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Looking for a company that provide solutions around content management and digital marketing? WAVU Digital is there to help bridge the gap and guide your audience.

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WavuDigital Overview

  1. 1. WAVU Digital:OverviewJanuary 11, 2013
  2. 2. Who/What is WAVU Digital?
  3. 3. WAVU Digital | Integrated and Strategic MarketingYour digital marketing plan and strategy must be an integrated one that combines all the web hasto offer. Digital marketing is not a lot different than traditional marketing. The basics are still thesame. They have to work together in unison to get the best results.Whether you are looking for a full-service solution or need help in a specific area, we help define adigital marketing strategy for you and your business goals. We focus on the ever changing digitallandscape and technology so you can focus on your business. 3
  4. 4. WAVU Digital | Some of our Client Experience 4
  5. 5. WAVU Digital | Connecting You With Your CustomerThe digital world is dominated by —displays, smartphones, apps, video games, tablets, the web—consumers are craving something authentic. The tablet, mobile phone, Social Media channels and yourwebsite are not simply channels for pushing a marketing message. They are, in fact, some of the mostpowerful tools the world has ever seen, for solidifying relationships between brands and audiences. WAVU Digital Clarify Create Craft Continue Who is your audience? What is your story? What is your platform? What are the results of our work? What do they desire? What medium tells your story What technologies, best? interfaces and experiences How is the audience What do they think about best support engagement? responding? you? What will connect with your audience and get a response? How can your experience be What do we need to do to How can you help them? more meaningful for the improve the response? audience? How many ways are your How do you interact with audience finding your them? business? 5
  6. 6. WAVU Digital | Web/Content/Creative/UX/Digital MarketingWe catalyze the connection between our clients and their customers through better content marketingstrategies, social community management, and leveraging the full capabilities of their Sitecore andtelligent solutions. New & Existing Clients Customers Content Driven Marketing (Strategy, Production, Editorial) User Creative Experience Digital Analytics E-Mail Social Mobile Marketing Marketing Tech 6
  7. 7. WAVU Digital Digital Marketing andWebsite Design
  8. 8. WAVU Digital | Digital MarketingDue to the complex manner in which today’s consumers engage online, a new, integratedmarketing approach is needed for effective optimization.• WAVU Digital approaches digital interactive marketing as an integrated program, not a series of independent projects.• This approach enables our clients to experience the improved efficiency and effectiveness that results from holistic campaign management.• Core services include: • Search Engine Optimization • Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing • Online Display Advertising • Social Media • Emerging Marketing Opportunities (mobile)• Performance measurement and analytics providing unsurpassed insight into the complete path to conversion data you desire to make smarter marketing and business decisions. 8
  9. 9. WAVU Digital | Creative and UX ExperienceWAVU Digitals user centered and design UX team ideate and create 2-3 themes and correspondingdesign mock ups for client consideration. Once a theme is selected we implement the design from anoptimized user experience perspective for the telligent community site and the interrelated marketingcommunications elements – email, social, mobile, et al. 9
  10. 10. WAVU Digital | Creative and UX Experience BEFORE AFTER Landing page design Custom web design Custom content management system SEO technical consulting and implementation Mobile web site development Automatic notification system using XML and mobile devices User testing, multivariate testing 10
  11. 11. WAVU Digital | Marketing Tech Build Develop Create Cloud Mobile apps for C#, Java, Objective-C, User Interface Design Building Solutions phones/tablets/ipads .NET, MVC 4+ Web Responsive Design Migrating Data iOS/android JavaScript, PHP, Internet Branding & Logo Transacting Business HTML5, CSS3, ASP. E-commerce Mirroring Platforms Business apps for Net, WCF, WPF, SQL Web Maintenance Mission Critical Apps Server, LINQ, AdobeSystem/Data Dashboards Creative Suite, Key Performance Silverlight, Azure, iOS, Indicators Android, WindowsBusiness Activity Monitors Server, Apache, MySQL, Linux, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics AX 11
  12. 12. Partnering with Sitecore and telligent
  13. 13. Partnerships | Industry Recognized LeaderWeb Content Management Systems: “So Five Years Ago;” You Need A Customer EngagementPlatform Source: Frost and Sullivan | March 2012 Sitecore: Leader with the most comprehensive vision Sitecore: Unprecedented Strong Performer position in first wave Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant 2012 Source: Forrester Wave (2011) 13
  14. 14. Sitecore Partnership | Sitecore Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)Web Content Management System  Content-based - separation of content and presentation  Pure .NET-based  Publishing engine  100% Browser-based user environment Real-time  Content Delivery System Personalization • Dynamic content delivery • Dynamic user experience delivery • Dynamic link management Testing OptimizingDigital Marketing System Sales Enablement  Engagement Automation  Engagement Analytics Campaign Management  Segmentation (personas)  Conversion Implicit / Explicit Personalization Tracking  Campaign Management Visitor  Page / Component level multi-variant testing Segmentation Content ProfilingAdditional Marketing Tools  Web Forms for Marketers User Experience Improvement  Ecommerce  Email Campaign Management Core WCM Traffic Analysis  222 14
  15. 15. telligent Partnership | telligentMost brands don’t have a social strategy. It’s no longer okay to not participate - customers expectbrands to engage. Participating Wikis Listening, establishing reputation (I’m one of you) Managed Listening, supporting, building reputation, marketing External Communities Owned Closed Network Listening, supporting, building relationships, collaborating Example: customer communities Internal Example: channels, members Communities Example: Intranets, communities of practice 15
  16. 16. Sitecore and Telligent FrameworkSitecore/telligent | Content and Social Working Together How Sitecore and telligent work in tandemEngagementmanagement Email Mobile & TV Web Social Wikis Blogs Engagement Test & Campaign Adaptive Applications Automation Optimize Management Segmentation Media Galleries Forums Ext campaign Universal External CRM Integration Connected and social Customer Analytics Status connectors Profiler Connected Activity Stream MessagesPerformance Executive Engagement Customer Intel Engagement Insight Content Pages User Profilesmanagement Analytics Datamart Optimization Dashboard Report Moderation Social Community Abuse Sitecore Digital Marketing System Comments Like Search (Solr) Rules based Web Forms E-commerce SharePoint Social Content Personalization Ratings Reputation Tags management Services Connected & Engagement & Preview Report Moderation Web, email & Data & Content Device and Dynamic Core Services Abuse Experience mobile content integration language Presentation Management management Services management Rendering Social Community Software Sitecore Content Mgmt System + Social Intelligence 16
  17. 17. Sitecore/telligent | Benefits of Connecting Increase brand awareness & positive word-of-mouth • Create integrated content and marketing campaigns • Wow customers with a unique brand experience • Mobilize brand advocates to share your messageSocialize Your Brand and Ease in Deploying and Web Experience Gain a Competitive Edge Managing Integration• Improves customer • Helps with audience • Sitecore installation engagement and acquisition by blending wizard relationships earned and owned media • Easily place social• Builds stronger brand • Quickly implement new capabilities on your web through engagement and social functionality into to pages transparency your current web site • Upgrade safe themes • Provides SSO capabilities 17