Microsoft Windows Network Auditing and Reporting Solution


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The Windows Enterprise and network level auditing and reports generation solution Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE) is a powerful and useful tool for network engineers and systems administrators. It helps them keep an eye on the domain controllers, servers, workstations, systems, users, folders, shares, resources present and utilized (how, when, what, by whom) as well as the permissions in an enterprise wide environment.

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Microsoft Windows Network Auditing and Reporting Solution

  1. 1. Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE) Auditing and reporting solution for Microsoft Windows Network from Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited
  2. 2. ARKWE Highlights • Gather information about Windows domains, servers, users, groups, policies, events, services, installed applications, shares, permissions, printers, data resources, etc. • Built-in reports provide powerful, ready-to-use reports that assist in Management reporting and Compliance reporting requirements such as SOX and HIPPA • View all domains across the enterprise, their associated servers as well as trust relationships across the domains • Flexible Export feature to export reports from ARKWE to MS-Access database / HTML / XLS / PDF / TIFF / Comma Separated Values (CSV) file format. Data can also be stored in SQL servers • Manage Favorite servers - Windows Servers that need special attention can be tracked using "Scan Profiles" tool • Filter and Customize data - Filter and Customize options to track and report only the desired information across different logical entities
  3. 3. Some of the important features of the ARKWE
  4. 4. View all domains across the enterprise, their associated servers and trust relationships
  5. 5. Scan a domain or its subset to generate Summary Reports – OS, service pack, network configuration, H/W info, Apps, Shares, etc.
  6. 6. Gather detailed reports on Groups and User Accounts from Servers across your domain
  7. 7. Gather reports on effective policies on Servers – User Rights Assignments, Account Lockout, Audit Policies, Security, etc.
  8. 8. Gather reports on effective policies on Domain Controllers – Audit, User Rights Assignment, Security, IP Security, etc.
  9. 9. Gather Services summary from domain controllers and servers from various domains
  10. 10. Gather summary about important resources – shares, folder permissions, security levels, etc. on the network
  11. 11. Manage important computers throughout your enterprise using the Scan Profiles feature
  12. 12. Enumerate computers throughout your enterprise network using either the Computer Browser service or the Active Directory Services
  13. 13. Store application data either in MS Access or SQL Server according to your preference or need
  14. 14. Use the Built-in Reports feature for quick generation of reports on – Permissions, Shares and Resources, Users and Groups, Domains, etc.
  15. 15. Use the Enterprise Events reports feature to gather information on important Events – example Application, Security, System as well as the saved logs
  16. 16. Use the Filter feature to remove unwanted details and get a short and precise report according to your preference
  17. 17. Use the Customize View feature to create customized reports based on columns of your choice
  18. 18. Export the reports to your preferred destination and in the file format of your choice
  19. 19. Send reports as emails to your account or the concerned account and in the preferred file format. This allows you to scan reports at your leisure
  20. 20. Here’s a sample report exported to the destination folder in the .xls file format as required by the administrator
  21. 21. For more on the ARKWE visit audit/windows-network-audit-and-software-inventory- reports.htm