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Video tutorial

  1. 1. Creating Video-Based Tutorials
  2. 2. Creating Video-Based Tutorials 1.Reach students with a variety of learning styles and information acquisition styles. 2.Engage students in problem-solving and investigative activities.
  3. 3. Creating Video-Based Tutorials 3. Begin to dismantle social stereotypes. 4. Help students practice media literacy and critical viewing skills. 5. Provide a common experience for students to discuss
  4. 4. Simple Ways to Create Videos 1. Shooting live action using camera, smartphone, or tablet. - A ‘traditional’ way to produce a video clip. - Simply set up the camera, hit record, and start explaining a concept. - Considered the easiest way to create video resources.
  5. 5. Simple Ways to Create Videos To get the most from your device: - Check sound: Record a little and then listen. Can you be heard clearly? Is there any background sound? - Think about the light. Avoid standing in front of a sunny window or in a room with low light levels. - Keep stable: Using tripods and grips to avoid wobbly videos.
  6. 6. Simple Ways to Create Videos 2. Transform existing resources into video If shooting video doesn’t interest you, you can use an existing PowerPoint presentation. - Using PowerPoint 2011 on a Mac To record a voiceover narration and convert your presentation into a video follow these directions:
  7. 7. Simple Ways to Create Videos Click Slide Show > Record Slide Show to start your presentation and begin recording. Once complete PowerPoint will prompt you to save the timings of your recordings, click Yes. Click File > Save as Movie, choose where you’d like to save your file and click Save.
  8. 8. Simple Ways to Create Videos Using PowerPoint 2010 or later on a PC With PowerPoint for PC you can record your voice over narration separately before or during presenting a slide show. When you’re ready to save your video: Click File > Save & Send, then Create a video. Select where to save your video.
  9. 9. Video Sharing Sites Anyone can set up a free YouTube channel. Simple to upload videos and share them with anyone. Careful with inappropriate comments by viewers.
  10. 10. Video Sharing Sites Primarily used for posting instructional videos by teachers. Provides good examples of educational videos on which student projects could be modeled.
  11. 11. Video Sharing Sites Have similar features as Youtube. Allows users to organize content into albums and channels. Create custom viewing options. Vimeo also has some great tutorials on its. website
  12. 12. Video Sharing Sites An alternative to YouTube and Vimeo. Host your videos and distribute them from Blip to online media sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.
  13. 13. Video Sharing Sites GoogleDocs With a Google account, video can be uploaded to GoogleDocs and then shared out to any designated audience either via a direct link or with an embed code. Google has great support resources available.