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  • 1. EducationalEngineersTHE S CI ENCE OFCREATING LEARNINGENVIRONMENTSDr. Liz Simpson. Director, WyoDLC
  • 2. Main PointsGIVEN THE :  Tools we have available.  Needs for dynamic learning spaces.  Disconnect between theory, science, and practice. Educational Engineers to design WE NEED effective, dynamic, sustainable, acce ssible learning environments.
  • 3. Definitions + ENGINEER TEACHEROne who uses tools and materials to One who uses educationalconnect theory and create a dynamic research to facilitate space for a specific purpose. learning, assessment, personal = growth. EDUCATIONAL ENGINEER One who uses tools & materials to connect learning theory and educational research to create a dynamic space where learning can happen and be assessed.
  • 4. Educational Engineer “ ” W.W. CHARTERS1945 Fear that the educator might be accused of borrowing the prestige of the engineer “ ”RICHARD ANDREWS1961 Need for standardization, essential structure, programmed teaching “ ” H.A. BERN1967 Increase learning efficiency. GE + Time = The General Learning Corporation. John Lutz1980 Better use of theory research and experience in the design of alternative solutions to educational problems.
  • 5. Educational Engineer “ ”ARTHUR RICHARDSON2002 Create an environment where students have open access to search for, locate and quickly access elements of learning that address their immediate needs through personalized unique interactions.
  • 6. Teachers Today K12 Activity &/orTraining Hi Ed
  • 7. Teachers @ The CoreDetermine Design learningEducational spaces to meetGoals the goal EDUCATIONAL ENGINEER Use dataUse the the to assessright tools outcomes
  • 8. Traditional Teachers Traditional ClassroomsNeed forstandardization, essentialstructure, programmedteaching.
  • 9. Educational Engineers Engineered OutcomesCreate an environment Applyingwhere students have Synthesisopen access to searchfor, locate and quickly Creating Understandingaccess elements oflearning that address Comprehensiontheir immediate needsthrough personalizedunique interactions. Analyzing Creating Remembering Evaluation
  • 10. Educational Engineers"Could I build a toy where kids could kind of tripacross all these interesting principles of life how itexists and how it might be in the future, like theCopernican principle, the Fermi paradox, theAnthropic principle, or the meaning of life?"
  • 11. Limited Tools
  • 12. Limited Environment
  • 13. Unlimited Tools
  • 14. UnlimitedEnvironments
  • 15. Frustration Abounds! My students How do I get never listen!them to share ideas? Cell phones There is so in much content There is a app class…yeah to cover for that? Right! today!
  • 16. Building Classrooms…A house whichcould only beexplained bymagic….
  • 17. Educational Engineer Designs learning environments based on the current tools and materials available. Systematically builds dynamic learning spaces. Connects theory, science, and practice. Understands that the world yields fertile ground for building learning environments.
  • 18. Engineered Classroom The environment is thoughtfully build so that learning can occur and successes can be measured.Purposeful. Systematic. Dynamic.
  • 19. Educational Engineer Preparation takes longer  Teaching (BA) + Instructional Design (MA) It requires  Precision planning and design  Understanding your new role  Rethink learning spaces, materials and tools  Rethink the learner  Rethink learner assessment
  • 20. EducationalEngineersTHE S CI ENCE OFCREATING LEARNINGENVIRONMENTSDr. Liz Simpson. Director, WyoDLC