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Photography rural and urban
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Photography rural and urban


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. With this first image, what I wantedTo do was create an almost creepy,Dark forest feel, that matches theDead tree.This was done in a number of ways.Firstly as you can see I desaturated theImage itself, getting rid of all colour,In preparation for adding my own. I thenChanged the brightness and contrast,Making a better contrast to make theImage seem older, I then made it brighterlike what it would have looked likeFrom an old black and white horrorLike Frankensteins Monster etc.
  • 2. What I then did was change the levelsOf the image, I made sure that it lookedEven darker than before, still keepingWith the horror theme, and alsoMaking it seem older, the last partWas simple, all I had to do was putA photo filter onto the image, I usedThe orange colour to add a taintTo create the final image, mixingStereotypical western american film reelQuality together with a horror theme.
  • 3. What I wanted to do with this image,As it was a rather moody image,I wanted to add greenery, and as it wasVery blurry in the first place, I thoughtThat it would be easy to do this becauseNothing can be seen anyway.So firstly I changed the brightness andContrast, I made it darker, and made theContrast stronger so that the sun wasMore prominent within the photo.Then I changed the colour balance,Including more green into the image asYou can see.This made the image more natural.
  • 4. I then changed the selective colourMaking the sunset more red,The reason I did this was because IThought that it would give it a glowAnd heat that would translate wellWith the green, I then put a filter onThat took away some of the red as IThought it was a bit too much, andGave it more of a green hue.Accomplishing the effect I had beenGoing for.
  • 5. This image was taken in the town centre,At night, and as such I wanted to give itAn old, 20’s/70’s feel, this was madePossible partially by the bus, as I thoughtThis was a good part of the image as itMade the photo feel older, because theBuses seem to have not changed much.Firstly I desaturated the image, my firstStep onto making it appear older, I thenChanged the brightness, giving moreOf a glare to the image, which makes itLook more like it was taken by an olderCamera, and the contrast so thatIt all stood out more.
  • 6. I then changed the exposure ofThe image so that more lightCould come out in the imageAdding to the effect of the oldCamera, I then changed the gammaAnd the offset.
  • 7. With this image, as the mainThing in it is the building atThe centre, I wanted to takeThe focus off it purely becauseThere is so much more goingOn around the building,Therefore I changed the outputAnd input to change the imageI then changed the lightnessSo it appeared later at night,But with the busy-ness of townConveyed easily.
  • 8. Then all I did was go on replicateThe colour, changing theHue and saturation of the image,Giving it, its current look, whichMade the glass building darkerAnd everything else brighterAnd making it all stand outClearer, but the effectDid not take away all the colourOf the building which I thoughtWas a good thing because itDidn’t take all of the attractionFrom the building which I felt needed some attention.
  • 9. I wanted to focus more on thePath with this image, which couldConvey many different thingsAnd mean different things to differentPeople. To do this I changed theBrightness and contrast, making itBrighter and a greater contrast,I then went on shadows and highlightsTo bring the image out more to makeIt appear more as if you were actuallyThere.
  • 10. I then, selected the blur tool andBlurred the surroundings.The trees, the side of the path.And the outer image. To focusMore attention and also I thinkThis went well with the imageItself.
  • 11. What I did with this image was to changeThe exposure and the gamma correctionSo that they were both higher, making theImage more vibrant. I then used a photoFilter with blue, to add a blue tingeTo it, this made the images water lookMore like it was from the Caribbean orSomething, a turquoise ocean.
  • 12. I then changed the saturation of theImage equalize the grass with the water.Furthermore I did this because it madeThe image look slightly surreal, due toThe colours. Furthermore I then changedThe colour output, putting the blue andRed of the image up, this gave the imageAn even more bright, almost luminescentLook and feel to it.
  • 13. For this image I wanted to do somethingSimple and similar to the last one, so forThis I desaturated the image, before addingA green tinted photo filter, the reasonBeing is that I believe that the imageGives off a creepy, dark feel.
  • 14. For this image I wanted to take all of the focus to theTower in the centre, what I did was desaturate theImage, I then used a selection tool to click round theTower, before changing the brightness and sharpnessThis made it seem as if it were brighter thanEverything in the surrounding area, as if it were aBeacon, and also it made everything around itSeem brighter also.
  • 15. All I did for this image was changeThe contrast and the brightness,The reason being is that even thoughThis is only a simple image I believeThat it is more effective than addingLots of effects, as it does not needIt to be a good photo, furthermoreThe glow of the image was donePurely through brightness changesAnd contrast.
  • 16. For this image I did something different, keeping theSettings from the image I did before this, I changed theVibrancy to take away the glowing look to it, but keptThe colour changes, I then put the saturationTo take out the colour from the glow as well,Making it still look bright but feeling more dimmed,Like it being sundown rather than sunrise.I then altered the brightness and contrast,Lowering the contrast to make it seem more connectedTo each half of the image, and the final thing I did wasAdd an orange photo filter, to add a tinge thatMade it seem like an older photograph of a sundown.