An Aircraft Carrier at Jefferson Street?
          Vought Test Lab Simulates Jet Landing on an Ai...
F-35 Drop Test                              Continued from page 1
Three F-35                            is measuring every...
previous drop test programs. “The                                                Safety Coin
ability and know-how to do th...
Thursday, April 22, 2010
                              In recognition of Earth Day, the company sponsored
Earth Day Art Contest

    Katherine Chang                 Meghan Montgomery
Vought Task Force Targets
                              Waste Minimization &
                              Pollution Preve...
As a member of the communities
                                                              where we work and live,

                                                                       The Energy Conservation Team is pictu...
So what was the key to lower utility bills? “First, we                   Stuart
installed 700 high-efficiency light fixtur...
Contour / Everett                                                     Contour / Brea
Recycling Program Grows              ...
Hair Today …
Congratulations                                                  Gone Tomorrow …
on Delivery of              ...
Contour / Everett
 Fitness Challenge
   Statistics point out that most New
 Year’s resolutions last only 45 days.
Service Anniversaries
Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc.
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Vought News - April 30, 2010


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Vought News - April 30, 2010

  1. 1. News VOUGHT An Aircraft Carrier at Jefferson Street? Vought Test Lab Simulates Jet Landing on an Aircraft Carrier The anticipation was palpable as Vought engineers gear with thousands of pounds of pressure. Every part and our customer watched Lockheed Martin’s F-35C of the gear must withstand that tremendous stress time Lightning II Carrier Variant dangle from its harnessed after time with no structural failure. position just below the rafters in building 94 at the So how can we assure that the gear is suitable for Jefferson Street site. When the wheels reached their carrier landings, and there won’t be any catastrophic 138 knot speed, the countdown began. 10, 9, 8, 7… failures? How do we prove that the design engineering The lanyard releasing the quick release safety latch was correct? That’s where Vought’s Test Lab comes was pulled and the jet was dropped. It was over in five in. The lab is capable of lifting a fully-loaded, full- brief seconds. scale aircraft up to eleven feet above the floor … and This “drop test” is done to simulate a landing on an dropping it. Lockheed Martin has contracted with us aircraft carrier. As a fighter jet approaches the deck to drop test the F-35C Lightning II Carrier Variant, of a carrier, forty-six thousand pounds of airplane is a fifth-generation, single-seat, single-engine stealth traveling at 138 knots and hitting the deck with a thud, fighter. APR 2010 stressing the airframe and especially the jet’s landing Hundreds of wires snake along the sleek lines of the light green jet, connected to an array of instruments that are streaming signals back to a computer for INSIDE THIS ISSUE correlation to computer models that engineers spent Earth Day 2010 many months designing. This data acquisition system Continued on page 2 Our employees’ children draw for Earth Day Good things our sites do for the environment ADVANCING FLIGHT
  2. 2. F-35 Drop Test Continued from page 1 Three F-35 is measuring every quiver, shudder, and not possible in the old days when high Lightning IIs pulse that is emitted from the test jet. speed film-based cameras and analog Technically speaking, however, F-35 recording equipment was used in this The F-35 Lightning II is produced Drop Test Director Tom Foster says application. in three variants: conventional they are measuring strain, acceleration, takeoff and landing (CTOL) Eventually, there will be about 53 deflection and load data. This is where designed for the U.S. Air landing gear drop tests at various the rubber meets the flight deck, so to aircraft roll, pitch and landing sync Force, short takeoff/vertical speak. rates performed on this one jet. A landing (STOVL) designed for There are 512 data channels stack of bombs in the corner of the the U.S. Marines, and carrier connected to this aircraft. Twenty-five room awaits their turn alongside a row variant (CV) designed for the hundred data samples are gathered per of missiles to be loaded onto the jet U.S. Navy. All versions are fifth second per channel during each drop to test for maximum landing weight generation stealth fighters that test for this aircraft. Per Eric Moore, conditions. Of course, they are dummy introduce profound capability Test Control and Data Acquisition ordnance but they are fabricated to group lead, high speed video of each weigh in as a real load. improvements over existing landing gear is simultaneously recorded multi-role fighters. The three F-35 Today, Vought is one of only two at two thousand frames per second and variants share the same avionics test labs remaining in the United synchronized with the aircraft test data States that has full-scale carrier suite – the most powerful and for post-test, image-to-data correlation. suitability drop test capabilities. comprehensive ever flown on a In other words, each high speed video The other is at Boeing, St. Louis. fighter aircraft. All F-35 versions picture can be directly compared to the According to John Vaught, Test Lab are built on the same assembly load and deflection data measured and Manager, the F-35 Drop Test Program recorded on each landing gear. This was line, share the same engine and in total represents a very high level are up to 80 percent common in of complexity generally not seen on their structures and systems. Vought Test Labs Since 1948, Vought’s test laboratories have been offering state-of-the-art capabilities in a fully-equipped and certified facility. With U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification and Department of Defense security clearances, Vought’s test labs are the only testing facilities not operated by prime aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with full life-cycle testing capabilities – including full-scale structures. 2
  3. 3. previous drop test programs. “The Safety Coin ability and know-how to do these drop Awarded to tests are very unique,” he said. With the level and type of test Stuart capabilities the labs possess, Vought has Employee a long, and very reputable history of accomplishing carrier suitability testing Don Henderson prevented what could have been a serious accident for the Navy, said John. “We can go all by being aware of his surroundings and taking immediate action to the way back to the XC-142, F-8, A-7, correct a problem. Don oversees the grinding room at Stuart and S3A, and now the F-35. All of these noticed a tiny movement in a part legacy aircraft programs required full- on the magnet of a surface grinder, scale drop testing to qualify for aircraft causing a slight fluctuation in the carrier operations. Full-scale dynamic electrical charge powering the tests of this nature present a very magnet. He immediately hit the complex test set of problems to run,” emergency stop switch. He put he said. Barrier in a repair order, and the electric wall The F-35 tests at Vought should system was repaired. installed be completed within the next few months; then it will go back to If the electromagnet loses power, Lockheed Martin for a series of the part that is being ground down additional tests. They estimate that could become a projectile shooting the Carrier Variant F-35C across the room with tremendous will attain first flight in the second speed and force. It could hit a wall, quarter of 2010. or it could shoot out and seriously injure someone using the phone, or walking into the room. The facilities department installed a barrier wall to protect anyone that might be in harm’s way should a part go flying from the machine. The entire project cost less than $20. Don is a member of the Employee Safety Committee and is always on the lookout for safety issues. Don Henderson accepts the Safety Coin from President and CEO Elmer Doty, while ES&H Engineer Leanne Cobb looks on. 3
  4. 4. Thursday, April 22, 2010 In recognition of Earth Day, the company sponsored a drawing contest for the children and grandchildren of Vought employees. Pictured here are the contest winners along with their works of art. Sydney Rowan Daughter of Michael Rowan Taron Esbri Marshall Street Daughter of Dori Esbri Hawthorne Brandon Kimball Son of Todd Kimball Jefferson Street Conner Giles Son of Brian Giles Jefferson Street Ariana Kimball Daughter of Todd Kimball Garrett McDaniel Jefferson Street Son of James McDaniel Everett 4
  5. 5. Earth Day Art Contest Winners Katherine Chang Meghan Montgomery Daughter of Irving Chang Daughter of Wesley Montgomery Brea Nashville Haley Nixon Jasmine Fuqua Daughter of Robert Nixon Daughter of Katie Fuqua Jefferson Street Nashville Mark Ward Julia Wetherall Son of Coleta Ward Daughter of Sid Wetherall Milledgeville Stuart 5
  6. 6. Vought Task Force Targets Waste Minimization & Pollution Prevention The Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention Task Force was chartered in 2001 with representatives from all Vought sites. The In honor of the task force’s goal is to reduce the generation of hazardous waste and associated costs. 40th anniversary Preventing waste has important financial of Earth Day, benefits to Vought since waste never created avoids the need for waste management and/or which was first eventual clean up. The savings to the company celebrated on over the past eight years (2001 – 2009) has totaled more than $2.5 million dollars, April 22, 1970, according to task force team leader Mike Mendias, professional engineer. Vought is proud The task force serves as the focal point for to highlight the all waste minimization/pollution prevention successes of activities at Vought and seeks to reduce the cost of doing business by reviewing current all our sites in “end-of-pipe” environmental solutions. The our efforts to task force initiated several pollution prevention projects as well as “green environmental Jefferson Street sorts hazardous help protect our projects” last year. Green projects, said Mike household wastes during a recent round up. environment. Mendias, are those that fall under the “reduce, reuse or recycle” category. As a result of Vought’s diligence toward Green Projects minimizing waste, we A green project pilot test at Jefferson Street have been able to reduce was begun in 2009 to review the amount of our environmental chromate sealant used. A chromate-free sealant would reduce Vought’s heavy metal usage at footprint. According to Jefferson Street. Vought has been working data collected over the with Boeing to investigate the potential for past two years, Vought changing to chromate-free sealants. This has reduced its water project is ongoing as Vought finalizes its consumption by 10 investigation into these products and their percent and its electricity alternatives. usage by 7 percent. Other green projects already implemented at several Vought sites involve the recycling In addition, Vought has of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, reduced its Volatile said Kip Shaw, Task Force member with Organic Compounds Jefferson Street ES&H. “Wastes such as oil, (VOC) emissions by oil absorbents, oil filters, fluorescent and other 23 percent since 2001. mercury containing lights, paint related waste, batteries and cardboard are typical wastes “This is an impressive that are being managed as recyclable material reduction,” said Joanne at many of the Vought sites. Several other Romano, ES&H Manager. wastes are being investigated to discover their recycling potential,” he said. Sealant Crib at Marshall Street that produces sealant for multiple Vought sites. 6
  7. 7. As a member of the communities where we work and live, Hawthorne Vought is committed to protecting our environment. It Pays to Recycle The Hawthorne site has reduced the amount of money it spends on its recycling programs ... and has made a Jefferson Street little bit of cash to boot. Since last year the site’s facilities department has been Jefferson Street to Hold recycling white paper. “A company Electronic Waste Round Up comes out about every three months and Jefferson Street has taken a green approach in its Household Hazardous picks up our trash,” said Larry Cragun, Waste Round Up that it has conducted for the past two years. Although this environmental engineer, “and they pay event does not earn or save any money for the site, our employees benefit as us around $400 each time.” well as the communities in which they live by having a convenient location They have reduced their trash bill by to dispose of their hazardous wastes. about $20,000 a year from recycling the In 2010, Jefferson Street is hoping to hold a round up for recycling of wooden crates that their supplies come electronic waste rather than household hazardous waste. “Electronic waste in. The same company also picks up (computers, televisions, computer monitors) disposal is an ever-growing their wooden pallets. “We used to have problem in each employee’s residence,” said Mike Mendias, ES&H team to pay a company to come out and haul lead. Plans are to conduct the round up in the latter part of this year. that away,” Larry said. “It’s so nice to no longer have those unsightly piles of pallets.” E-waste is another problem solved. Marshall Street “We used to pay to dispose of it. Now we have found a company to take it Cardboard, Paper and Cans away for free,” Larry continued. This Marshall Street is currently looking into establishing a recycling program includes old computers, monitors, and for paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic bottles in an effort to fax machines. “That’s probably another reduce solid waste generation. Site staff are identifying vendors and $20,000 in cost avoidance.” determining the materials and practices necessary to initiate the program. And this is just the beginning. Larry Last year the facility’s waste minimization strategy successfully reduced said the facilities department just worked their use of spent chromic acid solution and paint touch-up bottles below out a deal for their cardboard waste projected levels. Activities for later this year will include an awareness to be recycled and they’re looking at campaign in support of reusable water bottles and lessons on how to save purchasing environmentally-friendly on printing costs. hand towels and soaps for the restrooms. Save Your Blue Jeans Company-wide project slated for 4th quarter of 2010 Old blue jeans are now being put to good use by turning them into eco-friendly natural cotton fiber insulation. The insulation is then being installed in homes built by Habitat for Humanity. Vought is planning to join a number of other organizations whose employees donate their used blue jeans to this cause. More information for the Vought project will be forthcoming. In the meantime, don’t throw away those old jeans. 7
  8. 8. Nashville The Energy Conservation Team is pictured, left to right: Stanley Hatcher, Darren Jones, Jimmy Neely, Jason Tucker, Don Conger, Mike Vorndran, Environmental Max Wolke, Martha Robayo, Rod Smith, Mike Prairie, Chris Delester, and Jon Bradford . Not pictured: James Fuqua, Jason Callis, Derrell Bowden, Stewardship at Nashville Craig Working, Jitendra Patel, and Sean Collins. The Nashville site has been awarded the “Partner” level would be avoided. Based on by the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership (TP3) current industry guidelines, for their removal of a very large fuel oil storage tank. The integrity testing would have had TP3 recognizes industries and other organizations who not to be performed every five to ten only have commendable environmental compliance records, years, at an estimated cost of up to $50,000 per inspection but who also voluntarily commit to pollution prevention Conservation of resources, by voluntarily and waste reduction projects and activities. There are four committing to no further fuel oil usage in the future progressive levels which can be obtained in the program: Prospect, Pledge, Partner, and Performer. The Nashville site The project was performed at no net cost to the facility, had obtained “Pledge” level in October 2008. In January and actually resulted in a small amount of net revenue 2010, the Nashville site received its “Partner” level reward from sale of the fuel oil (about $8,200) and scrap steel certificate and wall banner. ($3,600) Approximately 125,000 gallons of fuel oil and 110,000 “The elimination of the 500,000-gallon, No. 2 fuel oil pounds of scrap steel were fully recycled storage tank was an environmental success on a number of levels,” said Ted Wilkinson, Nashville site environmental The facility’s footprint was reduced, creating additional engineer. The storage tank had been present at the Nashville open space for possible future growth site for many years, and was used to store backup fuel for the The State of Tennessee was very impressed by the number site’s boilers in the event of a curtailment from the natural of benefits of the project. In fact, the Nashville site received gas utility. Since use of the fuel oil had not been required for word that it had been nominated for one of the annual many years, and since sufficient propane was also present at Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards (pollution the site in the event of a natural gas curtailment, the decision prevention category). “We are one of three organizations to was made to permanently remove the storage tank from be so nominated,” Ted said. service. This project resulted in several environmental and financial benefits: “Achieving ‘Partner’ level in the TP3 was reward in itself, but to also be nominated by the State for a Governor’s Award Greatly reduced oil spill potential for the site was an unexpected honor for our site and company,” he said. Eliminated a large quantity of combustible material, resulting in a safer facility and reduced risk of fires The facility’s air permit was voluntarily amended Nashville Saves $1.2 Million On to remove fuel oil as a backup fuel. Potential air Reduced Energy Consumption emissions (particularly sulfur dioxide) were reduced by For the past 13 months an energy conservation team at approximately 40 tons per year, and the associated annual the Nashville site has been hard at work reducing the site’s emissions fees were reduced by approximately $1,100 energy consumption. “We had a goal to reduce our 2009 Periodic, non-destructive, tank integrity testing costs utility expenses by $1.2 million,” said facilities engineer Mike (required by EPA’s oil spill prevention planning rules) Vorndran, “and the good news is we surpassed it.” 8
  9. 9. So what was the key to lower utility bills? “First, we Stuart installed 700 high-efficiency light fixtures in the production areas,” explained Mike. He says the fluorescents have provided improved lighting levels while using 50% less Tyvek Suits energy than existing high-intensity discharge fixtures. The team also installed motion/lighting sensors in Get Recycled bathrooms and conference rooms. Along with Other “We initiated a lot of different energy reduction activities Plastics that all added up to big savings. With the energy team conducting twice monthly energy audits, I think the The Stuart group has employees are becoming more aware of how simple some taken on several recycling of these things can be,” he said, “and they are coming to us or green projects. Recently with ideas.” the site began recycling its Tyvek suits. “This works out Other projects that were implemented have included using great for us as we are able to lighting fixtures that were removed from areas not being used. save the costs of hazardous Equipment was also shut down during unmanned shifts. waste disposal,” said Leanne Cobb, Production has helped reduce utility surcharges by starting ES&H engineer. Tyvek is a high-density large autoclaves on the third shift. This one initiative alone polyethylene material that has a variety of uses has the potential of saving the site $120,000 a year. and is often seen around Vought in the form of white coveralls or jackets. The team hopes to further reduce energy consumption this year. “Already we’re at least 15% below last year’s Another project that has been implemented site-wide is the numbers for the same time period,” noted Mike. use of new toilet paper and paper towels.”We went to toilet paper and paper towels made from 100% recycled fibers, and Other goals for 2010 are to install additional high- actually save about $400 a year,” said Leanne. Stuart also efficiency fluorescent light fixtures in more production areas recycled over 100 old computer monitors through Staples and and put in a new air compressor that will consume 10% less saved over $40 a monitor. electricity than an existing compressor. In addition, the 747 IPT group decided to go green and has implemented its own recycling plan. Tom Maresco, the IPT supervisor said, “Since we all recycle at home, why Milledgeville not recycle here? So, the team decided to get started with a workplace recycling program.” New Ideas Sought They now recycle plastic water bottles, frozen food trays, Edward Pounds with ES&H in Milledgeville is heading aluminum soda cans, newspapers and cardboard food boxes. a team of 12 people who are tasked with finding additional One member of the team volunteers each week to take the items and ways to recycle in addition to what they’re recyclable items home for local pickup. already doing. Calling themselves the Go Green Team, they will expand their resources by getting employees working on the floor to contribute their ideas too. In honor of Earth Day, the group got together on a Saturday and cleaned up trash along the highway in front of the plant. Afterward, the group planted wildflowers along the medium. Milledgeville already recycles aluminum cans, cardboard, PP&E (personal protection equipment), and electronics. Like many other Vought sites, Milledgeville has their “disposable” eyewear cleaned and repackaged. The aluminum cans are not picked up by an outside company but rather by an employee who donates the Part of the 747 IPT crew, proceeds to the Habitat for Humanity. The group is also from left to right: Tom recycling the titanium components it produces from the 787. Maresco, Annette Pollard, Blaine Carter, Tom Rechin, and Bob Glenn. 9
  10. 10. Contour / Everett Contour / Brea Recycling Program Grows Contour/Brea Has Diverse Since late 2005, the employees at Everett have been Recycling Program recycling aluminum chips, solids and cans; wood, Contour Brea has been recycling paper cardboard and paper; batteries; plastic; waste oil; e-waste; products for many years, said site manager and coolant. Donn Lange, manager of facilities and Manny Chacon. More recently, Brea has been maintenance said the site’s recycling program is pretty working with Arrow Recycling in their handling extensive and they continue to add new materials to the of used oil, metal chips, and hazardous waste, all program. “Some of the companies we use to recycle our of which is either properly disposed or recycled. wastes are not only environmentally conscious but also provide work opportunities for the disabled,” he said. Brea recycles all their used and old pallets by Also, a lot of the recycled materials go back into the converting them to wood boxes that are used to community as new products. The site’s clean wood store material and parts that are then shipped is delivered to Cedar Grove where grass, leaves, yard to either a customer or an outside vendor for trimmings, food waste and wood waste are transformed processessing. into nutrient-rich compost. Cardboard is recycled by Longview Fiber and is transformed into FibreGreen, an For Earth Day celebrations, the employees eco-conscious kraft paper made with a minimum of 70 planted palm trees. “Slowly but surely Contour percent of post-consumer waste. will plant a total of 17 palm trees,” said Manny. Everett’s coolant is recycled in-house using a “These will provide not only a better look for coalescing type recycling machine. The coolant spends Contour, but will also help the environment,” he a minimum of 24 hours cycling through the coolant said. “So far we have planted 9 palm trees.” recycler. Then, the recycled coolant is mixed with 50 percent new coolant. Mentoring Program Hawthorne Offers When the company’s Preview Mentoring the processes necessary to build them. I was Valuable Program was announced last summer, able to show how fuselage panels are made Resource Hawthorne’s Jeff Stein, project supervisor in the 747-8I Launch organization, signed from beginning to end and explain the various processes necessary to create the final product,” on right away as a volunteer. The program said Jeff. is being promoted as an opportunity for The mentoring program provides for employees to share their knowledge and either “traditional pool” mentoring, focusing experience with others by offering a friendly on development, transferring knowledge, resource for coaching, guidance, and and navigating the company; or “reverse encouragement. mentoring,” where new Vought employees “I responded to the announcement with mentor more tenured employees on such great interest, and soon after being accepted subjects as incorporating technologies and into the program, I attended an on-line implementing processes that were effective at training session with other mentors,” said previous employers. Jeff. “I have found the program personally Vought employees desiring more program fulfilling,” he added. For example, my first information, or who would like to volunteer, Jeff Stein has been a mentee wanted to learn about manufacturing participant in Vought’s should contact Beth Gordon-Henry at operations – understanding airplane Preview Mentoring 972-946-3830. program. structures, their purpose and function, and 10
  11. 11. Hair Today … Congratulations Gone Tomorrow … on Delivery of While a lot of men 1,000th C-17 become “follically-challenged” as they age, Vought’s Andy Barter, Pratt & Whitney an HR Specialist in the Benefits Engine department in Dallas, has a full head of hair; or had a full head of hair until he decided to help raise funds for childhood cancer research. A few years ago Andy came across a group called St. Baldricks. It uses donations to fund more childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the United States Government. The name offers a hint of what it asks donors to do – go bald for cancer research. Volunteers shave their heads in solidarity with kids fighting cancer, and family and friends give generously. “I first heard about St. Baldricks two or three years ago and thought about participating, but chickened out,” explained Andy. Eventually he did some research on St. Baldricks and found that they are an efficient organization (75% of funds raised goes to research programs, 20% to fund raising and 5% to administration); and it is a Better Business Bureau accredited charity. “Given that, and since it is for a very good cause, I summoned up the courage this year and volunteered to be shaved,” said Andy. He got the word out to family, friends Pratt & Whitney Field Representative Mike Denny and co-workers via e-mails that had a link to his St. Baldricks (second row, second from left) joined the Vought website. ( C-17 Nacelle Team at Jefferson Street last month to participantid/376095) When they clicked on the link, they saw commemorate the delivery of the 1,000th engine for a photo of Andy (with hair) and were encouraged to make an the Globemaster III Strategic Airlifter. During his visit online donation on Andy’s behalf to St. Baldricks. he delivered the congratulatory banner to the team recognizing this important milestone. The “big shave” occurred on March 27 at Trinity Hall Irish Pub and Restaurant in Dallas. There were 80 other volunteers Over the next few weeks, the Vought Team will joining Andy for the “hair removal process” that day. Family, complete the engine buildup task that encases the friends and co-workers were invited to come and watch. “The engine in the parts that comprise the nacelle. The person who had made the largest donation got to take the first nacelle structure is a vital operational component of swipe on my head with the shaver,” said Andy. the strategic airlifter’s propulsion system. The nacelle design directs the engine’s power to allow for the short His original goal was to raise $1,200, but a generous friend take-offs and landings on unimproved runways that made a sizeable contribution and he upped his goal, eventually make the C-17 so successful in meeting our Armed raising $4,010 for childhood cancer research. Forces’ needs. The completed 1,000th nacelle will be It is employees like Andy who serve as a reminder to delivered to Boeing in late May. all of us that being involved locally through volunteerism is a reflection of one of Vought’s core values – Corporate Citizenship. 11
  12. 12. Contour / Everett Fitness Challenge Statistics point out that most New Year’s resolutions last only 45 days. Employees in Everett wanted to do something to ensure they kept their 2010 weight loss and exercise resolution commitments for much longer than that. To help, Contour’s human resources manager partnered with the This thinner, healthier team of wellness champions celebrate their accomplishments. neighborhood Bally Total Fitness gym, initiating an 8-week Fitness Challenge. one-hour physical training boot camp which included classes in Zumba, Yoga, The challenge: maintain a weekly session. Each session included team and Skill-Agility training. workout routine to stay on track with competitions in leg lunges, sumo squats, Participant Jonie Searles said, weight loss and workout goals. cardio endurance or overall strength “This was really a ‘team’ activity. The resistance. Each member weighed-in and All employees were invited to trainers helped keep us motivated and had their body fat percentages measured participate and twenty-five signed up — everyone had great fun, encouraging and to track weekly changes. 20% of the employee population. Teams challenging each other.” of five were organized and assigned Participants also received a one-on- Overall, employees lost a total of 149.4 a personal trainer. Each team created one session with their personal trainer lbs., each group averaging a 10% body a name (Chucks Angels, Fat Kids, to build a personal workout routine and fat reduction. The winning team reduced Gladiateyours, Well Rounders, and nutritional guide to help them meet their their body fat percentage by 15.6%. WiNi) and began meeting once a week personal physical goals. Free access to after work with their trainer and for a the Bally Fitness facility was provided, Alphabet Soup VECTR – Vought Enterprise Change Transformation & Reengineering Everywhere, it seems, acronyms have SAP and ERP – Systems Applications and Products offers software become an ingrained component of corporate that helps organizations like Vought with enterprise resource planning culture – and Vought is no exception. In (ERP). ERP integrates information from various functions or fact with the implementation of the VECTR departments and places it under one system. project, our bowl of “alphabet soup” has ECC – ERP Central Component houses the core of what the VECTR become a lot bigger. team is implementing today. This includes procurement, production, You may have already seen a number of etc. After go-live in January 2011, business processes will reside in one these new acronyms being used in various of four integrated business scenarios, or work streams. VECTR communications. The project name OTC – Order to Cash is better known as sales. This represents the end- itself – VECTR – is of course an acronym. to-end order and delivery process. And this project team is in the process of implementing SAP – still another acronym. RTR – Record to Report focuses on financial processes. But wait. There are more. So to help you PLP – Plan to Produce encompasses the planning and execution side of keep up with the growing list of VECTR- our business processes. related acronyms, here’s a handy list with PTP – Procure to Pay is the supply side of the business that ensures their definitions. materials are in the right place at the right time. 12
  13. 13. Service Anniversaries April 2010 45 YEARS Daniel Lantow (H) Terry Looney (JSF) 5 YEARS Chris Madrigal (JSF) Federico Malaca (B) James Bragewitz (JSF) Walter Booker (N) Robert Luttrell (JSF) Hector Marquez (H) Albert Esparza (JSF) Phil Manley (JSF) Shay McQuaid (MSF) Derran Fleming (MSF) 40 YEARS Richard McFarlane Jr. (N) Ralph Menillo (JSF) Greg Holbert (N) Kenneth Merchant (H) Kathryn Musser (JSF) Edith Nelson (N) Roger Miller Jr. (JSF) Ricardo Olivo (JSF) Jessie Myles (JSF) Lien Oumphommasak (N) Cathy Otta (JSF) Bernadette Nanni (JSF) Eric Prowell (N) 35 YEARS Dennis Padgett (JSF) Thomas Pettigrew (H) Mailia Stokes (M) Ron Nelson (S) Duy Nguyen (JSF) Jason Van Noy (MSF) Robert Blum (M) Donato Quitangon (H) Hoang Nguyen (JSF) Peter Weaver (JSF) Frank Degennaro (M) Dan Richardson (JSF) Phuong Nguyen (H) Rene Salazar (MSF) Trung Nguyen (JSF) 30 YEARS Frank Sanchez (H) Sherry Schardein (JSF) 1 YEAR Justin Nwaizu (H) Charles Payne (S) Richard Adams (N) Jeff Schwarzer (MSF) Kyler Peruchini (E) Bob Bolen (JSF) Dennis Brock (JSF) Patricia Stone (H) Steve Price (H) David Browning (JSF) Arthur Clark (JSF) Roy Tyner (MSF) Carlos Saenz (H) Tommy Hall (N) Marcelle Clemons (MSF) Glen Van Cleave (JSF) Mandeep Sandhu (H) Curtis Hammerle (MSF) Darryl Davis (H) Dave Vanhorn (JSF) Chetan Shukla (H) Harold Jackson (S) Louis Delgado (H) Rich Vaughn (JSF) James Silva (H) Walter Thomas (S) Hien Do (MSF) Joe Warise (N) Ernest Simon (H) Chris Wall (M) Asim Elhabib (JSF) Kim Young (JSF) Rick Skans (H) Paul Ferris (H) Gerald Smith (JSF) Daniel Flores (JSF) YEARS Thomas Smith (MSF) 25 20 YEARS Miguel Garro (S) Charles Gotcher (H) Annette Spencer (JSF) Alex Arrisola (MSF) David Coontz (MSF) Connie Stubbs (JSF) David Gotcher (H) Elizabeth Boltares (H) Donice Gentry (MSF) Hien Tran (JSF) Mario Gutierrez (H) Ronnie Burks (N) Robin Messer (JSF) Evelyne Van Ingelghem (Renton) Eric Hagen (S) Jeffrey Davis (JSF) John Whitwell (JSF) Tommy Ingram (H) Debbie Delk (JSF) Kenneth Wiedrich (JSF) Shawn Jackson (JSF) Eddie Doty Jr. (JSF) Micky Duncan (JSF) 15 YEARS Michael Jarmin (E) Ralph Willis (JSF) Jeffrey Wohlford (JSF) Lori Johnston (JSF) Stephen Fernandez (H) Arlisa Fraley (M) Brenda Jones (H) Brenda Fisher (N) Inyoung Kim (B) Chris Flores (MSF) Valeriy Kochkin (E) J.R. Garcia Jr. (MSF) 10 YEARS Gail Ley (JSF) Bill Grimm (JSF) Victor Lopez (H) Sheila Hagan (H) Mallissa Daniels (JSF) Dal Hankins (JSF) Mike Kindley (JSF) Jill King (MSF) 13
  14. 14. Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. APR P.O. Box 655907 FIRST CLASS 2010 Dallas,Texas 75265 PRESORT U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT #2853 DALLAS, TX News VOUGHT $40,388 Donated to Save the Children Vought presents a matching gift check for $20,194 to Save the Children Presenting the matching gift check are: (l to r) Tom Stubbins, VP Human Resources; David Whitney, Director, IAD Human Resources; Elmer Doty, CEO; Carolyn Camarata, Save the Children representative; and Dee Robinson, Director, CAD Human Resources. 45 Years in Nashville Becomes Habit-forming When Walter Booker began working at the “We had approximately 30 people working on Nashville site 45 years ago, the company he the assembly line and we built around 150 stoves worked for was called AVCO. Vought Aircraft a day to make our quota. We got two breaks a would not become his employer until 2003 when day for 10 minutes.” Today, Walter works as a Vought and The Aerostructures Corp. merged. supervisor on the final assembly of the Airbus Nonetheless, Walter did work on aircraft parts program. “The only thing that has changed is I back in 1965. have gotten older and everyone else has gotten He also built office furniture and stoves for younger,” Walter said. Western Auto stores while at AVCO. “I started Old or young, it doesn’t matter to Walter. working on the stove line,” Walter said. “My The memories he holds dearest are those of all job was to connect the wires for the burners and the friends he has made throughout the years. oven to the back of the stove.” And these were “I would not take anything for all the memories the days when an assembly line was, well…an I have of the people that have touched my life in assembly line. one way or another.” Walter supposes he will retire some day but Each month we publish a list of employees celebrating a service does not really look forward to the big change in anniversary. This is part of a series of articles highlighting the his normal routine that such a move would bring. employee with the longest tenure from this month’s honorees. 14