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Vishwajeet Rajwaday Consulting
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Vishwajeet Rajwaday Consulting


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A brief Presentation about my interests in the Consulting Space, my credentials and my learnings, with which I hope to add value

A brief Presentation about my interests in the Consulting Space, my credentials and my learnings, with which I hope to add value

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  • 1. Helping you put it all together
    Presenter: Vishwajeet Rajwaday
  • 2. Topics Covered in this Presentation
    A brief introduction about me – Who is talking to you?
    Our Basket of services – What do we offer?
    An overview of our approach – What can we do for you?
    What we bring to the table – Why us?
    Next Steps – How do we take it from here?
  • 3. A Little about me
    IIM – Ahmedabad – Management Development ProgrammeJanuary 2006
    Management Development Program for Mid Level Managers
    MMS (Marketing) – Symbiosis, Pune 1996-1999
    Finished in Top 3 in Class with Distinction and specialization in Marketing
    BE (Mech) – VIT, Pune 1987-1991
    My Academics and Education
  • 4. A Little about me
    1st Jan 2010 to Date
    Ligman / Endo / Artemide / Vectra – Director
    Turnaround of Ligman India from accumulated losses over of Rs. 3 Cr to a Profit over Rs. 1 Cr in first year with strong Cash flows
    Improved Cash flows
    Set up Joint Venture Partnerships with Artemide – Italy(Trading) and Endo – Japan(Manufacturing and Trading)
    Set up State of the Art factory in Pune for Endo
    Work Experience
  • 5. A Little About me
    19 Oct 1999 to 31 Dec 2010
    Wipro Limited
    A career spanning 10 years in Wipro – Lighting Division
    May 2006 to Dec 2009
    Marketing Manager – Northwest Switchgear Acquisition
    Worked on the Integration of the Northwest Switchgear, with responsibility for Marketing, Ops, New Product Development
    Successfully developed Indigenous Range of Home Lighting Controls and Launched Home Security Solutions
    Handled entire sourcing of Home Security components from China and Taiwan
    Work Experience
  • 6. A Little About me
    19 Oct 1999 to 31 Dec 2010
    Wipro Limited
    A career spanning 10 years in Wipro – Lighting
    May 2003 to May 2006
    Regional Manager (Luminaires Division) – West
    Delivered growth of over 30% YOY for 3 years
    Reached Highest Sales productivity per person across India
    Highest employee retention across India
    Highest percentage margin contributions
    Strong and Stable Distribution Channel Development
    Work Experience
  • 7. A Little About me
    19 Oct 1999 to 31 Dec 2010
    Wipro Limited
    A career spanning 10 years in Wipro – Lighting Division
    May 2003 to May 2006
    Product Manager (Luminaires Division) – Office and Pharma
    Led Wipro’s Strong Foray in Office Lighting with innovative marketing which eventually made Wipro the segment leader. Delivered very strong growths in the segment – from 7 Cr in Year 1 to 26 Cr in Year 3
    Made “Softlite” one of the most successful products in the Office Lighting
    Established Wipro as undisputed leader in Pharma segment with over 60% market share
    Work Experience
  • 8. A Little About me
    Oct 1996 to Oct 1999
    Baker Gauges India Limited
    Strong Growth of over 50% YOY with very large breakthroughs in Key accounts like Tata Motors
    Promoted to Take over Mumbai Branch and delivered 40% growth within first year
    Aug 1991 to May 1994
    Esab India Limited
    Exposure of Working on Shop-floor for a year
    Increased Business of Pune Area from 3.5 Cr to 5 Cr within a year
    2 Consecutive Club 100 awards for 100% target accomplishment
    Work Experience
  • 9. A Little About me
    Developing Winning Strategies
    Converting to Operational Plans
    Design of Tracking and Review Mechanisms
    Implementing simple and workable Business solutions.
    Strong focus on process improvement to get quantum increase in output
    Workflow analysis to improve team effectiveness and increase Salesforce Productivity
    Employee Compensation and Incentives Programs
    Simplified Business analytics for SMEs
    Recruitment of “Right-Fit” Candidates in SME Build – Mat Space.
    The Skills I learnt
  • 10. Our Basket of Services
    Areas where we can extend Consulting Support
  • 11. The Process Of Strategy
    Best Discussed every Year to refine Vision and Goals
  • 12. Implementation and Review
    Simple Linear Process to Take us to our desired Outcomes
  • 13. Desired Outcomes
    Entire Company aligned to the CEO’s vision
    Closely Aligned Objectives
    Improvement in productivity of each team member
    Well defined Roles and functions. Streamlined work flow
    Better tracking of your sales force
    Better productivity of sales people – will control attrition
    Protection of Field data – Data Generated remains with company even if employees leave
    The Scenario we should expect after a year
  • 14. Desired Results
    Company Regularly meeting Targets
    Strong, Stable and predictable Cash Flows
    Rapid increase in market share
    Company meeting Top line and Profitability Goals
    Becomes an Attractive company to work
    Attracts the best talent
  • 15. A Consultant
    Focussed on Process
    No Operational Pressure
    Brings in Experiences from many companies
    Responsible for Long term results and course correction
    Focussed on Operations
    Daily Operational Pressures
    Strongly focussed on his / her own company
    Responsible for Daily and short term results
    Your Team
    Why do you need us?
    Why get in a consultant when you have a fine team?
    Importantly, the Consultant is the bridge between the company’s vision and its team members
  • 16. Spend a moment to internally discuss the areas you would like us to work
    Which parts of the puzzle should we solve?
    What are the desired outcomes of the engagement?
    Once we hear from you, we will
    Summarize the extent of the engagement
    Make a proposal for your consideration
    Start work after you consent
    Next Steps
    If the previous slides have interested you ………..
  • 17. We would love to partner you in completing your picture
    Thank you.
    Write to us at or call me at
    +91 9545077000