Volusion Ecommerce - An Introduction


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Since 1999, Volusion has helped thousands of merchants - from small businesses to enterprise clients - succeed online with its award-winning ecommerce solution. Volusion offers the industry’s most comprehensive and user-friendly ecommerce software for online merchants, providing a platform that is scalable, secure and reliable with award-winning 24x7 support.

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  • Advanced Analytics, Reporting and ROI Order ManagementProduct ManagementMarketing ToolsBuilt-in Full-Featured CRMPayment – accepts Multi-channel selling and service capabilities Completely Search Engine Optimized Integrations Merchandizing Tools
  • Volusion Ecommerce - An Introduction

    1. 1. Volusion Ecommerce<br />An Introduction<br />www.volusion.com<br />
    2. 2. Contents<br />2<br />www.volusion.com<br />3<br />4<br />5<br />6<br />7<br />9<br />
    3. 3. History<br />10<br />IN<br /><ul><li> Founded in 1999
    4. 4. One of the oldest ecommerce solution </li></ul> providers<br /><ul><li> Focused on the customer-centric</li></ul> experience<br /><ul><li> Dedicated to giving our customers a</li></ul> competitive advantage<br /><ul><li> Thought leadership in online selling</li></ul> success <br /> Today<br /><ul><li> Offices in Simi Valley, California, and</li></ul> Austin, Texas<br /><ul><li> 135 employees</li></ul>YEARS<br />We’ve helped thousands of customers succeed online with:<br /><ul><li> Our all-in-one solution
    5. 5. Easy to use platform
    6. 6. Award-winning support </li></ul>3<br />www.volusion.com<br />
    7. 7. Features<br />4<br />www.volusion.com<br />
    8. 8. Market-Proven Tools<br />Ratings & Reviews<br />vZoom™ In Page Product Zoom<br />5-Tier Affiliate Program<br />5<br />www.volusion.com<br />
    9. 9. Social Selling<br />With Volusion’s Social Store Builder™, you can feature your online store products directly on social networking profiles. The products rotate on social networking pages and when a customer is ready to buy, he is taken directly to your secure checkout page. <br />Leverage Social Shopping Opportunities<br />Integrations with third-party social networks like Facebook and MySpace can be another key component to your success. <br />6<br />www.volusion.com<br />
    10. 10. Services<br />Domain name registrationA good domain name on the web is like a valuable piece of real estate. At Volusion, we make it not just affordable, but also a breeze to purchase the right name for your store — just $7.99. <br />Merchant ServicesThe best and easiest way to get paid. With Volusion Merchant Services, every Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover payment your customers make will automatically get posted into your bank account. Our merchant services are guaranteed to always integrate with your online store and offer industry low rates — starting at just 2.17% per transaction.<br />SSL<br />The old adage “better safe than sorry” definitely holds true when it comes to security on ecommerce sites. One security breach and you’ll lose that customer forever — potentially more. It’s vital that your customers’ credit card information is safe and secure every time they shop. Volusion’s SSL safeguards your store with unique 128-bit encryption. The end result is a safe shopping experience for everyone.<br />7<br />www.volusion.com<br />
    11. 11. Services cont.<br />Live ChatImagine being right there for your customers. That’s what our Free Live Chat service can do for you and them. Answer any of their questions while browsing your site. What’s more…it’s ultra-easy to install. For those looking to use more than one operator, keep transcripts, track customer locations or prompt your customers to chat, check out our Premium live chat service.<br />MarketingDon’t just wait for customers to come to you. Drive targeted traffic to your storefront with our Fast Traffic service or take your web presence to an entirely new level with Search Engine Optimization. Our Google-certified experts steer qualified leads from search engines directly to your site.<br />DesignAn ecommerce website is just like a retail store, the right presentation is everything. Quality website design should not only “wow” your potential customers with an elegant, professional look-and-feel, but it should be visually well organized and easy to navigate. Volusion offers free, ready-to-go design templates, as well as premium and <br />custom templates. <br />8<br />www.volusion.com<br />
    12. 12. Support<br />When you do business with Volusion, rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. In fact, our unwavering customer support hasn’t gone unnoticed — we received the 2008 Stevie Award for Best Customer Service.<br /><ul><li> Free 24/7 Phone Support
    13. 13. Volusion Community
    14. 14. Customer Forums
    15. 15. Blog
    16. 16. API
    17. 17. Wiki
    18. 18. Knowledge Base Articles
    19. 19. Training Videos
    20. 20. Whitepapers
    21. 21. Live Chat</li></ul>9<br />www.volusion.com<br />
    22. 22. Let’s Keep in Touch<br />10<br />www.volusion.com<br />