Evaluation of work


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Evaluation of work

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeTask 4 Selection of final images &review
  2. 2. Aim of Shoot With this shoot, the aim of itwas to achieve high qualityimages of both rural andurban images, that hadtheir own personality andown fictional story, forexample, with this tree, itappears as if it could befrom a horror film, as it isextremely eerie and also adead tree.
  3. 3. Description of shoot The process I went through to create thisimage, was firstly to create a contrast, andthen to desaturate the image itself, I thenwent on to change the shadows andhighlights of the image, these then wouldgive the image its bright lights and darkshadows. This image was taken at Christmas (as youcan see Christmas lights in the background)and is taken from next to the BlackfriarsBridge. The process was to set the camera up, with ahigh aperture to capture the lights and also afast shutter speed. I think that the placementand timing of the cars themselves went wellfor me. I did not change anything from myoriginal shoot plan, apart from in the editingstages, and this was only the decision to turnthe image black and white.
  4. 4. Contact Sheet
  5. 5. Selection of unedited images
  6. 6. Editing effects All I did for this imagewas to change thecontrast, but onlyslightly so as to notmake it lookunrealistic, and thenblurred the surroundingarea, this gave it astrange “aura”.BeforeAfter
  7. 7. Final Images I think the strength of this image isthe simplicity with which I createdit, it is not too edited and is stillrealisitic, with the editing beingslight which makes it look like awell taken image on its own. I thinkthe weakness of the image on itsown, could also be its strength, inthat the editing is not noticeable.Which means people could missout. I liked this image because ofits almost, endless like quality, inreference to the path and how youcan’t see the end of it. The depthof field is quite far, so that I couldachieve the affect of theendlessness, while editing in theblurring.
  8. 8. Editing effects With this image, I took allsaturation out of it, beforeselecting round it too blur, butselecting the tower separately tobrighten it up, and then select thelight at the top, before makingthis even brighter, as a way toattract the viewers eye towardsthe tower itself.
  9. 9. Final Images I think that the strength of this image isthat, while it is focused on the tower inthe centre, I thin that with all the peoplein the image looking forwards, it makesit look like they are looking at thetowers light. I think a weakness of thiswould be that even though people arelooking at it, I think the buildings to theside, I should have taken it from adifferent angle so as to not get them inthe shot. And that also, I had to blur outthe people in the centre of the image,although this is not a bad thing, theyare not looking away from the camera.I think that the aperture of this imagecould have been as the tower wouldhave been brighter and I would nothave had to edit it so much, and alsothat I have not applied the rule of thirdsto this image.
  10. 10. Capture log Setting – Manual Shutter Speed - 300 Aperture – F10
  11. 11. Editing effects What I did with this was tochange the contrast, and add agreener tinge to the image, tomake it seem more summery,whereas in the other image itlooks wintery. Furthermore Ichanged the brightness of theimage, to make a sort of morningglow feel to the background.
  12. 12. Final Images I think that a strength of thisimage is that it is an originalimage, it is not trying to belike any other, but that aweakness is that, there isnot much detail, becauseof the blur. Because the image is out offocus, I think that it makesthe image unique in that itmakes the viewer, have touse their imagination more.
  13. 13. Capture log Auto 500 Shutter Speed Aperture- F11
  14. 14. Editing effects The way in which I edited thisphoto is that I took all saturationout, changed the contrast tohigher so you could see moredetail, made the image darkerand then added a photo filter togive it the old look that it has.
  15. 15. Final Images I think that a strength of thisimage, aside from theediting is the image, itself, Ithink this image is a verywell composited imageand the editing onlycompliments that. I thinkthat a negative could bethat a lot less could havebeen done, but would stillhave looked just as good. Ithink that the focus of theimage was done wellbecause it is a crisp andclear shot.
  16. 16. Capture log Setting - Manual Shutter Speed - 500 Aperture – F9
  17. 17. Editing effects I edited this by first changing theexposure, contrast and lighting,so the lighting was darker andeverything else was higher, Ithen changed the colours aroundon some so that they were morevibrant, I then went on to changethe image through the use of thephoto filter to give it an evenmore blue hue.
  18. 18. Final Images I think that a strength of this is that,it is a unique image, my otherimages all revolve around aretro/horror look, whereas this isthe complete opposite, it ismodern and also very vibrant, Ithink that a weakness of this couldbe that I should have made surethat the branch was out of theway, which affects thecomposition of the entire image.But that it is a crisp image with thefocus being good.
  19. 19. Capture log Setting - Manual Shutter Speed - 500 Aperture – F13
  20. 20. Rejected Images I chose not to use these imagesbecause, for the first one, although Iliked it, I had no idea what I couldhave done for the picture itself,although now I realise what I couldhave done now. The second image Idid not choose because, even thoughI liked it, I had better images to usethan that one, as there were more Icould use with more of a variety ofediting to do to them. And with thefinal image, the composition was notas good as I thought it could havebeen and therefore I did not use it, ifthe rock to the right was not in theshot I would have used it, sadly Irealised this too late to reshoot.
  21. 21. Aims for next project From this shoot I have learned that, I should learn to wait, be patient,take my time, and think about what I am doing, at the time of the shoot.I have also learned that with patience I think that it pays off if you arepatient enough not to do anything drastic which could ruin what thephoto is about. I think that with my next shoot, to improve my image, I will take intoaccount the surrounding area, I will also take into account theenvironmental factors, things that I have no control over and whichcould change. I think that also, I could make sure that I have a visualalready in my head so I am not going in blind and can visualise the finalproduct, including the effects I add.