizationMaking Social Data Work Outside of PR/Marketing#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 20. Social Customer Service is an Emerging Approach#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter• Shift in importance away fromtraditional customer servicechannels toward social media,smartphones and internet sites• 79% of respondents in the surveycited the immediacy of interactivechannels in their preference• 46% cited those interactivechannels as the most efficientcommunication method• Listening to conversations forcustomer service requiresdedicated team, technologies,measurement techniques andprocesses
  • 21. Samsung and Delta are Two Strong Case Studies#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 22. #4 – We Drop “Social” from Social CRMCRM platforms evolve toincorporate social data moreeasily therefore eliminatingthe need to keep using socialin front of CRM#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 23. The Good News is Current Systems areEvolving…Slowly#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 24. #5 – Companies Begin to Hire Internal ResourcesDigital analytics professionalsare becoming more prevalentas organizations realize thepower of this data.#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 25. Four Components of an Internal Capability#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 26. #6 – Command Centers are Valuable… Kind ofCommand centers arevaluable internal tools thatrally the organization aroundthe idea of socialmedia/listening to customers#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 27. #gotoexplore#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on TwitterSeveral Brands Have Built Command CentersDo you need one of these if you are a brand or representing a brand? It depends
  • 28. #DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on TwitterIntel Has Developed a Social Cockpit…
  • 29. #7 – Measurement Finally Becomes IntegratedCommunications has beenworking to break down silosfor years. It’s time to do thesame in measurement#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 30. Timely Intelligence Timely DecisionsDaily:Media flow, news synopses, topline opinionsWeekly:KPI tracking, red flags, tactical decisions,editorial planning, traffic/sales impactMonthly:KPI trends and insights, strategy evaluation,program optimization, problem resolutionHourly:Competitive alerts and crisis managementQuarterly:KPI executive reviews, strategy shifts,problem escalation, cross-discipline impactAnnually:Business and comms planning, long-rangestrategy, KPI assessment and goal setting#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 31. Institutionalize Standard MetricsAwareness(Reach)Assessment(Consideration)Action(Engagement)Ambassadorship(Loyalty/Advocacy)Social Networks(Facebook)Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Blogs Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Microblogs Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Metric #1Metric #2Metric #3Audio (podcasts) Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Video (YouTube) Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Images (Flickr) Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Documents(SlideShare)Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Forums Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Wikis Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Search (Google) Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2Metric #1Metric #2#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 32. The New ERA Measurement ApproachWhat we are Measuring Example MetricsEngagementAre consumers taking action to indicate they are on boardand sharing with their personal networks?• Likes• Comments• Inbound Links• Retweets• Shares• Database registrationsReachHow many consumers did we reach, multiplied by howmany times did we reach them, during the last 30 days?• FB post impressions• Tweets x Followers• Paid digital impressions• Video views• Blog post UVMs• Website visits• Share of AttentionAudienceWhat is the size of our Audience that we are building tocommunicate with in the future?• Fans• Followers• SubscribersCostAvoidanceHow is our social engagement allowing us to reachpeople without buying paid media inventory?• Media value of socialimpressions and viewsLearningsWhat did we learn that can be applied to futureeffectiveness?• Social Poll results• Qualitative feedback#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 33. #8 – Analytics goes hyper-localAs marketing programs arebuilt to reach people inspecific geographies,analytics tools will need to bebuilt to keep up#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 34. Track conversation by zip code, town, store#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 35. #9 – Forensic Analytics Becomes a CriticalCapability Within CompaniesDigital and social mediapresent untold opportunitiesto learn about our customers.The trick is moving beyondcounting to actuallyunderstand behavior#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 36. #10 – Influencer Analysis is not Synonymous withKloutThe current suite of influencersolutions do not fully capturehow influential a person isonline#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 37. The Current Influencer Tools are not the Devil,but Don’t Accurately Gauge Influence Either#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  • 38. <50 People Drive Share of Conversation Online• Have complete clarityinto who influences your world, andhow to reach them with your content.Thousands ofkey phrases.Millions ofwebpages.100+ Metrics.Hundreds ofOutlets.50 TopInfluencers.#DigitalAnalyticsBook // @chuckhemann on Twitter