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Global Video Insights - December 2012

  1. 1. Global Video Insights • December 2012With increased mobile video consumption comes stunninginsights into the minds of consumers worldwide. We knowwhat users are searching for, what country they’re in, andwhat devices they’re using. When we aggregate that data,it makes for a compelling snapshot of trends in the mobileworld. Welcome to Global Video Insights from Vuclip.
  2. 2. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com2Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each monthGlobal Video Insights • December 2012Hello and welcome to this month’s Global Video Insights Report.According to eMarketer’s “US Digital Media Usage: A Snapshot of 2013,” majorgrowth is expected in video viewing on mobile devices. They expect a nearly 20%increase in mobile video viewers in the US alone in the next year. In addition,engagement metrics for mobile video users are remarkable. AdColony and Nielsenrecently reported that mobile video advertising elicits brand recall 4.8 times higherthan online and 5.8 times higher than TV.These reports of growth and engagement are spot on with what we are seeingat Vuclip as well. And we’re able to drill down and find out more about theseconsumers – what they are searching for and viewing, their device purchaseintentions and who they admire when it comes to political leaders and celebrities.We’ve included a sampling of all of this in this month’s report.Enjoy!Happy Holidays,Judith ColeyVice President, Marketing
  3. 3. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com3Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each monthThe World Has Gone Crazy for Tablets: Holiday Purchase IntentionsIn November, Vuclip surveyed tens of thousands of mobile video users about tablets. We gaugedpurchase intentions, favorite brands, and who will be getting a gadget this holiday season. You’llsee that the U.S., U.K. and Canada are all on the same page. Tablets are hot this holiday seasonand “self-gifting” is equally popular!More than 20,000 unique users in the U.S. responded; nearly 9,000 in the U.K. and approximately 17,000 in Canada. Users were provided with seven multiple-choice questions and had the option to participate or opt out. No incentives were provided for responding.What brand will you buy?What is the most important feature?Who will you buy it for?I plan to purchase this holiday season76%74%76% I plan to make this purchase by December 2557%59%65%29% Apple62% Self26% Brand32% Apple67% Self74% Self28% Brand32% Apple30% Brand34% BlackBerry24% Family17% Family32% BlackBerry34% Other9%Friend9%Friend65% Other36% Other67% Other49% Other67% Other7%*7%*3%*22% Samsung25% Family 13%Friend*Screen Size
  4. 4. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com4Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month4India’s Leadership Icons 2012Ratan TataSaina NehwalRahul GandhiPreetha ReddyAs the year comes to a close,we uncovered India’s favoriteleadership icons in 2012. Morethan 47,000 votes poured in forIndia’s most admired businessleaders, politicians and athletes.Septuagenarian Ratan Tataemerged as India’s business icon.In the world of sports, 22-year-old Badminton ace Saina Nehwalcontinued her winning streak andtopped cricket’s 39-year old masterblaster Sachin Tendulkar as theleadership icon in sports category.Taking a big leap this year intomainstream politics, Rahul Gandhiwas the obvious choice among ourrespondents. However, a surprisecame in the women leaderscategory when Apollo Hospitals’MD Preetha Reddy got more votesthan Nita Ambani, Ekta Kapoor andRitu Kumar!
  5. 5. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com5Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month5India’s Bollywood Icons 2012When looking at thisyear’s favorite icons inIndia, how could weleave Bollywood behind?Khans may have theirclout, but no one beats theShahenshah! At 70, AmitabhBachchan proved that he stillrules Bollywood, especiallywhen it comes to the heartsof India’s mobile users.Touted as the Meryl Streepof India, Bollywood’s firstfemale superstar, Sridevitoo left Kareena, Vidya andKatrina behind to make a solidcomeback as India’s mostadmired actress this year.While we too would haveplaced a blindfolded bet onAR Rahman as the favoritemusic composer, maleplayback singer Sonu Niigaamand filmmaker AdityaChopra emerged as India’sheartthrobs in a tight finish.AmitabhBachchanSrideviAR RahmanAditya ChopraSonu Niigaam
  6. 6. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com6Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month6India’s Hollywood Icons 2012Angelina Jolie was voted as themost admired Hollywood actresswhile Johhny Depp was thehottest Hollywood actor of 2012.The most-admired female singertitle went to Lady Gaga, owing tothe huge success of her albums,the launch of her very own socialnetwork, and her philanthropicspirit this year.American singer-songwriterBruno Mars, who recentlyperformed at the annualVictoria’s Secret Fashion Show,emerged as the most admiredmale singer of 2012.Angelina JolieJohhny DeppLady GagaBruno MarsLooking to the leadingstars of Hollywood, hereare the most-admiredTinseltown stars.
  7. 7. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com7Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each monthThe perfectionist Aamir Khan isback in action with his latest releaseTalaash, securing fourth position inthe top India searches this month.The psychological suspense thrillermade a fantastic showing at the boxoffice in the first week of its release.Seems like 2012 has been a great yearfor the film industry with big hits suchas SRK’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Aamir’sTalaash and Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger.Spotlight on India If Khans were in the limelightthis year, our Khiladi AkshayKumar was not far behind. Hisrecent action-comedy movie,Khiladi 786 made an entry atthe box office. While we willhave to wait and watch tosee if this film gives anotherblockbuster to the film industryor plunges into the backseat,it has already pushed AkshayKumar into the top Indiasearches on mobile this month.Top India SearchesTop 10 India Videos1 First Look Of Dabangg 22 Aishwarya Turns 393Ajmal Kasab Hanged at Pune’sYerawada Jail This Morning4 Life of Pi5 Dare Devil Katrina6Top Stars Of The Year SalmanAnd Kareena7Sexy Monica Bedi Dazzling OnThe Ramp8 Talaash Theatrical Trailer9 End Of Khan War10 Rani Tu Mein Raja Son Of SardaarSalman Bhai is back in his role asChulbul Pandey to grab the topposition in mobile video viewsthis month for the first looks ofDabangg2. Life of Pi, Talaash andSon of Sardaar too were usualsuspects in the top ten videos, butinterestingly, it was Aishwarya’s 39thbirthday that made it to the secondspot on this month’s top videos.For once, Bollywood took abackseat as the nation had moreserious issues to unite on. AjmalKasab, the only surviving attackerof 26/11 was hanged and buried atYerwada Jail in Pune. Mobile usersstayed glued to their phones tocatch the latest updates.1 Jab Tak Hai Jaan2 Bollywood Unplugged3 WWE4 Talaash5 Son of Sardaar6 Akshay Kumar7NDTV EntertainmentNews - English8 Katrina Kaif9 Ajmal Kasab10 Khiladi 786December 20121 Dirty Picture2 Sonakshi Sinha3 Rockstar4 Kareena Kapoor5 Malaika Arora Khan6 Dabang7 Desi Boyz8 Katrina Kaif9 Jacqueline Fernandez10 Sunny LeoneDecember 2011
  8. 8. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com8Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month1 Pakistan2 Bangladesh3 WWE4 India5 Cricket6 Hollywood Gossip7 Kim Kardashian8 Hollywood Trailers9 Love Life Aur Lahore10 Jennifer Lopez, DubaiDecember 20121 Ashley Tisdale2 Marco Simoncelli3 Jwoww4 Bhojpuri5 Bangla Song6 Kim Kardashian7 Mallu8 Bangla9 Shakira10 Marvadi SongsDecember 2011Our most-viewed for the month ofNovember is a video called (roughlytranslated): “Wisdom lies behind the storyof the bridge.” This story is about twobrothers who own a piece of land togetherand eventually have a falling out. One ofthem hires a builder to erect a wall on hisside so he doesn’t have to see his brother.Not heeding his directives, the builderbuilds a bridge instead that connects bothparts of the land together, which ultimatelybrings the two brothers together again.Spotlight on UAE The Pilot Prank video,which was createdby a viewer using theVuclip Producer Appon iPhone, made ourtop video views forthis month. The videoshows a small aircraftpilot pretendingto be unconscious.This prank fools thecameraman withhilarious results.Top UAE SearchesTop 10 UAE Videos It’s no wonder that thisvideo made the top videos ofNovember in UAE. The videodepicts the amazing rotationof one of Dubai’s signatureskyscrapers and the peopleof UAE take evident pride inthis accomplishment.Young Scientist from UAE is a local videodocumentary about a young boy whosefather is unable to walk. The boy did hisown research in the hope that he couldhelp his father walk. With the help of adoctor, he comes up with an inventionthat is currently under development.1 Story of the Bridge2 Loyal to My Country UAE3 Wasim Yousif-Religion4 Pilot Prank5 Young Scientist from UAE6 Story of Indian Muslim Man7 Dubai Rotating Tower8 TV Show Tash Ma Tash9 Black Magic in Morocco10 Treating Headache in Africa
  9. 9. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com9Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month1 Cricket2 Hollywood3 Funny videos4 Shakira5 Mila Kunis6 Tom and Jerry7 Tiesto8 Rihanna9 Channing Tatum10 Kristen StewartDecember 20121 Agnes Monica2 SEA Games 20113 Paris Hilton4 Naruto5 Luna Maya6 Julia Perez7 Suster Keramas8 Miranda Kerr9 Raffi Ahmad10 Sarah AzhariDecember 2011What do cricket, DJ Tiesto and Tomand Jerry have in common? Theyall fascinate Indonesian mobilevideo consumers. And they joinglobal pop sensation Rihanna,Breaking Dawn actress KristenStewart and People’s Sexiest ManAlive 2012 Channing Tatum as topsearches for this November.Spotlight on Indonesia American actressMila Kunis is hot inIndonesia these days.Perhaps it’s becauseshe and boyfriendAshton Kutcher hada romantic holiday inBali late this summer.Top Indonesia SearchesTop 10 Indonesia Videos Kagemu’s ‘Black Sun’synchronizes projectedvideo with Japanese dance.Artist Nobuyuki Hanabusaand dancer KatsumiSakakur, together known asKagemu, have since beenan inspiration to otherartists, including Beyoncé.Kicking off with the warning:“Naked flames and flyingcrockery can be dangerous,”Professor Richard Wiseman’sTop 10 Party Science Stuntscan help you boost yourarsenal of party tricks.1Kagemu-Black Sun Hip Hop ParisPerformance2Flashmob Orchestre Symphoniquedans la rue (Som Sabadell)3 Car Accident4 Porky Pig in “Scaredy Cat”5 Prank- Scary Snowman6 Top 10 Party Science Stunts7 Jerome Murat8 Super Human Strength9 Bernard Bear Ngakak10The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn - Part 2
  10. 10. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • info@vuclip.com10Global Video Insights • December 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each monthNewly married star Anne Hathawayhas played a number of memorableroles in films such as BrokebackMountain, The Devil Wears Pradaand the Princess Diaries. Shealso has been nominated by theAcademy for Best Actress for herrole in Rachel Getting Married.Spotlight on the U.S.A.Olivia Munn is anewcomer to our list.Of late, she is a seriesregular on AaronSorkin’s HBO seriesThe Newsroom as thecharacter Sloan Sabbith,the network’s financialnews reporter.Red hot young actress JenniferLawrence started out her careerby playing leading roles on TV, aswell as in the independent filmsThe Burning Plain and Winter’sBone, for which she receivednominations for the AcademyAward, Golden Globe Award, andthe Screen Actors Guild Award.Biographies of young female U.S.actresses are big this month, earningfour of the top ten coveted spots fortop mobile video views. And Hollywoodand celebrities are still the most activelysearched on mobile video, with musiciansand actors taking all of the top slots.Top 10 U.S. Videos1Miley Cyrus: Biography of HannahMontana Singer and Actress2Jennifer Lawrence Bio: Star ofThe Hunger Games3Kristen Stewart Bio andActing Origins4Anne Hathaway Bio: “PrincessDiaries” to “The Dark Knight Rises”5 Top 10 Dance Crazes6 Extreme Motorcycle Stunt7 Photoshoot - Carrie-Ann8Professional Thief Robs 4 Peopleon Stage9Rihanna Rocks Victoria’s SecretFashion Show10Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s IncredibleGoal1 Shakira2 Mila Kunis3 Rihanna4 Channing Tatum5 Kristen Stewart6 Daniel Craig7 Kim Kardashian8 Olivia Munn9 Justin Bieber10 BeyonceDecember 20121 Kim Kardashian2 Kristen Stewart3 UFC4 Pamela Anderson5 Michael Jackson6 Justin Bieber7 Beyonce8 Britney Spears9 Twilight: Breaking Dawn10 RihannaDecember 2011Top U.S.A. Searches
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