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Making mobile click in Africa, Kromberg

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  • 1. 10 – 12 October 2011, Vienna, Reed Messe WienMedia PortSession: Mobile Publishing BusinessTitle: Making mobile click in AfricaSpeaker: Steve Kromberg, NikaNOW / David Rabkin Project forExperiential Journalism, Rhodes University, South Africa
  • 2. Experiential learning platform Community newspaper Financially self-sufficient
  • 3. Grocotts Mail reporterscirca 1900
  • 4. “Freemium” business model  Free for ordinary users  Premium users (businesses etc) pay to advertise  Advertising features:•  Specials•  Events•  Sticky banners•  Notifications•  Competitions
  • 5. Advantages of using NikaNOW  Community of practice  Much cheaper than developing a new platform  Automated content – low level of effort  Very lightweight, non-resource intensive CMS  Optimised for mobile  Easy to customise for local area / city  Intuitive admin front-end for customising content  Social media integration
  • 6. NikaNOW Community of Practice  Basic set up and hosting on our servers  Ongoing support (remote and on-site)  Technical and business training  Marketing strategy and templates  Ongoing development  Special features (eg. SMS notifications / short codes)  Collaborative purchasing and selling of advertising  Syndication of hyperlocal contentBasic fee and reasonable charges for services
  • 7. Benefits of the Community of Practice  Economies of scale  Platform enhancements benefit all instances  Shared development costs  Shared training material costs  Shared marketing material costs  Geographical exclusivity  Collective learning  Collective negotiation of partnerships (eg zero-rated data)
  • 8. Going it alone: technical obstacles  Cost and complexity of setting up hosting for a mobisite  Difficult to recreate the time based display mechanism  Researching and choosing best CMS option  Setting up SMS Gateway to integrate with CMS for sending/ receiving messages
  • 9. Critical success factors (users)  Internet-enabled phones  Reasonably-priced mobile data  Regularly-updated specials & other content  Effective marketing through other channels  Educated users (peer education)  Traffic drivers (eg. social media)
  • 10. Critical success factors (revenue)  Enthusiastic, skilled ad sales force  Big enough pool of advertisers  Enough users  Advertisers experience success  Cross-media most effective
  • 11. NikaNOW components licenses in brackets  CodeIgniter (CI Custom, similar to GPL)  DataMapper (MIT)  CIMobile (GPL)  Twitter API Library (GPL v2)  HTML DOM Parse (MIT)  FooStack (MIT)  jQuery & jQuery UI (MIT and GPL)  jqGrid (MIT and GPL)  Google Static Maps (Google Maps APIs Terms)
  • 12. Requirements to customise code  Ability to develop in PHP using CodeIgniter framework and MVC architecture  Understanding of JavaScript using frameworks like Jquery  Understanding of SVN repositories and a Linux server environment
  • 13. www.nikanow.comstevek@grocotts.co.za