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What a great way to save time, simplify volunteering AND give back this spring! Register a new account and plan an earth-friendly service activity on VolunteerSpot and Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in your name. Just choose “Give and Grow” when we ask what type of group you organize and be sure to invite at least 3 volunteers. Trees will be planted in fire-damaged national forests by Arbor Day Foundation. Together we’re growing a greener, healthier earth -- thank you!

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Give And Grow Together

  1. 1. Text
  2. 2. Text Give & Grow Together Arbor Day Foundation and VolunteerSpot have partnered to create Give & Grow Together. To inspire volunteering and participation in earth-friendly service activities, we’ll be planting trees…in your honor! This eBook has tips and ideas to help you get you started. started During the month of April, there are three ways to plant a tree: 1) Register a new account at VolunteerSpot and plan an earth-friendly service activity. 2) T ll your f i d about Gi and Tell friends b t Give d Grow Together on Facebook or Twitter. 3) Try a demo of VolunteerSpot by signing up for a sample Neighborhood Cleanup.
  3. 3. Text Earth F i dl S i E th Friendly Service Please enjoy and share these Ideas for All Ages activities for April and beyond… Bring the community together Recycling ideas beyond the bin Kid-friendly fun Saving time while saving the planet
  4. 4. Text Plan and Plant a Community Garden Community Gardens don’t just add to  y j the beauty of your city but unite  communities, “reduce family food  budgets, . . . and provide exercise,  therapy and education ”1 therapy and education. Ask local supply stores for gardening  tool donations or sponsorships.  Check out to find a garden near you or get more  information on starting your city s first  information on starting your city’s first community garden. 1 ACGA. "About ACGA". ACGA. <‐acga/>. Give and Grow Together/
  5. 5. Text Clean-Up Park The average person throws away 4.5 pounds of solid waste per day1. This waste can  end up in landfills or in parks or beaches.  Just by walking through  your neighborhood park  or beach and  recycling/properly  li / l disposing of discarded  materials, you could be  helping animals and  p g preventing people from  getting injured! 1EPA, "Non‐Hazardous Waste". US Enviornmental Protection Agency. 3.7.10‐solid.htm. Give and Grow Together/
  6. 6. Text Craft from Recyclables Found‐Art Shows Inspiration can be found in recycled  and tossed away products! Use milk cartons, plastic bottles,  cardboard boxes, newspaper, old scraps  of clothing, etc. to create one‐of‐a‐kind  pieces of art. Get together with friends and have  contests with categories like monsters,  contests with categories like monsters, animals, masks or throw in a wild card. Large and small cardboard boxes can be  found at your local grocery store, just ask  f d t l l t j t k an employee. Give and Grow Together/
  7. 7. Text Trash Free Picnics Earth Day April 22 Day, Celebrating Earth Day can be as easy as having a family picnic without trash. Bring B i your own di h and dishes d utensils from home or use recyclable ones. Starting on Earth Day and continuing y g throughout the year, you can significantly reduce the amount of trash emptied into landfills landfills. Give and Grow Together/ Earth Month/ VolunteerSpot DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  8. 8. Text Earth Day Art Festival Celebrating Earth Day can be just that…a celebration commemorating our planet!  It can be a fun way to get everyone in the community together and educated all  at once. Holding an Earth Day Art  Festival is a perfect  opportunity to show your  community the proper ways  to recycle or reuse common  objects, educate children on  objects educate children on animals and plants by  painting them on their faces,  decorate with crafts made of  recyclables and hold contests.  The possibilities are endless! Give and Grow Together/
  9. 9. Text ommunity Garage Sales C Reuse! One person s trash is another one s  Reuse! One person’s trash is another one’s treasure.  Garage and consignment sales give dining  tables, dressers, rocking chairs, armoires,  clothes, and other household items a second  chance at an exceptional price. They can be  loved as is or modified for a specific look.  loved as‐is or modified for a specific look. It’s a great way to make room for new items.  College students and antique hunters are sure  to have field day.  Donate a portion of the  h fi ld d D i f h proceeds to a local charity for double impact! Give and Grow Together/
  10. 10. Text Inspire Kids Earth Day and Arbor Day  are great times to come together, celebrate our great planet, and  discuss how we can take care of her for generations to come. Enrich the lives of your kids  through simple activities that can spark curiosity and discussions. Build or purchase an inexpensive bird feeder,  fill it with seeds and watch the birds flock to  your yard. It’s fun to see the birds eat, learn  about the local wildlife and learn the  importance of preservation. Plant a tree in your yard or a row of tulip  bulbs that will bloom each spring.  Visit an elderly neighbor’s home, and  volunteer to pull weeds, cut the grass, and  water the lawn. Thanks to the fun folks at Peppers and Pollywogs for  sharing these suggestions! For more kid‐friendly  activities, visit them at  activities, visit them at Give and Grow Together/
  11. 11. Text Celebrate Arbor Day the last Friday in April Arbor Day Foundation inspires people to  Arbor Day Foundation inspires people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees. Learn  about Arbor Day Foundation’s Programs  and become involved at Resources and programs include tree  guides, community forestry, rainforest  rescue, conferences, education, replanting  of fire‐damaged national parks and more… Honor your friends and loved ones with a  gift of trees. Give and Grow Together/
  12. 12. Text Save Time While Saving the Earth! VolunteerSpot’s free online sign up and  scheduling tool helps parents, teachers and  volunteer leaders coordinate activities and  l t l d di t ti iti d events simply and easily for Earth Day, Arbor  Day, and all year round. • Community Gardens • Festivals and Carnivals • Classroom Helpers Classroom Helpers • Scout Campouts • Tournaments and Sports Teams • Food Drives and Community Pantries • Building Projects • Vacation Bible School • Charity Walk‐a‐Thons • and more… Give and Grow Together/
  13. 13. Text Planning Made Easy and Earth-Friendly! d E th F i dl ! Go Green! No More Paper Sign Up Sheets! Use VolunteerSpot to plan all your  service activities. For example, a  Please sign up to help in the community garden event might  Plea school garden - Thanks! need helpers for watering, weeding,  seeding, fertilizing, etc . . .  Customize your tasks according to  your specific event using our easy  online scheduling tool.  Then use a  link or send an email inviting your  team to sign up…and you’re done!  Don’t forget to bring your gardening  Activity Calendar – Month View tools! tools! www VolunteerSpot com
  14. 14. Text Simple Sign Ups = More Participation Activity Calendar – Day View “Our school garden is a huge success all year round thanks to a dedicated  team of parent volunteers. VolunteerSpot makes it super easy to schedule  p p the help we need and parents love the reminder emails when its their turn to  pitch in.”  ~ M. Kennedy, Principal, Gavilan Hills Academy Gilroy, CA Give and Grow Together/
  15. 15. Text Additional Resources See our free eBooks with  ideas and best‐practices for: •School Carnivals •Teacher Gifts T h Gif •Volunteer Recognition •Family‐Friendly Volunteering y y g •Fundraising with Kids •Bake Sales •Talent Shows …and more! Give and Grow Together/ Earth Month/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  16. 16. Text Take a live or video tour at T k li id t t Get Started G t St t d NOW! Check out our BLOG for ideas,  tips and stories about  volunteering blog VolunteerSpot com Please visit VolunteerSpot  and get started today! Follow us on Twitter Feel free to post this eBook on Fan us on Facebook Fan us on Facebook your blog or email it to whomever you believe would benefit from reading it. THANK YOU!