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WCCI Appraisal Management Services

  1. 1. Almost 20 Years Experience OUR BENEFITS We have had ample time to perfect the assignment and review process.
  2. 2. Short Turn-Times OUR BENEFITS Reports typically delivered within 48 hours of inspection.
  3. 3. OUR BENEFITS Online Ordering, File Retrieval, and Status Updates
  4. 4. OUR BENEFITS Borrower Services 1. Compliant Consultation - We are more than willing to consult with your borrowers regarding the general appraisal process, while remaining compliant (i.e. no report specifics).
  5. 5. OUR BENEFITS Borrower Services 2. Print and Web Collateral - We can provide your borrowers with a common Q&A to ease the process. We want to optimize your time by answering their questions before they even ask.
  6. 6. OUR BENEFITS Borrower Services 3. Appraiser Interaction Reviews - Customer service is tracked through reviews sent out to your borrowers. Appraisers with positive reviews are rewarded, and negative scores result in a lower ranking and consultation (thus less work).
  7. 7. APPRAISALS Full Appraisals FHA Appraisals Condominiums Exteriors Field Reviews Multi-Family Market Conditions Addendum 442 Certifications Commercial Rent Schedule REO Appraisals Land
  8. 8. APPRAISALS We specialize in FHA Appraisals and have FHA certified appraisers throughout the nation. We have spent the past 2 years perfecting our FHA review process to keep small items from delaying your loan.
  9. 9. APPRAISER QUALIFICATIONS All WCCI Appraisers are required to have the following: If you have specific appraiser requirements (i.e. FHA Approved) we will make notes in your account to ensure these standards are met for all orders. •Valid License •E&O Insurance •Exceptional Sample Report(s) •No History of Disciplinary Action or “Blacklisting”
  10. 10. APPRAISER REVIEWS In addition to Borrower Reviews we also do in-house ranking on: •Quality and Detail of Report(s) •Constant Communication •Timeliness •Overall Customer Service The higher the ranking, the more work that appraiser receives from WCCI.
  11. 11. ORDER ASSIGNMENT Step 1: Look at Property Complexity •Some WCCI Appraisers are experts at oddities (i.e. waterfront, mother-in-laws) so they will get priority for those assignments.
  12. 12. ORDER ASSIGNMENT Step 2: Find the Most Local Appraiser •If we are aware that a localized appraiser has an open workload we may assign an order directly to that person. •If unaware of workload(s) we will send the order out to 2-3 appraisers to ensure timely acceptance. WCCI never farms out assignments to start bidding wars. Our biggest concerns are locality and reliability.
  13. 13. ORDER ASSIGNMENT Step 3: Monitor Appraisal Progress •We monitor updates to ensure timely turnaround. •If there is ever a delay in delivery WCCI will notify you immediately. The process is complete once the report has gone through our final review process.
  14. 14. QUALITY Every report is hand reviewed by support staff before delivery. Here is a sample checklist used to ensure quality and efficiency. This list can be customized to fit each client’s specific needs. CONTROL
  15. 15. QUALITY CONTROL In order to avoid this type of reaction, WCCI offers 24/7 email status updates throughout the appraisal process from when inspection is booked to when the report is received.
  16. 16. COMPLIANCE With regulatory changes occurring on a seemingly regular basis you can rest assured knowing that WCCI is always up to date on the latest in appraisal compliance regulations. This is an example of a certificate that can be produced for each order to ensure compliance.
  17. 17. COMPLIANCE We can also provide monthly reports to confirm regulatory compliance through an even distribution of appraisers.
  18. 18. SIGNING UP Click on “Lender Signup” at our homepage: www.WCCI.biz 1
  19. 19. COMPLIANCE Fill in info and you will receive a New Client Setup Form to complete your setup. 2 Note: You can skip this step if you download the New Client Setup Form from this site and email or fax it over. SIGNING UP
  20. 20. ORDERING Login with your provided login and password. 1 Click “Order New Appraisal.” 2
  21. 21. RECOMMENDATIONS “Everything went very well. I loved how quickly the reports were returned back to me. I will definitely be ordering from you again.” -Sound Community Bank “You guys are so great to work with... We LOVE WCCI! (maybe you should have t-shirts made--ha!)” -Pacific Northwest FCU “We absolutely love the service we get from [WCCI Support Staff], you are always so attentive and easy to talk to!” -Leader 1 “We wish we didn’t have to use two companies, so we could send all our business directly to you!” -BECU “We have had a good experience with your company and we do expect to continue doing business with you! ...You guys are great, thank you so much.” -Silver State CU
  22. 22. RECOMMENDATIONS HOMEOWNER “Very well dressed and showed up exactly on time, very polite, very courteous, very professional. When [the appraiser] arrived at my house I immediately felt comfortable with her. I knew that she was very professional.” -Bill E. “[Appraiser] was very friendly and courteous. He was very respectful and made us feel at ease.” -Mark & Vikki E. “Early, extremely personable, demonstrated impressive knowledge.” -Terrence B. “Worked very efficiently, well-focused, not intrusive. Overall probably the most pleasant appraisal I have ever had.” -Jeffrey L. “[Appraiser] was excellent and very knowledgeable with regard to my area and neighborhood.” -Bruce & Sharon S.
  23. 23. Nationwide Coverage For coverage in your state contact me at Danielle.Gatsos@wcci.biz. Our staff is incredibly resourceful, and we are well-known for finding appraisers in even the most rural of markets. Currently covering 3,100 counties in all 50 States. COVERAGE
  24. 24. ORDER TODAY Contact us with any questions or requests, or to place an order. Thank you! PHONE: 800-998-7680 FAX: 800-805-6675 EMAIL: OrderDesk@WCCI.biz WEBSITE: www.WCCI.biz