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World Young Reader Round Table 2011, Barbara Aschenbrenner


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  • 1. WORLD YOUNG READER ROUND TABLE Title: The core youth print strategy an association can do for you Speaker: Barbara Aschenbrenner Mark your calendar64th WORLD NEWspApER CONGREss19th WORLD EDITORs FORUM Vienna, Reed Messe Wien
  • 2. Newspapers at school :The core youth print strategy an association can do for you Reading skills through newspapers
  • 4. > ZiS offers…  Discovering the world through newspapers!… pupils the chance to thoroughly get to know the newspaper world.… teachers practical teaching aids and a variety of seminar materials.… publishers the opportunity to address tomorrow‘s readers.… children and parents numerous games and special newspaper issues for their shared reading pleasure.
  • 5. > What are the aims of ZiS? | Mission & Objectives reading newspapers = reading competence reading competence = media competence media competence = economic factor In the sense of media literacy - developing a desire to read newspapers - using newspapers as a source of information and entertainment - promotes the critical, reflective use of media
  • 6. > What are the aims of ZiS? | Mission & Objectives Reading enables learning! ZiS = a communication interface ZiS = a service centre and centre of excellence ZiS = an interface between newspapers, journals & magazines, pupils & teachers as well as those generally interested in the promotion of reading skills.
  • 7. > What are the aims of ZiS? | Mission & Objectives The promotion of reading is decisive as a challenge to our society. - Media socialisation = dominant factor for a broad and varied use of media - The print media as a primary medium must excel on account of their relevance and reliability, the use of language being their qualitative asset. - „If you want to invest in your future on a long-term perspective, the promotion of reading must start at primary school- level.“ Michael Haller, Professor of Journalism at the University of Leipzig
  • 8. > What does ZiS do? | Projects & Seminars ● newspaper projects & comparative studies newspaper subscriptions for the whole class ● newspaper workshops for primary schools and lower forms ● teaching materials for educators ● training- and further education-seminars for teacher and those generally interested
  • 10. > Practising reading- and text-comprehension inZiS-newspaper projects and comparative studies „ZiS-newspaper project“ • 1 daily/weekly newspaper/magazine • 4 weeks free of charge • reading and understanding newspaper texts, getting to know the various departments, elements of a news item „ZiS-comparative study“ • 3 daily/weekly newspapers/magazines • 4 weeks free of charge • analysis of language, topics and choice of news items, a concise survey of Austria‘s newspaper market
  • 11. > pupils‘ willingness to read has increased! Up to 120.000 pupils aged 8 to 18 yearly participate in these ZiS-newspaper pojects Significant results: 72% claim the pupils‘ willingness to read has increased 45% claim the pupils‘ reading abilities have improved 84% of the teachers consider the project a success 88% state the effort was worthwhile
  • 13. > Newspaper workshops for school classes all over Austria WS- „newspaper jungle“ 8 to 10 years | 3rd and 4th form 2-hour workshop € 3,- / pupil WS- „newspaper ahoy!“ 12 to 14 years | 6th to 8th form 3-hour workshop € 4,- / pupil - used newspaper and worksheets - then talked to a journalist - visited a printing plant, university library or press agency
  • 14. 1_ portraits2_ news of the day „Newspaper Jungle“3_ being a reporter Tasks on the circuit4_ an interview5_ items of a headline6_ the weather, events7_ photos8_ departments, topics9_ advertisements10_ cartoons, puzzles, jokes
  • 15. „Newspaper Jungle“The Instructions „Newspaper Jungle“ The Worksheets
  • 16. 1_ discovering the Austrian newspaper market2_ taking a closer look at newspapers3_ Who can answer this?4_ photo workshop5_ writing a comic6_ holding your own interview „Newspaper ahoy!“7_ quizzes Tasks on the circuit8_ a flurry of title pages9_ Advertising – who advertises for what?10_ analysing the media11_ XXL-headlines12_ flashlight fury13_ entertainment in newspapers
  • 17. „Newspaper ahoy!“The Instructions „Newspaper ahoy!“ The Worksheets
  • 18. > newspaper workshops - …and counting numbers quoted referring to the whole of Austria 2008/2009 83 workshops 1.893 pupils 2009/2010 125 workshops 2.756 pupils
  • 20. >Teaching Materials for primary school materials for primary school ● „miniZ“ a 16-page newspaper workbook in colour ● „ZiS-box“ 8 amazing card games | 8 years and older ● „Reading pass no.1 & official certificate“ reading pass for beginners ● „Reading pass no.2 & official certificate“ reading pass for advanced readers
  • 21. >Teaching Materials for lower forms materials for lower forms ● „ZiS aktuell“ newspaper articles with methodologic- didactic preparations ● „Searching for clues“ reading exercises research tasks, different types of texts and photos ● „Reading newspapers – step by step“ Understanding texts by excerpting from them Information and opinion, ● „Print media advertising“
  • 22. >Teaching Materials for upper forms materials for upper forms ● Women in newspapers – newspapers about women gender identities and role assignments ● On worlds of text and seas of signs – a Journalistic expedition into the realm of language The topical aspect of language in newspapers ● a research into newspapers history of newspaper writing ● DemokraZ!S We are democracy – politics for young people
  • 24. > Media-educational ZiS-seminars • basic seminars (2 days) • special seminars (1 to 2 days) Teachers of all school types and grades are given valuable impulses for guiding critical young newspaper readers in class. • media-educational lectures • discussions • workshops • tours of publishing houses • expert instructors from the world of journalism, culture and arts
  • 25. > Media-educational ZiS-seminarsBasic seminars (2 days)- „Skilled reading in the newspaper world“- „A critical view of language in Newspapers“Special seminars (1 to 2 days)- „Newspapers in the course of time“- „The Austrian newspaper market“- „Advertising works – but how and why?“- „Political education with Newspapers“- „Culture in the print media“- „Ethics and responsibility in journalism“- „Designing your own school journal on the computer“- „School journals-creative texts, selection of topics and general Organisation“- „Titles-teasers-temperament - Writing for the paper – writing for the school“- „Sports coverage in the print media“- „Reading newspapers at primary Schools“
  • 26. ZiS – ONLINE
  • 27. > ZiS online | Website • New quiz weekly • Info pages with newspaper articles and newspaper portraits • Sample pages of teaching materials • ZiS-Onlineshop Online Shop • Teaching materials working impulses and worksheets suitable for the immediate use in class
  • 28. > ZiS online | online-games Interactively & playfully capturing the world of newspapers ZiS quiz │ from age 10 ten questions of the junior or professional quiz! Infoclick │ from age 10 Bars, columns and curves in diagrams
  • 29. > ZiS online | newsletter & www.zis.atBecome a fan of ZiSon facebook! ZiS - Newsletter subscribe to it!
  • 30. ZiS – PREVIEW
  • 31. > ZiS preview Additionally ZiS-Events - Film–Writing–Workshop “Michael” December 2011 A cooperation with the Stadtkino film distribution and cinema company - Event on the occasion of world pressfreedom day 3rd May May 2012 Austrian Parliament, pressroom - ZiS-competitions for pupils in June 2012 Video film contest: “Speakers Corner“
  • 33. > Who supports ZiS? | The Association & FundingZiS = an independent, non-profit associationZiS = founded by the VÖZ (Austrian Newspaper Association) in 1995sponsors supporting ZiS/funds:- Austrian Newspaper Association- Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture- Komm Austria press subsidies from the Austrian Communications Authority- Norske Skog- membership fees from the publishers- sale of teaching materials- newspaper workshops
  • 34. Thank you for your attention!