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  • 1. Creating Video-Based Tutorials
  • 2. Creating Video-Based Tutorials 1.Reach students with a variety of learning styles and information acquisition styles. 2.Engage students in problem-solving and investigative activities.
  • 3. Creating Video-Based Tutorials 3. Begin to dismantle social stereotypes. 4. Help students practice media literacy and critical viewing skills. 5. Provide a common experience for students to discuss
  • 4. Simple Ways to Create Videos 1. Shooting live action using camera, smartphone, or tablet. - A ‘traditional’ way to produce a video clip. - Simply set up the camera, hit record, and start explaining a concept. - Considered the easiest way to create video resources.
  • 5. Simple Ways to Create Videos To get the most from your device: - Check sound: Record a little and then listen. Can you be heard clearly? Is there any background sound? - Think about the light. Avoid standing in front of a sunny window or in a room with low light levels. - Keep stable: Using tripods and grips to avoid wobbly videos.
  • 6. Simple Ways to Create Videos 2. Transform existing resources into video If shooting video doesn’t interest you, you can use an existing PowerPoint presentation. - Using PowerPoint 2011 on a Mac To record a voiceover narration and convert your presentation into a video follow these directions:
  • 7. Simple Ways to Create Videos Click Slide Show > Record Slide Show to start your presentation and begin recording. Once complete PowerPoint will prompt you to save the timings of your recordings, click Yes. Click File > Save as Movie, choose where you’d like to save your file and click Save.
  • 8. Simple Ways to Create Videos Using PowerPoint 2010 or later on a PC With PowerPoint for PC you can record your voice over narration separately before or during presenting a slide show. When you’re ready to save your video: Click File > Save & Send, then Create a video. Select where to save your video.
  • 9. Video Sharing Sites Anyone can set up a free YouTube channel. Simple to upload videos and share them with anyone. Careful with inappropriate comments by viewers.
  • 10. Video Sharing Sites Primarily used for posting instructional videos by teachers. Provides good examples of educational videos on which student projects could be modeled.
  • 11. Video Sharing Sites Have similar features as Youtube. Allows users to organize content into albums and channels. Create custom viewing options. Vimeo also has some great tutorials on its. website
  • 12. Video Sharing Sites An alternative to YouTube and Vimeo. Host your videos and distribute them from Blip to online media sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.
  • 13. Video Sharing Sites GoogleDocs With a Google account, video can be uploaded to GoogleDocs and then shared out to any designated audience either via a direct link or with an embed code. Google has great support resources available.