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Didgeridoo BreathEvolving from a small market stall in January 2002 to a booming business                       Our Sitein...
The Outcome    Exceeding all expectations, Didgeridoo Breath is thrilled to announce a 100% increase in sales over the las...
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Volusion Success Story: Volusion Ecommerce Software helps Didgeridoo Breath turn their passions into profits


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Friends Tony Colley and Matt Reed decided to quit their day jobs and started Digeridoo Breath, where they could teach people across the globe how to play and enjoy the Didgeridoo. To turn their passion into profit, they built an online presence. After switching from a more expensive site provider to Volusion, Didgeridoo Breath enjoyed a 100% increase in sales and overall increase in business efficiencies. Have a unique product of your own? Check out Tony and Matt’s story to help turn your startup into an online success.

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Volusion Success Story: Volusion Ecommerce Software helps Didgeridoo Breath turn their passions into profits

  1. 1. Success Stories Matt Reed Didgeridoo Breathtore Fast FactsVolusion Ecommerce Software helpsDidgeridoo Breath turn their passions The Didgeridoo is a windinto profits instrument thought to have originated in Arnhem Land,Based on friendship and a common passion, Tony Colley and Northern Territory, Australia.Matt Reed made the decision to quit their day jobs and openDidgeridoo Breath. Vowing that “this was the best move The word didgeridoo is not an aboriginal word for thethey’ve ever made in their entire lives,” the team now teaches instrument. The name didgeridoopeople across the globe to play and enjoy the Didgeridoo. But is only around 100 years old,to turn their passions into profits while reaching a global where as the instrument itselfaudience, Didgeridoo Breath knew they needed to build their is reportedly 40,000 years old.presence online. Traditional didgeridoos were Goals: made from eucalyptus tree - Find an affordable, customizable, and powerful ecommerce solution that maximizes return on investment trunks and limbs hollowed - Find a robust CMS system and merchandising tool to streamline out by termites in the far business operations north of Australia. - Find a solution that includes a wide variety of functionality, including bulk import facility and a customer/order database The Didgeridoo Breath team Results: has over 100 years combined - 100% increase in sales in the last 12 months experiences making, playing, - Received a competitive edge within the online community and teaching Didgeridoos. - Improved customer communication and business efficiencies through an inclusive CRM system - Manage content through a user-friendly CMS system - Increased productivity, scalability and profitability - Reduced website design costs
  2. 2. Didgeridoo BreathEvolving from a small market stall in January 2002 to a booming business Our Sitein Fremantle, Western Australia, Didgeridoo Breath specializes in teachingand selling Didgeridoos. Among the incredible variety of Didgeridoos andDidgeridoo accessories, they also offer music, lesson CDs and DVDs, bags,African Djembes, and Native American Flutes.The ChallengeTony and Matt originally worked with an expensive custom built websitewith a very limited solution that lacked customization, bulk importcapabilities, and a customer database. They needed a system that was richin ecommerce functionality and were prepared to spend between $10,000and $20,000 AUD to get it. However, after researching potential solutions, After years of friendship, Tony and Matttheir options were very limited. After speaking with many web development found themselves pondering life duringcompanies, gradually increasing their budget, and running into dead-ends, a camping trip. While sitting around thethey were desperate to find the right solution. Twelve months flew by and campfire and playing the Didgeridoo, thethey were on the verge of giving up. two friends realized that life is more than a company car and secure job. Thus, a dreamThe Solution was born and two weeks later, a smallAfter much disappointment and frustration, Tony and Matt found market stall dedicated to the DidgeridooVolusion through an online search. It “ticked all the boxes, exceeded their was opened in Fremantle, Western Australia.expectations, and cost a fraction of the price.” Launched in February 2009,the transition to Volusion went smoothly and was stamped as a success. In 2002 they made the big decision to quitVolusion offers the following features and benefits that were critical to the their jobs and open Didgeridoo Breathsuccess of Didgeridoo Breath: storefront. Now with a team of 7 passionate didgeridoo players, they teach people - Full Customization: Volusion works with Didgeridoo Breath to implement a from all around the world to play and high-end design that is catered to their specific needs. enjoy the Didgeridoo. Didgeridoo Breath is - Integrated SEO: Site is completely search engine optimized resulting in now the largest and most comprehensive top-ranked Google pages. didgeridoo store in the world. - Out of this World Support™: The 24x7x365 live support has been an invaluable resource for Matt and Didgeridoo Breath. As questions arise, In 2009 Volusion‘s representatives are ready to handle and explain any issue quickly launched their online store with Volusion and thoroughly. and have seen a 100% increase in sales over - Marketing Toolbox : Increasing their sales through savvy marketing efforts, the past twelve months. They predict that Didgeridoo Breath takes advantage of Volusion’s Marketing Tools. From creating they will see a 30-50% increase in sales over enticing coupons, to notifying their customers when products come back into the next year. stock, communication with their customers is easy and effective. - Stringent Security : Data is secured against theft or manipulation with integrated IP blocking, 24x7x365 surveillance and advanced encryption. PCI/CISP certification also ensures maximum protection of card-holder data. Volusion provides Didgeridoo Breath with a guarantee that their customers’ credit card information is securely collected, protected and stored.
  3. 3. The Outcome Exceeding all expectations, Didgeridoo Breath is thrilled to announce a 100% increase in sales over the last 12 months and overall increases in business efficiencies. Still going strong, they expect another revenue increase of 30-50% within the next 6-12 months. “ As small business owners, we need the right tools to get the maximum benefit for the time we invest. Volusion is our ““ most powerful online marketing tool! We needed an affordable but powerful ecommerce system that “ Volusion gives us the competitive edge needed to succeed in was scalable and allowed us to grow. Volusion was the best and incomparable solution to this problem and offered an incredible value for the money. “ “ the online industry. Switching to Volusion provided a solution that has enabled Didgeridoo Breath to easily build, manage and grow a successful online presence.www.volusion.comSend us a note. sales@volusion.comGive us a call. 800.646.3517 op. 2