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Content Targeting

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  • 1. 10 – 12 October 2011, Vienna, Reed Messe WienMedia PortSession: Innovative AdvertisingTitle: Content TargetingSpeaker: Markus Breuer, nugg.ad AG
  • 2. ANINCONVENIENTTRUTH … nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 3. For each individual visitor95% of your website80% of your homepage99% of your adsare totally irrelevant! nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 4. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 5. of these h eadlinesH ow many for you,were „in teresting“pe rsonally? nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 6. ur ry visitor of yo nice, if eveW ouldn‘t it be see pages ,… nlywebs ite would o , ic s/products rily present top... w hich prima to him/her? st what a re of intere is in a way that approa ch her/him e r, educatio n, ... which /he r age, gend approp riate for his ? li festyle etc. e ge r visit, mor h would le ad to a lon impression s? … whic sa nd more ad d page impression nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 7. EXACTLY THAT ISCONTENTTARGETING! nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 8. Content TargetingBetter operating results by delivering more relevant contentPit Gottschalk (Axel Springer AG) & Markus Breuer (nugg.ad AG) Ifra - Vienna, Oct. 12th 2011 nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 9. The Goal:PRESENTING RELEVANTCONTENT TO ABROAD TARGET GROUP nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 10. Our product is intended for customers in the hedonisticmilieu (and to 30% in the expeditive milieu) Our customershousehold income is average or slightly above average. Mostof them are between 25 and 45. Some 65% are women.A TARGET GROUP nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 11. This is a et“, isn‘t it?rather b road „targ nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 12. Exactly how do Iapproach a visitor,who is 65% femaleand 35% male? nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 13. rt sighted st website s are shoMo rry focus,today, u sing a bluint entionally. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 14. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 15. nd this is the resultA vision …of su ch a blurry nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 16. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 17. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 18. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 19. rybody“„Someth ing for eve we really want that?Do nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 20. a se d o n ontent Ta rgeting – bC redictivetried-an d-proven p you put vioral targ eting helpsbeha the really a sharp focus on gments. relev ant sub-se nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 21. The Audience Now nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 22. The Audience With Targeting nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 23. Use Facts to Approach Your Customer Age Gender Personal income Occupation Education Household size Children Household leadership Household income Household provider nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 24. THE ALTERNATIVE TO “BLURRY”:CONTENTTARGETING nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 25. Content TargetingA SIMPLIFIED EXAMPLE … nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 26. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 27. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 28. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 29. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 30. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 31. 1.  Determining readers demographics and interests2.  Classifying content according to interests3.  Prioritising according to matching interestsTHE PROJECT APPROACH nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 32. Three Partners retresco   •  ClassificaCon   •  PresenaCon  Layer   •  Content  Backend   Axel  Springer   nugg.ad   •  Premium  Content   •  Profiles   •  Premium  Brands   •  Behavioral  data   •  Huge  Reach   Relevant   News   nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 33. BUT, COULDN’T WE DO ITWITH USER PREFERENCES? nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 34. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 35. No, b ecause … y uses it!ne arly nobod than 5% of usersTypica l l y l e ss nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 36. BUT, WHAT ABOUT USINGINFORMATION FROMSOCIAL NETWORKS? nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 37. nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von  Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 38. ork well, b ecause …Won’t w curators! nds are N OT greatfrie superior a pproach:The nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 39. Know your Readers! nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 40. 1.  The best content2.  Presented according to reader’s interests  More page views  More ad impressions  Higher reader satisfactionCAUSE & EFFECT nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 41. THE END VISIT US AT BOOTH A-270& BOOTH A-670 nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL  
  • 42. This  document  and  the  informaCon  it  contains  are  confidenCal,  for  the  private  use  only  of  the  recipient.  It  should  not  be  copied  or  reproduced  in  whole  or  in  part  without  the  prior  wriKen  consent  of    nugg.ad  AG,  Berlin  (the  “Company”),  and  should  not  be  distributed  to  any  other  person.  Although   the   informaCon   and   recommendaCons   in   this   document   are   presented   in   good   faith   and  believed   to   be   correct,   nugg.ad   AG   makes   no   representaCons   or   warranCes   as   to   the   completeness,  Cmeliness   or   accuracy   of   the   informaCon.   InformaCon   is   supplied   upon   the   condiCon   that   the   persons  receiving  same  will  make  their  own  determinaCon  as  to  its  suitability  for  their  purposes  prior  to  use.  In  no  event  will  nugg.ad  AG  be  responsible  for  damages  of  any  nature  whatsoever  resulCng  from  the  use  of  or  reliance  upon  informaCon  from  this  document  or  the  products  to  which  the  informaCon  refers.  THIS   DOCUMENT   IS   PROVIDED   ON   AN   "AS   IS"   BASIS.   NO   REPRESENTATIONS   OR   WARRANTIES,   EITHER  EXPRESS   OR   IMPLIED,   OF   MERCHANTABILITY,   FITNESS   FOR   A   PARTICULAR   PURPOSE   OR   OF   ANY   OTHER  NATURE   ARE   MADE   HEREUNDER   WITH   RESPECT   TO   INFORMATION   OR   THE   PRODUCTS   TO   WHICH  INFORMATION  REFERS  DISCLAIMER nugg.ad  ist  ein  Unternehmen  von   Deutsche  Post  DHL