Dynasty must end........


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Why are Indians allowing one Dynasty to rule this country and drive it into poverty and despair? We have to take our country and our fortunes back from this corrupt family and have a strong, vibrant, progressive Nation.

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Dynasty must end........

  1. 1.  Indira centralized power.  She ignored the judiciary, subordinated the police and interfered with the military.  She planted the seeds of the criminalization of Indian politics.  When caught breaking the Law she imposed emergency & suspended Democracy
  2. 2.  The police are dysfunctional: they retain colonial era coercive powers but are starved of resources.  The judiciary is worse.  Millions of cases are pending and citizens have to bribe court officials for their cases to be put on trial. Judges are for sale and justice is often not just delayed but denied.
  3. 3.  The Armed Forces are corrupted by former generals acting as arms dealers; bringing rot into the system of equipment purchase.  The CBI (central bureau of investigation) has been called a ‘caged parrot’ by the Supreme Court. Every Institution in India is crumbling .
  4. 4. MYTHREALITY  The Congress (I) and its allies propagate the myth of high GDP, power stability, increased production in all sectors.  Corruption is prevalent in every Government department.  Crime is soaring without any restrictions.  Inflation is rising fast, industrial production and exports are falling alarmingly.  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a figurehead who has responsibility without power. This has led to an exponential increase in corruption and collapse of the Government.
  5. 5.  Born in Italy, Sonia Gandhi’s past is murky.  Her official history does not match the rumors about her actual family.  Was a waitress and au-pair in England.  Her educational qualifications are un- confirmed. She may just be a high school drop-out. EMPRESS OF INDIA.
  6. 6.  His academic qualifications are suspect.  He is intellectually deficient, has no moral compass and no vision for the country.  His coterie is a bunch of corrupt political sycophants.  He has never held administrative office.  Never has a significant thought.
  7. 7.  Indira supported Sikh extremists in Punjab and Tamil insurgents in Sri Lanka.  Rajiv conducted a genocide of Sikhs in Delhi.  Sonia has denigrated the office of the Prime Minister of India. She stands accused of the multi-billion dollar financial scams and has wielded unbridled power without accountability.
  8. 8.  Concentration of power for too long in the hands of one dynasty has ruined India.  The Nehru dynasty has created a system where all power is concentrated in its hands with one generation seamlessly ascending to the throne after another.  This has wrecked all institutions of the state: Governance, Police, Courts, Military, Intelligence and Democracy.
  9. 9.  The Nehru dynasty is incapable of reform because its interests are tied with the current status quo. For India to progress, the country has to change it’s Leadership and create a real democracy with institutions that work. The time has come for India to confine the Nehru dynasty to the waste bin of history and forge a new future.
  10. 10. Presented by: The Law-abiding, Tax-paying, Nationalistic Citizens of Bharat. (also known as India) Jai Hind sanjaymatkar@gmail.com