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  • Thrilled to be here… IL PTA 2012 Convention…. Wasn’t planned, special… from ILSupercharging PTA with Social Media?SM Experience? Not yet started/Novice Comfortable, but interested in more Social Media Power HousesThis workshop something for all ….. Not the technical implementation how best to harness the power of these tools to achieve your goals. PowerHouses… JUMP IN!Start with a laymen’s guide to Social Media….
  • For those of you who use Social Media, you’ll see the humor… I got a laugh out of it and thought is was a fun way to begin… What is social media…
  • SM… how many using … FB? YouTube, Twitter? Personally? PTA?SM – not one way… conversation Example…… meet someone at an event like this… do you go up say Hi, here’s who I am, here’s what I do and here’s what you can do for me?????? Trying to use social media is much like that bad meeting/Date
  • Parents Tourist, Traveler, Guide (leaders like you)How to get more into funnel and get parents to act?
  • Listen. What are parents & community members already saying about your school and issues?Share. Be helpful. Offer useful information. Share. Connect/Inspire: Get in the conversation. Think of communicating as if you were joining a group already talking at a cocktail party rather than communicating as you would in a press. Positive toneAll creates……….
  • TrustTrust leads to higher probability of Action. Ask for and recognize action
  • Uses:Inform, lastCreate Community… always #1… if you are creating community that is the foundation for the rest…..Engage – calls to actionAdvocate – those bills, topics, issues important to the success of your school
  • Who is your community? And how can you reach out them … social mediaDo you have grandparents involved at your school…. Even in not…. Would your students granparents like to know more about issues that affect your student-base and know more about what is happening at the school. Many grandparents are connected to their grandchildren on social media. Story Kate… jars. 86 yr old 38-9 follow…Local media, what is your relationship with them… would you like engage in more 2 way on-going conversations with themLocal Businesss? All of your teachers, parents and students use local businesses…. How about connecting and sharing about local events that may be of interest to your other community members. Get them to join your SM community… more about this later.General Public… Middle Schools,,, get parents of elementary to join your community
  • Here are some examples of good SM engagement messages:PTA Budget Survey….. Karen’s school… Xmas concert got nixedNational PTA creating community and engagement….. Doodle for GoogleAction needed, Parent Volunteers….. Walk-a-thon….. Planting treesNext Advocacy…
  • IL PTA… for those of you who watch the FB page… this was posted last month alerting you to Governor Quinn’s budget address.An advocacy project for more eco-focused lunchroomsHere’s a great “retweet”…. Repeating a message on twitter from someone else…. Done by Jennifer DeFranco…. Chicago Public Schools being stocked with epi-pens advocacy or inform… could be categorized as either…. Lets see some other egs of great ways to keep your community informed.
  • Middle School… reporting 100th win for wrestling teamHigh School seniors… cap and gown order forms deadlineQuote from an elementary student after taste test for new school lunch dishesLocal Science event for middle school girls.Pinterest… we are new to this Sm … but room mom ideas, ideas for classroom parties, teacher recognition ideas, family fun places. If your are just getting started or part of the Power Houses…. We are there to help you find interesting information to share with your communities.Today, let’s take a look at some of the basics of Facebook and Twitter….
  • VSPot… stuff for pta leaders… dr. seuss birthday, Track local community news, sister schools, etc.Parenting mom-congress, IL PTA, National PTA
  • Like…. Grow your community… have principal contact to encourage parents to Like and be able to see more of what is happening at school… satisfies those connected “Helicopter Parents”… while helping to build your community.Web master put Like (with photos ) on your school website. Like button on all your other pages. Make it easy to join… one clickSee how your community is growing…….
  • A sample from our Facebook page about how parent volunteers are filling the budget gaps in California…. At any time we can see….. Share……. Like……. Talking about Like… feed…. You pages.. Your friends pages…..
  • Share, VolunteerSpot, National PTA, Working Mother, Real Simple… Like organizations with content to share Jess… good organizations to find fodder to share… elem, middle and highVideo of principal in dunking booth. Teachers receiving recognition awards???Fundraising…. Larger your community the larger you fundraising dollars… grandparents…Let’s take a look at some examples..
  • Schaumburg High – Speech teamPhotos PTA eventChristopher High…. Frosty Fiesta 2012… Seniors won in spirit points…. Kind hearted call for Freshman to “Step up your game” Inspiring positive competition.Kids and Stress share by IL PTA FB guru of IL PTA here?All District Chorus Event… VolunteerSpot sign up link for concessionsCllick and rename right here….Click Here Now to Volunteer
  • Twitter even more direct share/recognize from others… IL PTA… Shout Out…  for meVspot… RT to share great ideas from a blogger with great ideas for school programs.See screen for intro to basicsCarissa… article… use Vspot 23K followers target… but tagged us – can use to organizer….We thanked her by RT..
  • With only 140 chara… have to get creative.Hootsuite
  • Hoot suite tweet deck… different accounts
  • What do tweet….? Even if parents on twitter… follow local community news, businesses… keep you informed.
  • Pull up VSPOTPinterest…. ILPTA one…. Room Mom Spot article how to do it by grade/ classroom snacks, cool placed to go, sports groups, cool science website, math games… seperated by interest…another way to engage with parent…. Parent pin on your behalf…. Scholarship resources grant resources family services.
  • #1,2,3,4,5,20-30 minutes left… put in action…. Use sm intelligence and your existing community ….. Social samari (not on the same page) 5-10 groupWhat kind of real world action can we get…. Purpose sm to spark action. 5 different strageties…. 1 or more..How did you get them to do it… call, emailed, put on facebook, tweeted…… what you have always used… but amplified with social mediaYou have influence real world parent engagement action.
  • Once you have FB and Twitter going…. Let them know…..
  • Add specific possible Tweets, facebook shouts and links for you you want volunteers to engage. SHARE IT!
  • Add specific possible Tweets, facebook shouts and links for you you want volunteers to engage. SHARE IT!Overwhelming????? Get HELP… parent who already involved in SM…Also, we can help… part of vspot… to help in this process….
  • Come if you can leads to too many or too few volunteers. They won’t come back!!
  • Gr8 blog article on TY note –@HeyJK’s HON Thank you Delia Our SR VP…. Picture of project… Thank you! Kids sign
  • Goal: Most parents participating throughout the year. Think of filling up a virtual passport with all kinds of activities through the year – what kinds of ATTRACTIONS can you, your principal and teacher design to cultivate more parent TOURISTS??
  • << how to get the Service Badge on Gowalla
  • << how to get the Service Badge on Gowalla
  • << how to get the Service Badge on Gowalla
  • << how to get the Service Badge on Gowalla
  • LOTSof ebooks, resources and articles on boosting parent participation. This summer on our blog we have a parent engagement series featuring top teacher bloggers talking with parents. And, volunteering in school section. If you’re on FB – plz ‘like us’ – will get updates for our Carnival Games and More for School, Church and Community CarnivalsRoom Mom Survival Guide & School Party IdeasBack-to-School Sign up Sheet ExamplesCarnival Money Makers from EverybodyHatesFundraising!Up to $10 of your purchase supports VolunteerSpotSimple Scheduling for Parent-Teacher ConferencesSign Up Sheets for Youth Sports: team snacks, tournaments, concessions & moreAwesome Healthy Snack Ideas for Soccer Teams and Youth SportsSign Up Sheet ExamplesKid-Friendly Fundraising Ideas from A-ZVolunteer Recognition From A-ZClassroom Party Games and IdeasBake Sale Ideas Best Practices for Turning Cupcakes into CashFamily-Friendly VolunteeringThe Greatest Gifts for TeachersCamping with KidsTalent Shows for Fun & Fundraising
  • Social Media for PTAs and PTOs

    1. 1. @TXStatePTA #SLSAustinSparking Real World Action with Social Media Facilitator: Karen Bantuveris, Founder & CEO @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom
    2. 2. Common Social Media Tools Social Media: Any online technology or practice that lets us share (content, opinions, insights, experiences, media) and have a conversation about the ideas we care about. Socialbrite VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    3. 3. Social Media & Parent Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorthEngagement PARTICIPATION & RECOGNITION Social Media Accelerates the Journey VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    4. 4. Build Engagement Engage parents actively… Listen not a one way communication! Inspire Share It’s like having a Connect conversation! VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    5. 5. Engagement -> Action Listen Inspire Share Action Connect VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    6. 6. 4 Uses• Create Community Sparks communication Encourages participation Builds Ownership• Engage Fundraising School Pride Volunteering• Advocate• Inform Important Dates Athletics School schedules/closings VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    7. 7. Create Community COMMUNITY a group sharing common characteristics or interests andperceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect fromthe larger society Parents Local Media Grandparents General Public Students Local Businesses VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    8. 8. Engage VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    9. 9. General Advocacy VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    10. 10. Inform VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    11. 11. Facebook Basics• Start a Facebook Page for your School/PTA.• Encourage your parents to “like” it. Newsletters, Website, Parent meetings• Share interesting content• Encourage your inner circle to “like” and comment on wall posts to get other parents interested• Welcome extended family & community VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    12. 12. Likes & Landing Pages
    13. 13. Like and Share
    14. 14. What to Post? Interesting parenting and education content Upload photos & video and tag parents (Do NOT tag kids) Create ‘Events’ pages for big activities – e.g. Carnival & Walkathon (‘like’ ≠ attending) Fundraising & Membership Links & Status updates (Auction tickets, donation buttons, join now, % completed, $ raised) Call for Volunteers (with a signup link) Back-to-School Timelines, Meetings, Form Links VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    15. 15. Examples VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    16. 16. Twitter Basics Twitter Handle Egs: @TXStatePTA, @VSpotMom @VolunteerSpot Hashtags #cpchat (principals) Egs: #SLSAustin #PTA #Back2School #GoCougars #edchat (all teachers) 140 Characters, Requires Abbr. #pthat (parent-teacher) Egs: Gr8, u, 2, 4, Thx, ur, w/, r, & #edtech (education RT = Retweet HT= Heard Through technology) Follow – Similar to Like in FB VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    17. 17. Shrink your Links 18 VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    18. 18. Twitter Basics• Start a Twitter Account for your School/PTA.• Short twitter handle + mascot photo• Encourage your parents & students to follow & follow back• Thank people constantly• It’s ok to ask questions (encouraged)• Don’t RT (Re-Tweet) w/o reading it & checking the link first• Always give credit! (i.e. via @PTAeditor or HT @VolunteerSpot)• Include links when calling for volunteers, donations, membership & other actions• Use Hashtags: #PTA #Back2School #GoCougars! VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    19. 19. What to Tweet? Thanks (and photos) of volunteers and their work Appreciation to teachers (dedicate a song on YouTube) Interesting local news, parenting & education content Legislative updates Calls to Action: Volunteer, Donate, Sign a Petition, Join More Thanks to volunteers and teachers Results of fundraisers & elections (e.g. # books sold at book fair, # miles walked at walkathon, $ raised) Thanks to local businesses that sponsor events School news, meetings and events Sports scores VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    20. 20. Examples VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    21. 21. PLAN YOUR BOARDS | K - 5• Educational Websites• Healthy Lunch & Snack Ideas• Class Party Ideas• School Fundraising Ideas• School Carnival Games• After School Activities• Spirit Wear Ideas• Homework Help• Parent Teacher Conferences• Local places for family fun We’re pinning PTA fun! Pinterest/VolunteerSpot
    22. 22. PLAN YOUR BOARDS |6 - 12• Scholarships & Grants• Teen Books• Rec/Youth Sports Club• Prom Fashions• Educational Apps• Volunteer Opportunities• Science Fair Ideas• School Clubs• Fundraising Sponsors• New Drivers Info. We’re pinning PTA fun! Pinterest/VolunteerSpot
    23. 23. ACTIVITY: Real World ActionGet someone else to:• Tweet or RT “I Love my PTA”• Take and post a photo hugging someone 10 minutes• Pledge to read to a child this #SLSAustin week• Pledge to help at school this year• Slip a note under our door “I love my PTA” with team hashtag VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    24. 24. ACTIVITY: Real World Action What Worked? What Didn’t? Why? VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    25. 25. Recruiting Relevant Greater Good Social Creative Specific Personal VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    26. 26. Retention & Action Organized & Specific Quick & Ea$y Involved in Planning F-t-F /Bring a Friend Fun Keep Score VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    27. 27. Recruit on Multiple Channels ! Overuse of any channel gets ignored/ avoided - especially email! VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    28. 28. Building the Community Show your Lions Pride! VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    29. 29. Sample Social Media Strategy Example: Fall Carnival When Where What 1 month • Publish URLs & Twitter hashtag on all materials before (#EECarnival) • Post: Carnival is around the corner – preorder tickets & skip the lines! <click here> • Post: Please sign up to help at carnival <click here> 3 weeks before • Who should we put in the dunking booth? Vote! • Basket Bidding warm-up! Check out these awesomes. What do you want to bid on? 7-10 days before • Carnival next Sat. Thx 2 R sponsor @BigStore! Personal buzz • Can’t wait for Carnival! Which costume should I from wear? <photos> One – 2 weeks community before • Definitely going to bid on this: <photo/link>. What’s your fav? VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    30. 30. Sample Social Media Strategy When Where What Few days Photos of prep work, updates on carnival booths, before entertainment, prizes, etc. Acknowledge volunteers and sponsors POSTERS • Join us Online! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest • Please tweet! #EECarnival • Tell us your favorite carnival booth on on Facebook At Carnival Twitter # and get a free raffle ticket! • Project a Twitter ‘backchannel’ screen • Social ambassador badges “I Do U?” Lots of Photos & Video After Thanks to volunteers and sponsors RESULTS : $$ Raised, Impact to Group VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    31. 31. Get Specific when Asking New School Year…new ways to help! Can you garden, paint, or read? Please click here to see all the cool new committees and fun ways to help our kids! Urgent: 5 Volunteers needed in the Cafeteria next week on Mon. and Tues. Please click here and choose a 50 min. shift. Carnival volunteers needed for 10/14! Please signup today, don’t delay! http://tiny.pw12ldj #DunkingBooth #Cakewalk #Fun! VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    32. 32. Make it Immediately Actionable FREE! Online Signups For: Cafeteria Concessions Carnivals Class room Workroom Library Literacy Teacher Conferences Parties & Socials Book fairs Walkathons & more! Online Sign Up Sheet Example VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    33. 33. CommitteeMake it Immediately Actionable Picker Example Volunteer Interest / Committee Picker Sign Up Sheet VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    34. 34. Recognize Volunteers• KEEP SCORE! Track hours and results and publicly recognize blog, facebook, YouTube, etc.• Invite progression in Volunteer Journey by giving returning volunteers MORE responsibility, options and decisions.• Ask for feedback & act on it!• Send a Thank You Note! Simple, specific, sincere!
    35. 35. Recognize Volunteers
    36. 36. Social Media & Volunteers Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth PARTICIPATION & RECOGNITION Social Media Accelerates the Journey VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    37. 37. Get Help! Like the ideas, but don’t have time? Create a position for a volunteer leader: Social Communications Coordinator & a TEAM of Online Ambassadors VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    38. 38. Oops!
    39. 39. Oops!
    40. 40. Oops!
    41. 41. Lessons Learned • Mistakes will happen • Think before you post & check the sending account • Own up to your social media mistakes • Turn what could be a glaring negative into a glaring positive
    42. 42. THX 4 Making a Difference! Thank you!! ~ Karen @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
    43. 43. Save Time. Get More Parents Involved! Free and Easy Online Parent CoordinationClassroom helpers, PTA and fundraising volunteers, parent-teacher conferences, concessions, tournaments and more… VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.