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Mobile Ads
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Mobile Ads


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  • 1. Mobile Ads Formats – Placement - Integration Getting it RightNokia World 2011
  • 2. Mobile App Developers You will ‘APPIFY just about every interaction one can think of in our physical and digital worlds & Get everyone snacking on Mobile GamesNokia World 2011
  • 3. Why ? For making Money User Pays Ads Funded Paid Download Sponsored Apps Freemium In App Purchases Ad Sales Try & Buy Ad Networks Subscriptions Mediation Ads Funded Monetization is a Meaningful Choice Now !Nokia World 2011
  • 4. How ? Develop your Global Deploy & $ Ad enabled App Market Monetization 3 Steps to MonetisationNokia World 2011
  • 5. Ad Enabling Apps 1 2 3 Formats Placement Integration With Content SDK Embedded At Transitions API Standard Automated Launch / Exit ToolNokia World 2011
  • 6. Ad Formats & Placement Embedded Standard Brand Banner Sponsored Full Screen IntegratedNokia World 2011
  • 7. Ad Behaviour Ad Request Ad Actions Parameters IMEI Within App Location Launch Browser Native Actions Device Features Ad Render e.g. Call or SMS Native UI Web UINokia World 2011
  • 8. Ad Integration Pre Development Post Development Impact on User Experience Launch & Exit Ads Ad Behaviour Changes to App Features Automated Tools e.g. AdWrapperTM API or SDKNokia World 2011
  • 9. Ad Format Performance Format Monetization CTR Avg. eCPM Standard With Content CPC 1~3% USD 0.2 Banners Transition CPC 4~7% USD 1.6 Full Screen Launch/Exit CPM or CPC 10~12% USD 5 Full Screen Embedded Brand Development Fees NA NA Sponsored Period based Costs NA NA Integrated CPM NA Propotionate to active user countNokia World 2011
  • 10. Global Monetization Ad Mediation Different networks are strong in different geographies at different times Ad Networks Ad SalesNokia World 2011
  • 11. AdWrapper TM World’s SIMPLEST Ad Integration Fill eCPM AppsNon Intrusive & Clutter free Ad formats > 90% ~$5 10K+  Create NEW premium inventory  Enable Ads in 1 Click, without coding  FREE Mediation across 30+ Ad Networks  FREE House Ads & App Analytics Global Ad Income from Day 1 from your Games & Apps
  • 12. 10000+ Apps from Key Developers Across the GlobeLeading Global Mobile Apps Ad Network
  • 13. Reach us: info@vserv.mobiNokia World 2011