Nov 2012


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Nov 2012

  1. 1. Our Saviour Lutheran Preschool 120 South Henry Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302Director: Christina L. Scholzchristina@oslc-gb.orgSchool 920-468-3596November 2012Dear Parents, “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken” Hebrews 12:28. It is for the kingdom that we give thanks! Yes, we give thanks for God’s dailyblessings and care including all the necessities of life, but in the economic uncertaintyof these days, we can fall into the trap of forgetting that for which we truly givethanks—all that God has done for us in Christ Jesus! I pray that as you observeThanksgiving Day your gratefulness overflows, even if right now you are struggling inany way. Give thanks with a grateful heart because He has given Jesus Christ, HisSon—FOR YOU.EQUIPMENT We are currently introducing sensory equipment and adding it to our red cabinet.We have demonstrated the use of various equipment; dealing with perception andsmall motor skill development; such as the pink tower, perceptisort, sorting trays, nuts& bolts, tactilo, & perception boards. We will continue to introduce material in our4K class throughout the year. For psychomotor, we will begin using hoops, musical activities, parachute,bouncing & catching balls. We will also use November and December to introducebalancing and tumbling skills. This movement time gives the children practiceworking on various large motor skills, such as body and space awareness, visual motorcontrol, balance and hand-eye coordination.INCLAMENT WEATHER Please note that OSLP follows the Green Bay Public Schools for school cancellationdue to inclement weather. When you see the Green Bay Public schools are cancelled,our programs will be cancelled for that day as well. Our Saviour Preschool will NOTshow on the cancellation list. Please follow GB public school closing. A late startmeans no morning preschool for that day.
  2. 2. SNOW GEAR Please do not send your child to school wearing boots. OSLC takes great care inshoveling the parking lot and sidewalk and since we do not go out during the wintermonths it would make is so much easier if we only had to deal with hats, gloves andcoats.SICK CHILDREN We ask you to please keep your children home when they are not well. We dounderstand how much they want to be here, but it is not fair to expose their friendswho are well. They need to be clear of any fever for 24 hours before they return toclass. Please call and notify the office at 468-4065 if they will not be in class. Thankyou.SELF- HELP SKILLS We are encouraging the children to improve their self-help skills, by having thempractice at home in the evenings. We also have a wooden shoe and “dressing myself”activity boards at school that will be introduced to practice tying, zipping, buttoningetc…on their own. Your child will be expected to zip, snap, button, tie and buckletheir own clothing and shoes w/o help in kindergarten. Please practice with them athome and encourage them to keep trying. It is our policy, to have children wear theircoats to pick-up lines unless it is warm out and we would like them to beginpracticing on their coats and backpacks.NAMES We have begun stressing name recognition (4K) in school. The children are beingencouraged to recognize their names on our helper of the day chart and ourplacemats during snack time. When your child shows an interest in printing his/hername, please help them to do it the correct way—the first letter is capital and theremainder are lowercase. All letters begin formation at the top and continue down.Example (Mary not MARY), we are encouraging bestpractice so that they are ready for Kindergarten. If you want any other advice onhandwriting skills please ask.SCISSORS These past two months your child has been shown how to use scissors (using thethumb on the top hole and the index and middle finger in the bottom hole.)Learning to cut is a very important early childhood skill. We encourage you to have ablunt-nosed pair of scissors available to your child at home. Provide paper that can beeasily cut such as notebook, magazines, old coloring books, butcher, or constructionpaper. If your child has had very little previous cutting experience, let him or her cutrandomly. Gradually, make it more challenging—cutting out pictures, cutting on astraight line, or on curved lines, etc.
  3. 3. CHRISTMAS CORNER/Gift Wrapping CenterWe are already thinking Christmas in Preschool. We are collecting itemsto use in our Creative Writing/Art Center. If you would like to donateitems like: buttons, bows, ribbon, cards, pipe cleaners, glitter etc… Wewould appreciate it. This is one of their favorite centers and we love tokeep it stocked and we need your help.THINKING CHRISTMASLast week Wednesday and Thursday Mrs. Prindle sent home a bookorder. If you are thinking Christmas we will make sure that these itemsremain a secret. DATES TO REMEMBERNovember 8-92 NO SCHOOL: Parent Teacher conferences WI DellsNovember 15 NO SCHOOL: Weidner Center Field Trip 9:00A.M. start for all classesNovember 16 NO SCHOOL 4K Join us on Nov. 15th for Bernstein BearsNovember 19-20 No School Parent Teacher ConferencesNovember 21 In-service No School WEIDNER CENTER FIELD TRIP: November 15th All Classes Meet this Day COST is $ 10.00 for student bus and ticket. If you are aparent volunteer we need to collect $7.00 to cover your ticket. I only have 12 ticketson hold for adult chaperones. If you would like to attend please let me know ASAPand I will see if I can add a few tickets to our school count. They are usually veryhelpful about adding tickets if we contact early. I have several extra tickets. Parentsdo not pay bus fee only the students. Parents only pay for the ticket.Please note that the Weidner show starts at 10:00so we will not begin class until 9:00 on this day.We will leave school at 9:15.
  4. 4. Integrity When they’re younger, children’s lies sometimes are cute and entertaining, but as they get older, November: their lies can wreak havoc in your life and in theirs. Teaching children to be honest—even when Stewardship it’s hard to tell the truth—is an “I am only one, but I am one. important lesson to teach your “Now it is I cannot do everything, child over and over. The more you required that but I can do something. model and emphasize living an those who have And that which I can do, honest life where your words by the Grace of God, match your actions, the more kids been given a I will do.” will see that honest truly is the best trust must prove policy. faithful”. ~ Dwight L. Moody~ † Young children often get their 1 Corinthians 4:2 imagination and reality mixed up, so they aren’t actually lying when they’re telling a story they’ve created. Teach your child about honesty but also allow him to explore and express his rich God’s Promises Are True! imagination.Read: John 21: 7-9 † Watch your (and other people’s) reactions when your child tells a “cute” lie, such as sneaking anotherTalk Together: Have you ever eaten fish for breakfast? cookie off of the dessert plate andHave you ever had breakfast with Jesus? You probably saying, “I don’t see any cookie.have but you didn’t know it! Maybe you pray this table Do you?” If you (or others)prayer before you eat: “Come, Lord Jesus, be our Guest, applaud this behavior andand let this food to us be blest.” When you pray this encourage it by laughing everyprayer, you invite Jesus to eat with you. He IS with time, your child is only going toyou—but He’s invisible! But you can trust His promise to learn how to do it better.“be with you always.” When do you invite Jesus to bewith your family? What are your family’s favorite tableprayers?