Forecasting Ecommerce Trends in 2013


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From the rise in mobile and tablet commerce to potential changes in your SEO strategy, there’s a lot to think about as you grow your ecommerce site over the next twelve months. Join our resident ecommerce guru, Matt Winn, as he looks into his crystal ball to share insights on what you can expect in technology and consumer behavior this coming year.

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Forecasting Ecommerce Trends in 2013

  1. 1. t Matt WinnFasten Your Seatbelts: SocialForecasting Ecommerce Trends in 2013 Media Manager
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• 2012 Year in Review• What to expect in 2013 – M-commerce matures – Pressure for faster shipping – Comparison shopping skyrockets – Content becomes the new SEO – Amazon strengthens its power• Live Q&A
  3. 3. 2012 Year in Review Quarterly Ecommerce Sales: 2010-2012 (billions of dollars) • Quarterly sales increased around60 2012 Total: $186B 15% YoY55 2011 Total: $161B50 • Ecommerce sales continued to45 2010 Total: $142B take higher portion of retail sales • Closed over 5% for first time40 2010 • Outpaced retail growth35 201130 • Holiday sales break records 2012 • Cyber Monday: $1.46B25 • Black Friday: $1.04B Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 • Total: $42.286B, (+14%)
  4. 4. Top Stories of 2012 Pinterest becomes the darling of social commerce Google Penguin gives sites the cold shoulder Tablets take center stage for mobile commerce State governments take action on internet sales tax Amazon continues to build its empire
  5. 5. 2012 Holiday Sales
  6. 6. What to expect in 2013
  7. 7. Mobile commerce matures The Facts What to Do• M-commerce to account for 24% of • Enable and optimize your mobile store ecommerce revenues by 2017 (ABI) to cater to mobile shoppers• 74% of US mobile subscribers own a • Think about mobile with your marketing smartphone (MorganStanley) communications, particularly social• In 2013, smartphone sales projected to • Keep track of mobile traffic grow 50%, reach $12B (Forrester) – Use Google Analytics’ Mobile Report – Look at most popular devices• Tablet commerce – Monitor key performance metrics – Tablets expected to outship PCs by 2016 – Tablet users are more likely to purchase from this device than on smartphones – Tablet users more affluent, savvier online
  8. 8. Pressure to ship faster The Facts What to Do• Amazon already dabbling in same-day • Don’t freak out – this expectation won’t delivery in major metro areas be the norm for most of your customers• eBay, Macy’s Target and Best Buy now • If you’re able/willing to offer same-day following suit shipping, charge a high premium• Third-party couriers to jump on board to • Make priority shipping options available meet retailer demand and prominent on your site• Shipping providers offering same-day • Find other value-adds to make up for the options in major US cities lack of same-day shipping
  9. 9. Comparison shopping skyrockets The Facts What to Do• New tools and apps (Hukkster) are now • Get started with Comparison Shopping alerting shoppers when prices drop Engines (CSEs), now• Increase in “showrooming” impacting • Ramp up your competitive physical and online retailers reconnaissance for pricing levels• Traffic to comparison shopping sites • Work to improve customer loyalty and increases, especially during the holidays drive repeat traffic• 27% of online shoppers say they visit • Actively communicate coupon sites before purchasing coupons, discounts and special (RetailMeNot) promotions
  10. 10. Content becomes the new SEO The Facts What to Do• Low quality sites continue to be impacted • Remember Google’s mission: to deliver by additional Google Panda updates the most meaningful and useful results possible to its users• 61% of people are more likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content • Launch or ramp up your blogging efforts; (Custom Content Council) mix up your content formats• Social sharing signals have a growing • Add social buttons and encourage social impact on search results sharing• 90% of respondents believe content • Identify key informational needs and marketing will become more important target specific keywords over the next 12 months (Econsultancy)
  11. 11. Amazon strengthens its power The Facts What to Do• Over 100 million people visited • Embrace being small, then showcase it in Dec. 2012 (Quantcast) to your advantage• Revenues from Q4 2012 are projected to • Personalize customer experience to reach $22 billion (Business Insider) establish unwavering brand loyalty• Amazon’s sheer size and network allow it to • Focus on product specialization and accept razor thin margins, or even losses expertise• Amazon set to acquire more • Support a worthy cause companies, after purchasing Zappos and investing heavily in LivingSocial • Don’t compete on price, but do what you can
  12. 12. A few more predictions to chew on… • Economic and government uncertainty shakes consumer confidence, impacts growth rates – Despite this, ecommerce continues to climb • Facebook unveils a game-changer • Google+ plays a bigger part in search results • New attention given to internet sales tax
  13. 13. A few things that won’t change this year: • There will still be 24 hours in a day • Money will not be engineered to grow on trees • Your products and customers still come first • You’ll face setbacks and celebrate big victories • Your overall goals
  14. 14. Stay informed all year long! Follow us on social media: @volusion