Volusion Success Story: ElizabethCarmel.com is in the Business of Making People Happy


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Professional photographer, Elizabeth Carmel, along with her husband, Olof, began selling breathtaking landscape photography online with Volusion. Since launching their ecommerce site, EliizabethCarmel.com, the couple has experienced increased traffic, sales and notoriety. Read this story for key insights on how to take your online business from startup to success.

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Volusion Success Story: ElizabethCarmel.com is in the Business of Making People Happy

  1. 1. Success Stories Elizabeth Carmel elizabethcarmel.comElizabethCarmel.com is in theBusiness of Making People HappyElizabeth Carmel is a professional fine art photographer specializing in unique, Fast Factsexpressive landscapes and “waterscapes”. Elizabeth’s fine art prints combine • Elizabeth does her own dramatic photography, vivid colors, and artistic touches to create new, captivating printing on fine art paper visions of the natural world. Alongside her husband Olof, who also shares the same or canvas with long-life passion for photography, they started selling their breathtaking photographs of pigmented inks. Lake Tahoe and Sierra landscapes at art shows in the region about 12 years ago. • Elizabeth’s prints have been As their photographs became increasing popular, Elizabeth and Olof decided to displayed at the California open a storefront in downtown Truckee where they currently have a successful Museum of Photography retail gallery. With business growth in mind, the next step on their agenda was to and the Nevada Museum of expand globally through an online presence. Art. Goals: • In 2009 Elizabeth published • Increase online sales her second book of Sierra • Easy site usability photographs titled “The • Improve SEO rankings and visibility of products Changing Range of Light”.• Increase awareness• Obtain a positive customer experienceResults:• Increased web traffic and online sales• Efficient order processing• Accelerated improvement on SEO rankings• Enhanced communication with customers• Increased customer confidence in web ordering security 1
  2. 2. The ChallengeKnowing very little about web development, Elizabeth struggled with Our Sitefinding an ecommerce solution that provided easy usability and high quality support. Initially experimenting with a flash website, Elizabeth quickly realized how difficult it was to update the site content and implement SEO practices. • Elizabeth first launched The-The Solution CarmelGallery.com in spring Elizabeth read online reviews and researched features from multiple 2010 then ElizabethCarmel.ecommerce solutions. Due to the positive customer feedback and easy com in October. to use backend software for non-programmers, Elizabeth decided that Volusion was their best option. • Within the first month of the launch, online sales for Eliza-Volusion offers the following features and benefits bethCarmel.com exceeded that were critical to the success of ElizabethCarmel. TheCarmelGallery.com by com: 125%.• Out of this World™ Support – The free 24x7x365 live support has been an invaluable resource for Elizabeth. As questions come up, Volusion‘s representatives are ready to handle and explain any issue quickly and thoroughly.• Email System and Newsletter Features – Having a built-in email system enables Elizabeth to easily build newsletters and improve communication with customers through one central location.• Convenient Order Processing - Elizabeth can directly print shipping labels while conveniently and efficiently tracking orders every step of the way. • Web Design Services – Volusion web designer worked with Elizabeth to understand her vision and creative needs. • Integrated SEO – Site is easily search engine optimized, resulting in top-ranked Google pages for target keywords without third party SEO programs, giving the business immediate credibility.• Stringent Security – Data is secured against theft or manipulation with integrated IP blocking, 24x7 surveillance and advanced encryption. PCI/CISP certification also ensures maximum protection of card-holder data. Volusion provides Elizabeth with a guarantee that her customers’ credit card information is securely collected, protected and stored.The OutcomeTheCarmelGallery.com launched in spring 2010 with ElizabethCarmel.com launching soon after in October. Elizabeth’s main goal with TheCarmelGallery.com was to increase awareness of their storefront in Truckee. To take it a step further, the main goal of ElizabethCarmel.com was to improve SEO rankings and improve online sales. As a result, 2
  3. 3. within the first month, online sales for ElizabethCarmel.com exceeded About Volusion TheCarmelGallery.com by 125%. With increased web traffic, online sales, and newsletter sign-ups, both sites have been very successful. Lessons Learned Through the trials and tribulations of owning a business, what kept Volusion is the leader in Elizabeth going was her business philosophy: “Never lose sight of the fact shopping cart software for that we are in the business of making people happy.” Elizabeth’s biggest online businesses. Over the piece of advice for other storeowners is simple: “Do a lot of follow up with last 10 years, thousands of customers via email news, social marketing, and personal emails.” She companies have used Volusion understands that customer happiness is the basis of company success. to succeed online, including market leaders such as Disney, Motorola, Chicago Tribune, Michigan State University “Volusion has helped me introduce and sell my art work to a larger audi- and Crutchfield. For more ence outside of my community. Continually improving the website and information about Volusion, reaching out to my audience has been a lot easier since I switched to please visit http://www. Volusion,” says Elizabeth from ElizabethCarmel.com. volusion.com. For more articles and resources to help the growth and success of your “It always amazes me how easy it is to add my new prints with Volusion,” online business, visit Volusion’s says Elizabeth from ElizabethCarmel.com Ecommerce Blog at http://onlinebusiness.volusion. com.www.volusion.comSend us a note. sales@volusion.comGive us a call. 800.646.3517 x2Experience Out of this World Support™ 3